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The World

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This card represents the continuance and never-ending cycle of life. The four figures in the corners of the card represent the 4 fixed zodiac signs that represent that the laws of the universe remain unchanged and orderly. The wreath surrounding the woman is symbolic of a zero which is the symbol of god and from which all things emerge.


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This card represents the understanding of spiritual things, when we have achieved this, our conscious is ready to bond with the universal consciousness. We are one with the creator and understand the relationship between god and all of humanity. The coffins are dark and void of light and truth when they are closed. But here they are shown open and light of the angel above trumpeting the truth of the universal consciousness.

The Sun

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The Sun is the giver of life, nothing can live without the suns warmth and beams of light. Trees and plants convert the suns energy into oxygen for us to breath, and warm the oceans to bring rain to feed the land. It remains fixed and unchanging, and it shines its light for all, good and bad. It is truly neutral, and this is a lesson for us to understand. The four flowers are symbolic of the manifestation of earth and that love for all things must be achieved without bias.

The Moon

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The moon card represents the evolution of spirit. The shell fish is symbolic of life emerging from the water of creation and starting on the path of return to the creator. The path is narrow and long representing the trials and the length of time that evolution takes. The path has its ups and downs and is not completed right away, but a slow process of learning and focus. The 32 tongues of fire falling from the moon are symbolic of the 32 paths to the tree of life. The dogs are symbolic of mans nature, one is trained, and the other is wild, the positive and negative forces that we must control to complete our time here.

The Star

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The woman in this card represents the subconscious mind gathering knowledge from the universal subconscious and pouring it over humanity. The right leg that supports her weight is bent in a 90degree angle suggesting that all will be learned if you search in the right places, with her foot resting in the pool of knowledge. The left hand pours the waters over the land and it disburses into 5 separate streams representing the 5 natural senses of man.

The Tower

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This card is symbolic of the jolt of actual understanding. Lightning, feared by the primitive is the opposite to an enlightened one, using its power for his own uses. So with this, we can look at the card and understand that the man and woman, conscious and subconscious are knocked from the top of the tower by the light of true knowledge or understanding. The crown is symbolic of the mind or the place of power and thought.

The Tower

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This card is symbolic of the jolt of actual understanding. Lightning, feared by the primitive is the opposite to an enlightened one, using its power for his own uses. So with this, we can look at the card and understand that the man and woman, conscious and subconscious are knocked from the top of the tower by the light of true knowledge or understanding. The crown is symbolic of the mind or the place of power and thought.

The devil

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The devil card represents blindness and misconception. The black background is the lack of light or understanding. The 2 humans, male and female are loosely bound to the stone pillar. They could easily remove their bindings, but stay there by will. The pillar that they are chained to is half of a square, representing the half truths that they bind themselves to. The torch that the devil is holding is pointing down, and the flame is eating at the torch in a wasteful way, not giving off any light.


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The angel in the picture above is perfectly balancing and combining the two qualities of male and female, or positive and negative. The angel stands with one foot on the earth and one within the water at foot. This is also a perfect balance of the conscious and the subconscious mind. The red wings are symbolic of the fiery desires of the spirit to learn on a higher level of consciousness and the mountains in the background represent wisdom. The triangle is the higher knowledge that is acquired through introspection as the will to learn and understand can cause within us great doubt, but by following truth, we can select a path that leads us to the wisdom we so desire.

The death

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This card represents transformation and rebirth of the consciousness into higher planes. The death skeleton comes to all as shown in the picture, child father, mother, king and priest. Death has no care for station in this material plane and all suffer the same fate in the end. Numerologically, this card is a 13/4. There were 12 disciples and Christ was the 13th. The white horse that is well tamed, symbolic of pure desires and the submissiveness to the cycles of life.

The Hanged Man

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The Hanged Man represents reversal of view. The significance of this card is that everything isn¹t as it appears to be on the surface. The man appears to be hanging but in fact he is in perfect control and balanced and centered within himself. He sees all of the others with there problems and the err in there ways and yet they look at him as though he is upside down, when in fact, he has perfect vision.


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Balancing the wrongs of the past and setting them correct. Just as in the laws of karma there is a cause and effect to each and every action that we do. The sword is held high in the right hand to symbolize the action of correcting wrongs and holding the balance of justice, also symbolizes the cutting out of negative thoughts.


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Balancing the wrongs of the past and setting them correct. Just as in the laws of karma there is a cause and effect to each and every action that we do. The sword is held high in the right hand to symbolize the action of correcting wrongs and holding the balance of justice, also symbolizes the cutting out of negative thoughts.

Wheel of Fortune

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This card represents the grasp on the personna by understanding who you really are. When this happens you will never be without material possessions. The number 10 represents a new cycle meaning that the number 10=1 in numerology. The humanoid figure with the jackal head represents the evolution of man with its ears just over the center of the wheel. This represents that intuition and that inner voice allow man to rise to higher levels. The sphinx at the top of the wheel represents the ideal that we all try to strive for, the completed cycle balancing both male and female characteristics in perfect control. The figures in the corner represent the fixed signs of the zodiac.

The Hermit

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He has mastered all elements of the past key numbers and stands on top of the mountain of attainment. The snowy peaks is symbolic of his isolation because his wisdom sets him apart from the rest. In this position, he holds his lantern to light the way for the rest to follow his path to enlightenment, for knowledge is meaningless unless we turn and show others what we have learned. The lantern light is 2 triangles, one face up and the other face down. As is above, so below. A triangle only holds 180 degrees, but the combination of 2 triangles equals 360 degrees. A circle has 360 degrees and is the symbol of the creator, endless. 360 degrees and 180 degrees both vibrate at a number 9, the vibration of this cards.

The Strength

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The Strength cards represents the control over material forces. The lion is a symbol of the fire within or the kundalini force that sits coiled within us at the base of the spine. The woman is symbolic of the subconscious, which controls vital functions without the need of conscious thought. She controls the lion with a gentle spiritual touch rather than from brute force. This card falls under the vibration of the number 8.

The Chariot

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The Chariot card is 7th in the series of the Major Arcana. The chariot driver controls the chariot with no reins or other harnesses, he expresses his will to control the functions and direction of the positive and negative forces representing the white and black sphinxes. This card is symbolic of the soul and the physical shell. The cart is enclosed and represents speech, for in speech we enclose ideas an set them into motion. Vocabulary can also serve as a protective unit by the power of words that strike home to the souls of others. The square on his breast plate is symbolic of order and control over the material world. This card falls under the vibration of the number 7.

Arcanum 7

Remember that the number seven represents Magical Power in all of its strength.

The Holy Seven is the Sanctum Regnum of Sexual Magic; the Number Seven is the Innermost served by all of the elemental forces of Nature.

Every one who works with the Arcanum A.Z.F. receives the Flaming Sword of the Seventh Arcanum. In the name of Truth we affirm that the Flaming Sword of the Great Hierophants is absolutely transmuted semen, it is the outcome of Sexual Magic. This is how we transform ourselves into Terribly Divine Gods.


The sexual organs are the legitimate Laboratorium Oratorium of the Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae. These are the Sanctum Regnum where the Hierophant receives the Sword of Justice.


In the alchemical garden of pleasures, we find the word “Vitriol.” This word (Vitriol) is an acrostic, derived from the phrase "Visitam Interiore Terras Rectificatur Invenias Ocultum Lapidum," (visit the interior of our earth, that by rectifying, you will find the occult stone).

We must search within the interior of our philosophical earth (the human organism) then by rectifying and working with the Arcanum A.Z.F., the Maithuna, we will find the Philosophical Stone.

The sun (phallus), masculine principle, is the father of the Stone. The moon (uterus) is the feminine principle, the mother of the Philosophical Stone. The wind bears the son in its womb and the earth nourishes it. The Sun and the Moon, masculine and feminine principles are combined inside of the Chalice (symbol of the mind). The Sun (fire) is the Father of the Stone, the Moon (water) is the Mother, and the Wind (seminal steam) bear the son in its Alchemical Womb and the Philosophical Earth nourishes it.


The Chalice is resting on the Caduceus of Mercury (the central system, spinal column) with the two sympathetic cords known in the east as Ida and Pingala.

Two influences interact in the generation of the Philosophical Stone: one of a masculine character and the other of a feminine character.

The entire work is performed with the Great Arcanum. The Star of Seven Points is an inseparable part of the acrostic VITRIOL. The Seven Serpents of Alchemy are related with the seven planets and the seven great cosmic realizations.

The acrostic VITRIOL with its seven letters and its seven words symbolizes the entire Septenary Great Work that shines like the Sun in the Temple of Science.

The Sun and the Moon, the Fire and the Water, the King and the Queen form an integral part of any Alchemist Fledgling.

The Fledgling has to perform seven great works that culminate with the crowing of the Great Work.


The face of a venerable elder appears in the center of the septenary star of Alchemy according to the illustration of Viridarium Chymicum.

Such a venerable face in the septenary star of Alchemy symbolizes the Sophic Mercury (the Ens Seminis). Listen fledglings of Alchemy, listen to how Estolsio explains this emblem:

That which was enclosed within many forms, now you see it included in one thing; the beginning is our Elder and he has the key; sulfur with salt and mercury give wealth. If you do not see anything here, there is no reason for you to keep searching, for you will be blind even in the midst of the light.

Those students of occultism who think that they can acquire in depth self-realization without the Arcanum A.Z.F. are absolutely mistaken. The Secret Sister Master stated that those who want to know the mysteries of Chiram (the Fire) must search among the Medieval Alchemists. This Great Master was a true yogini disciple of Kout Humi, nevertheless, after she had been widowed (by the Count Blavatsky) she married the Colonel Olcott, in order to work with the Arcanum of Sexual Magic. Only thus, could she achieve in depth self-realization.

ImageThe great Yogi-Avatar Sri Lahiri Lahasaya was called to the Initiation by the immortal Babaji when he already had a spouse. Thus, this is how the Yogi-Avatar was self-realized. In Hindustan, sexual magic is known by the Sanskrit term Urdhvareta and the Yogis who practice it are named Urdhavareta Yogis.

Authentic Yogis practice sexual magic with their spouse. There are two types of Brahmacharya (sexual abstinence), solar and lunar. The solar type is for those that have performed the Second Birth. The lunar type of Brahmacharya is that absurd sexual abstinence that serves only to produce filthy, nocturnal sexual pollutions with all of its fatal consequences.

Hatha Yoga is just a matter of acrobatics that have the power of taking the student out of the superior worlds in order to enslave him to the physical world. We have never known of an acrobatic Hatha Yogi with internal illuminated powers.

Three rays of inner illumination of Inner Self-realization exist: The Yogi, the Mystic and the Perfect Matrimony; however the three rays inevitably have the need for Sexual Magic. Anything that is not directed through sexual magic is a useless waste of time. We departed from Eden through the doors of sex and only through those doors can we return to Eden. Eden is sex itself.

The Seventh Arcanum is represented by a crowned warrior that carries a triangle above his crown and he is standing upon the cubic stone of Yesod (sex). The two sphinxes, a white one and a black one are pulling his chariot; this symbolizes the masculine and feminine forces. His armor is the divine science that makes us powerful. The Warrior must learn how to use the Staff and the Sword, thus he will attain the great Victory (Netzach). Our motto is Thelema (willpower).

Let us remember that there are seven vices that we must transmute into wisdom and love:

Lunar Avarice is transformed into Hope and Altruism.

Laziness is transmuted into prudent Mercurian Diligence.

The fatal Venusian Lust is transmuted into the Chastity of Venus and Charity of the Spirit.

Pride must be transmuted into Solar Faith and into the humility of Christ.

Martian Anger is transmuted into the marvelous force of Love.

Envy is transmuted into Jupiterian Philanthropy and Happiness for Others.

Gluttony is transmuted into Saturnian Temperance.

We can disintegrate our defects and dissolve the psychological "I," only by means of the science of transmutations. Work with the Arcanum A.Z.F. so that you can receive the sword.

The Governors of the seven planets are:

  • Gabriel: Moon
  • Raphael: Mercury
  • Uriel: Venus
  • Michael: Sun
  • Samael: Mars
  • Zachariel: Jupiter
  • Orifiel: Saturn

The seven notes of the lyre of Orpheus correspond to the seven planets. A planetary note corresponds to each one of the seven colors of the solar prism. Alchemy is intimately related to music.


Atalanta is the voice that flees; Hippomenes is the voice that pursues and the apple is the voice that delays.


I.A.O. is the Supreme Mantra of Sexual Magic. I.A.O. is the name of the serpent. Blessed be the I.A.O.

I.A.O. must be chanted during the practices of the Laboratory (Sexual Alchemy); thus, this is how the Serpent moves about and is joyful. Chant I.A.O. seven times while in the Laboratorium Oratorium.

The Mantra I.N.R.I. has an absolute power over the fire; chant this mantra also in the Laboratorium Oratorium in order to carry the fire to each one of your seven chakras. Chant I.N.R.I as follows:

INRI ENRE ONRO UNRU ANRA, these mantras must be chanted by syllabifying them as follows:

  • Iiinnn Rrriii (Clairvoyance)
  • Eeennn Rrreee (Clairaudience)
  • Ooonnn Rrrooo (Heart – Intuition)
  • Uuunnn Rrruuu (Telepathy –Solar Plexus)
  • Aaannn Rrraaa (Pulmonary Chakras – memory of past lives)

The Great Hierophant Jesus-Christ chanted these Mantras in the Laboratorium Oratorium of the Pyramid of Kephren.

The seven Kabbalistic signs of the planets are:

  • Moon: A globe divided by two middle moons.
  • Mercury: A Caduceus and the Cynocephalus.
  • Venus: A sexual Lingam.
  • Sun: A serpent with the head of a lion.
  • Mars: A dragon biting a sword's guard.
  • Jupiter: A pentagram, or an eagle's beak.
  • Saturn: A limping elder, or a rock entwined by a serpent.

The seven talismans have the power of attracting the seven planetary forces. Gold is the metal of the Sun; silver is the metal of the Moon; iron is the metal of Mars; copper is the metal of Venus; quicksilver is the metal of Mercury, tin is the metal of Jupiter and lead is the metal of Saturn. Perfect talismans can be prepared with the proper stones and metals.

The Pater Noster (Lord's Prayer) is the most perfect prayer because it has seven Magical Petitions.


Asana: student, you must lie down on the floor so that you can spread out your arms and legs to each side until you form the five pointed star. Relax all of your body, do not think about anything, place your mind in blank, concentrate your mind on your Inner God and start praying the Pater Noster extremely slowly, and think about the sense of each petition. Become sleepy, fall profoundly asleep while meditating upon each word, upon each phrase, worshiping…worshiping…worshiping…

Student, you must not move when you wake up… be motionless and practice a retrospective exercise in order to remember your internal experiences: remember where you were, what places you visited while in the astral body, what you did, what you saw, etc. This practice must be performed daily without ever becoming weary. Seeing and hearing the great internal realities must be your goal.

The Letter Zayin

Written by a Gnostic Instructor

zayin-swordIn Kabbalah the letter Zayin symbolizes the Female Sexual Power, the foundation of the property of breathing the breath, the Neshamah of God, pertaining to the nostrils Ob and Od.

And Iod-Havah Elohim formed man of the dust (igneous particles) of the ground (Adamah), and breathed into his nostrils the breath (the Neshamah) of life; and the man (upon breathing it) became a living creature… - Genesis 2:7

Eve, Havah, Ida, Ob, Yin is hidden within the Letter Zayin, which was created in order to rectify and consummate the creation of the triple breath of God - Aleph, as explained in the first lecture of the series of the twenty two Arcana of Kabbalah.

Virtuous Ishoth (feminine creative sexual fires of Ida) become the crown of the Lady (Aima Elohim): but those that cause shame (fornication) as rottenness in her bones. - Proverbs 12: 4

Kabbalistic traditions state that (after the fall) Adam (Od, Iod - the Brain) had two wives (Ishoth): Lilith & Nahemah (Ezekiel 23: Aholah and Aholibah). Lilith is the mother of abortions, homosexuality and in general, all kinds of crimes against Nature. Nahemah is the mother of malignant beauty, of passion and adultery.

Thus, Klipoth, the Abyss, is divided into two large regions; the spheres of Lilith and Nahemah. Infrasexuality reigns sovereign in these two large regions. - The Perfect Matrimony by Samael Aun Weor

The manifested triune ray of creation is the power of Iod-Kether through the three Akasic Breaths represented in the letter Aleph, which by means of Vav differentiates and separates the different degrees of Objective Reasoning amongst the Heavenly Hierarchy and the different aspects of objective and subjective perception of reality up and down, within all of the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life.

And Iod-Havah Elohim said, it is not good that Adam (the Brain – the Upper Iod) should be without help (since the brain circumvolutions have not been developed for the activity of Objective Reasoning of the Being in the Physical Body); I will make (Havah - Eve) for him (in the Iod below) a help meet (to come together as opponent; challenge) for him (the Brain - the Upper Iod).

….And Iod-Havah Elohim caused a deep sleep to fall upon (the Androgynous Adam Iod-Havah) and he slept: and he took (Havah – Eve from) one of his ribs (Below), and closed up the flesh instead thereof;


And the rib (below), which Iod-Havah Elohim had taken from (Adam Iod-Havah), made an Isha (and placed the feminine fires of Havah in her Yoni) and brought her unto Adam (the Iod below, the Lingam).

And Adam said this (woman in the fiery sexual act) is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called:

Isha אשה because Ish איש (the fire of Iod, the Lingam) was taken out of her.ׁ

Therefore (in the sexual act) shall an Ish (the fire of Iod, the Lingam) leave (withdraw) his father and his mother (fires and lights from above, the Brain), and (in order to return the fire and the light to Iod-Havah Elohim) shall cleave unto his Isha (the feminine fires of Zayin) and they shall be one (Fiery Elohim Iod-Havah in the) flesh.” - Genesis 2:18-2


However, the (sexual lunar fire, that thing that creeps and writhes upon the earth, wherein there is life, the sexual organs, the) serpent (Ida or creative feminine forces of Havah) was more subtle than any creature of the field which Iod-Havah Elohim had made. And said unto Isha (the creative sexual feminine power), Yea, Elohim has said, you shall not eat of every tree of the garden (physical body)?

And Isha (the creative sexual feminine power) said unto the serpent (the sexual lunar fire, the creature that creeps and writhes, wherein there is life, the sexual organs ) we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden (physical body): but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden (the sexual organs), Elohim has said, you shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.

And the (sexual lunar fire, the creature that creeps and writhes wherein there is life, the sexual organs through the) serpent (Ida or Havah) said unto the woman, you shall not surely die:

For Elohim do know that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil.

And when Isha, (Ida or Ob, the creative sexual feminine power) saw that the tree (sex) was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat (reached the orgasm in the sexual act), and gave also unto her husband (the Brain) with her; and he did eat (received the sensations from the sexual center).

And the eyes (sensations) of them both (Sexual organs and the Brain) were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves (symbol of the feminine sexual forces) together, and made themselves aprons. - Genesis 3:1-7

How can this be, the help meet –Isha (creative sexual feminine power) – became a help and at the same time an opponent against Adam, the Brain?

Because: Through Ishoth (feminine sexual forces) Chokmah builds the house: but foolish plucked it down with their hands. - Proverbs 14:1

The straight light of the Ain Soph “He” descending from Kether (Iod) into the spinal medulla “Vav” does it by means of the three Akasic Breaths (Father Son and Holy Spirit - Aleph). This Christic Light is related to the Law of the Cosmic-Common-Trogoautoegocrat, thus, this Ray of Creation needs to return inwardly and upwardly in order to develop Absolute Cognizance by means of the activities of Chokmah. Thus, the letter Zayin which has the similar shape of the letter Vav symbolizes the returning of the creative fires of Eve (sexual organs) to the brain (Adam or Iod)

The return of this Christic Light from the creative fires of Eve (sexual organs) to the brain (Adam or Iod) is made possible when we carefully avoid the abominable spasm, the filthy orgasm of the fornicators.

The bi-polarization of this type of cosmic energy in the human organism was analyzed since ancient times in the Initiatic Colleges of Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Greece, Chaldea, Rome, Phoenicia, etc., etc., etc.

The ascension of the seminal energy to the brain (Adam - Iod) is performed thanks to a certain pair of nervous cords that in the form of an eight splendidly unfold to the right and to the left of the dorsal spine.

We now have arrived at the Caduceus of Mercury with its wings of the Spirit that are always opened.

These pair of mentioned nervous cords can never be found with the bistoury, because they are rather of a semi-ethereal, semi-physical nature.

These are the two witnesses of the Apocalypse, the two olive trees and the two candlesticks (Od and Ob, Adam and Eve) standing before the God of the Earth (El-Shaddai), and if any man will hurt them, fire proceeds out of their mouth, and devour their enemies.

In the sacred land of the Vedas, these nervous cords are known with the Sanskrit names of Ida and Pingala. The first one is related with the left nasal cavity and the second one with the right.

It is obvious that the first one of these two nadis or canals is of a Lunar type. It is clear that the second one is of a Solar type.

When the Solar and Lunar atoms of the seminal system make contact in the Triveni, close to the coccyx, then as a simple electric induction, a third force awakens, which is the marvelous fire of love. When such a great creative force or Serpent of Bronze awakens in order to initiate its return journey inward and upward, we pass through six higher states of consciousness, six transcendental mystical experiences, defined with the following six Sanskrit terms:

Ananda: A type of spiritual enjoyment.

Kampan: An Electric and Psychic type of hyper-sensibility.

Utthan: A Progressive increase of self-cognizance, astral projections, transcendental mystical experiences within the superior worlds, etc.

Ghurni: Intense divine longings.

Murcha: States of lassitude, relaxation of muscles and nerves in a very natural and spontaneous way during meditation.

Nidra: A specific mode of dream which when combined with profound interior meditation becomes transformed into a resplendent Samadhi (ecstasy).


Radha the Feminine Power

Unquestionably, the fire of love confers unto us infinite transcendental powers.

The sexual flame is without any doubt, simultaneously, a JEHOVISTIC and VEDANTIC truth.

The sexual flame (the serpent of Bronze) is the Goddess of the Word always worshipped by the wise. When it awakens it confers unto us illumination.

The erotic flame confers unto us that Divine Wisdom which is not of the mind and which is beyond time. - The Three Mountains by Samael Aun Weor

The goal of the Serpent of Bronze is to elevate our consciousness to the superlative degrees of the Objective Reasoning of Kether (the Crown) which are beyond good and evil.

The experience of the superlative degrees of the Objective Reasoning of Kether (the Crown) is related to the creation of man on the sixth day, whose development is hidden in Shabbat שבעת, the seventh שבע day of Creation.

The Queen of Shabbat מלבת שבע is the Daughter of Binah, the Letter Zayin, the Daughter of the Seven Serpents of Fire and Seven Serpent of Light who symbolizes the Spiritual Soul, the wife of the Human Soul; physically it is the woman in relation to man and anatomically it is “Ida, Ob the creative sexual force of the Caduceus of Mercury that rises from the sexual organs to the brain in both male and female. “Virtuous Ishoth (feminine sexual forces) become the crown of the Lady (Aima Elohim)” because “Havah,” the feminine sexual power grants the brain, Adam or Iod, his own crown or degree of Objective Reasoning.


I am black, and beautiful, O ye daughters of Jerusalem,
as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.

Look not upon me, because I am black,
because the sun (Christ) has looked upon me.
- Song of Songs 1: 5, 6

This is the experience of sublime and serene pleasure of the union of the soul with God thanks to the mysteries of Shabbat- Death and Resurrection.

So, the resurrected soul is the Queen of Sheba, the Daughter or the outcome of the Seventh Day of Creation Beth-Shabbat or Beth-Sheba, is the Soul who does the will of the King, the Innermost; She is Queen Sheba, the completion of the Man of the seventh day, Solomon, the Soli-Man or Solar Man .

She is Beth-Shabbath בת שבעת or Beth-Sheba בת שבע, the daughter of Shabbath.

The Sword of the Malachim, the Zayin emerges from the Creative Waters of the stone of Yesod (sex).

Beth-Sheba בת שבע or Beth-Shabbath בת שבעת is also the Queen of Sheba, the feminine principle that gives intelligence to the masculine will by means of the sexual transmutation through Zayin; it sublimates our soul to higher degrees of awareness throughout the 49 levels of the Mind – the 49 days of liturgical ceremonies of Omer that culminate with the weddings of the knight with his immortal bride.


Therefore, thus said Iod-Havah Eli; because you have forgotten me, and cast me behind your back (in the coccygeal bone), therefore bear you also your lewdness and your whoredom.

Moreover Iod-Havah Eli said unto me: Ben Adam (Tiphereth), will not you judge Aholah and Aholibah (Lilith and Nahemah)? Yea, declare unto them their abominations; that they have committed adultery, and blood is in their hands, and with their idols they have committed adultery, and have also caused their sons, whom they bare unto me, to pass for them through the fire (of fornication), to devour them.

Moreover this they have done unto me: they have defiled my sanctuary (sexual organs) in the same day, and have profaned my Shabbaths.

Thus will I cause lewdness to cease out of the land that all Ishoth (plural of Isha) may be taught not to do after your lewdness.

And they shall recompense your lewdness upon you, and you shall bear the sins of your idols: and you shall know that I am Iod-Havah Eli. - Ezekiel 23: 36-38, 48, 49

The first chamber of the igneous road that leads from the middlebrow to the heart is in the root of the nose (the Atom of the Father – Kether - Iod).

Knock strongly on the doors of this chamber, oh Arhat!

Fine temptations assault you in the world of cosmic understanding: Wealth is offered to you along with erotic opportunities for your sublime goals. However, you must remain alert like the watchman in the time of war, because these fine ordeals are dangerous, oh Arhat!

A magnetic field exists in the root of the nose where the solar and lunar atoms of our seminal system come into contact. This contact is possible only by means of sexual magic, because the nasal cavities are intimately related with the church of the coccyx, by means of the two ganglionic cords of our spinal medulla.

The Yogis of India achieve this contact of solar and lunar atoms in the root of their nose and in their Muladhara chakra by means of Pranayama and chastity.

The Pure Akasa circulates through the Sushumna canal, and its two solar and lunar currents make contact in the magnetic field of the nose when we practise sexual magic intensely.

These are the three vital airs of the Brahmanic cord. These three vital airs are governed by the Innermost by means of the strength of His willpower.

These solar and lunar canals must be totally pure so that the solar and lunar currents can circulate freely through its ganglionic cords, and in order for the Pure Akasa of the Sushumna channel to flow freely through the spinal column “Vav”.

This is the reason why every type of fornication is forbidden for Gnostics, as well as for Yogis and Mystics.

When these three vital airs are strengthened by the might of willpower, then fornicators are converted into black magicians. However, the holy and chaste human beings are converted into white magicians.

Therefore, sexual magic that teaches how to mix these three vital airs with fornication and with “scientific” seminal ejaculation (orgasm) convert human beings into black magicians.

During the sexual act, our seminal substance descends into its corresponding cavity... When this seminal substance is spilled, we then lose millions of Christic solar atoms. Instantaneously, these solar atoms are substituted by millions of demonic atoms, which enter into the Brahmanic cord by means of the contractions of the genital orgasmic movements. Thus, if we strengthen the three vital airs of Pure Akasa by means of our willpower, then the mixing of Akasa with these demonic atoms, which were collected from the infernos of the human being, result in the awakening of the luciferian serpent (Kundabuffer, the Tempting Serpent of Eden). Hence, this is a negative and demonic way...

Accordingly, with the awakening of Negative Tantric Powers, the inferior quaternary ends by divorcing itself from the Divine Triad. This is how the inferior quaternary (Physical, Vital, Astral and Mental bodies) converts itself into a perverse demon of the abyss.

This separation is done when the bridge, known as Antakarana is broken. This cord connects the inferior quaternary with the Divine Triad (Atman, Buddhi and Superior Manas). The Antakarana corresponds to the umbilical cord of the fetus.

The tenebrous and negative sexual magic of black magicians mixes the satanic atoms, which are collected by the sexual organs after their Tantric ejaculation (orgasm), with the three vital airs and fortifies them. This is how they awake the igneous serpent in the negative way (Kundabuffer, the Tempting Serpent of Eden).

This is how they end separated from their Divine Triad, and how they convert themselves into perverse demons.

A movement of Akasic circulation is established from Sushumna, Ida and Pingala, that flows through the entire body.

The magnetic field of the nose is a battlefield and a place of vigilance.

The defensive atoms of the organism have their place of vigilance in this field that impedes the entering of indolent and malignant atoms, which produce many types of sicknesses.

The transforming atoms and the aspiring atoms of our organism enter through this magnetic field in order to place themselves under the service of the atom Nous in the heart.

All the processes of the Great Initiations are performed in the secret, ardent chambers of the Sushumna canal.

The four great Initiations of Major Mysteries are: Srotapanna, Sakridagamin, Anagamin, Arhan. These are the four paths that lead to Nirvana.

However, even when the Arhan is an Adept, he must still raise his Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Serpent of his eternal Divine Triad in order to convert himself into an Arhat of the “Mist of Fire”.

These are the seven Great Initiations of Major Mysteries. There are the seven serpents that any human being must raise by intensely practicing sexual magic with his spouse....

The Masters of the seventh ardent scale are only one step from the fundamental root of their Hierarchy.

This fundamental root of the White Hierarchy is found enclosed in the “Baniano Humano”.

This marvelous Being is the Master of Masters of the Great White Lodge. He is Sanat Kumara, the founder of the College of Initiates of the Universal White Fraternity. He is one of the Four Thrones which the Bible speaks of. This great Being descended to our earth in the beginning of the Lemurian epoch, before the separation of sexes, in order to found the College of Initiates of the Great Hierarchy. He has been incarnated in a physical body since that time, without death having any power over him. He lives in Asia.

The Arhan who arrives to the world of the “Mist of Fire” is one step towards the Eighth and Ninth Initiations of the fundamental root of the Hierarchy.

These heights are reached by practicing sexual magic, or by vowing to a total and definitive abstention, and by walking the path of perfect holiness.

Karma is not an obstacle for this because we can pay all our debts by sacrificing even the last drop of our blood in favor of all the human beings who populate the entire face of the earth.

“Behold, happy is the man whom God corrected: therefore do not despise the chastening of the Almighty.” (Job: 5: 17)

Whosoever has capital in order to pay his debts; he pays and does well in his negotiations. Perform good deeds so that you may pay your debts.

When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law washes away the inferior law. The Lion of the Law is fought with the scale.

Therefore, the human being can break his chains in the hour that he wishes. He can rise the seven ardent scales, and can convert himself into a Dragon of Wisdom within the “Mist of Fire”.

The primordial atom, “Anu”, is the purest atom that enters through the magnetic field of our nose. This atom cannot be multiplied in the pre-genetic or primal-genetic state. It is an omni-gatherer. It is omniscient, omnipresent, a total sum, limited and absolutely divine.

All the atomic activity of the magnetic field of the nose and the Chakra Muladhara is based on this atom.

The Fohat selects all the atoms which must penetrate through our nasal cavities.

The Fohat combines the distinct atomic elements for our divine goals.

Each human being possesses its own Fohat, and the total addition of all the Fohats constitute the Universal Fohat, the universal fire of life, whose intelligent flames combine the atomic elements of space in order to fecundate the chaotic matter.

“The Mother sleeps, although, she is always breathing.”

Each atom of the Cosmos is condemned to incessant differentiations. Only “Anu” does not admit differentiations.

“The breath of the Father-Mother emerges cold and radiant. It becomes hot and corrupted in order to become cold again and in order to be purified within the bosom of the internal space.”

Everything breathes; everything flows and ebbs; everything inhales and exhales.

Every phenomenon of respiration is based on the respiration of the Absolute; The Absolute inhales and exhales.

Each exhalation of the Absolute is a Cosmic Day and each inhalation of the Absolute is a Cosmic Night.

When the heart of our Solar System began to palpitate after the great Cosmic Night, it continued to repeat the inhalation and the exhalation of the Absolute within the seven “Laya” centers. The chaotic masses of these centers were fecundated by the Fohat in order for the seven worlds of our Solar System to emanate from the Chaos.

This respiration of the Absolute is repeated in the atom, in the ant, in the eagle, and in the human being.

Everything flows and ebbs; everything comes and goes; everything pulses and pulses again with this rhythm of divine respiration.

During the first dynasties of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, I received the code of sexual magic in a sacred room of an ancient pyramid blackened by the sun of the desert.

The Master dressed with his White Tunic was standing near a vertical rod which symbolically represented the phallus.

He carefully instructed me about the great mysteries of sex, with the solemn and austere voice of the Hierophants.

I attentively listened to the Hierophant while seated upon a chair.

Then, directing his penetrating eyes towards me, with a loud and authoritative voice, he told me: “Uncover your Che-Che-Re.” I then uncovered my sexual organ (the Iod, the Phallus), and the Master told me, from lips to ear, the once unspeakable secret of the Great Arcanum, which consists of sexually connecting oneself with the spouse and withdrawing from her without seminal ejaculation, which means, to restrain the sexual act.

I then practiced my first ritual of sexual magic with my priestess, under the direction of the Hierophant.

“This is marvelous,” I exclaimed.

Whosoever violated this unspeakable secret, which is the Great Arcanum, was then condemned to death. His head was cut off. His heart was torn out and his ashes were thrown into the four winds.

When the semen is not spilled, then the restrained desire causes our seminal energy to rise, filled with billions of Christic atoms. With their light and splendor these Christic atoms illuminate the three channels where the Pure Akasa circulates.

The mixture of these Christic atoms (which is the result of our semen transmuted into energy), when combined with the Pure Akasa awakens the Kundalini positively, and opens its way upwards towards Brahmarandra, through the thirty-three chambers of our spinal column. This is how Adepthood is achieved.

I educated myself at the feet of the Great Hierophants and I knew the ancient wisdom of the ancient sages of the Temple of Mysteries.

This is why I feel nothing but infinite pity when presently I see these tiny human beings of this century “mystically” fornicating.

The Akasic breath penetrates through our nasal cavities and descends through our Brahmanic cord.

When the Akasa is reinforced by our willpower and by the willpower of the Cosmic Hierarchies, then it descends from above, from the heavens of Urania and it is precipitated within the profundity of our reed, producing the hissing sound of the sssssssss.

Thus, when this Akasic breath collides with the solar and lunar currents and with the Christic atoms which form the Kundalini, the sacred fire then rises one more vertebra, one more canon in its ascension through the thirty-three canons until reaching Brahmarandra.

When the Akasic breath, reinforced by willpower, descends through our Brahmanic cord and finds atoms of fornication (satanic atoms collected from the infernos of the human being during the movements of the genital orgasmic contraction, which occurs in the seminal ejaculation) instead of Christic atoms, the collision of the Akasa with such satanic atoms would then awaken the Kundalini in a negative way (awakening the Kundabuffer). A satanic atom that resides in the Muladhara chakra would then enter into activity, and would control it causing it to descend from the coccyx downwards towards the atomic infernos of the human being, forming the famous tail with which Satan is represented (the Kundabuffer).

The sexual organs collect satanic atoms of the secret enemy with the genital orgasmic contraction during the seminal ejaculation (tantric orgasm), which is advised by black magicians. Therefore, when these atoms attempt to ascend upwardly towards Urania, they then are violently rejected by the Akasic breath, which throws them downwards towards the coccyx. This sexual practice awakens the Muladhara negatively and causes a certain atom of the secret enemy to enter into activity. This atom then exercises control over the Kundalini, directing it downwards towards the submerged worlds of consciousness, thus forming the famous (Kundabuffer) tail of demons.

This is how the disciples of these black magicians separate themselves from the Divine Triad, Atman-Buddhi-Manas. This is how they convert themselves into tantric personalities of the abyss.

The Akasa is not the ether, as many believe. The Akasa is the cause of sound, the spiritual cause of the verb, the Anima-Mundi, the Divine, the divine Hierarchies, whose breath enters through the magnetic field of our nose.

This is why the sacred scriptures say that God blew a breath of life into the nose of Adam and He infused a living soul into him.

And Iod-Havah Elohim formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath (the Neshamah) of life; and the man became a living creature. - Genesis 2:7


"Woe unto the Samson of the Kabbalah if he permits himself to be put asleep by the sinful Delilah!”

Arcanum 7

The Arcanum Seven depicts a warrior standing in a chariot. This warrior holds in his two hands a staff or a rod and a sword. The chariot has four columns which he stands in the midst of and the chariot is drawn or led by two sphinxes, one black and one white. This Arcanum symbolizes the chariot of war, which is also represented in the famous epic story of ancient India called the Mahabharata. This is an ancient story describing a huge conflict amongst the members of a family. The most famous extract or portion of this epic story is called the Bhagavad Gita, which means “The Song of the Lord,” and is a dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna.  They have this dialogue in a chariot on a battlefield at the very precipice of the greatest war the world has ever known.

Of course typically, traditionally, the story is interpreted as merely a story and the symbolism is missed by the majority of the readers of the Mahabharata. The war symbolizes the struggle that the spiritual initiate has to undergo within the mind; the war amongst the psychological family, between the virtuous brothers and the greedy and proud brothers. Of course, the greedy and proud ones outnumber the virtuous ones, in us and in the Mahabharata.


Arjuna has the responsibility of riding out on the battlefield in order to initiate this great war, and when he faces the army of his brothers, of his family members, and he sees all of these beloved ones that he has to kill, he hesitates and feels conflicted and asks Krishna his advisor, his guide, “How can I kill my beloved ones, my own family? How do I discover my true duty when I am faced with this great conflict, where my duty is to kill those that I love, how do I resolve that?” Krishna gives as his answer “The Song of the Lord,” The Bhagavad Gita, which is a discourse explaining the duty of the spiritual initiate, the duty of the spiritual practitioner. It is a beautiful story, but the chariot that they ride in is represented also in the Western Tradition here in the Seventh Arcanum of the sacred tarot.

In this image we see the Warrior who stands in his chariot holding his sword and his staff. The symbol here is multifaceted and very deep. For us to begin to penetrate into the meaning of this symbol, we first have to examine some basic laws which exist in nature, which exist in all of creation. Truly, the exposition of all of these Arcana is the examination of all the varying laws that we have to come to understand.

The term Self-realization has a very specific meaning whose true interpretation is easily overlooked. To “realize” is to know directly, to have profound insight or an intuitive understanding. Realization is the epiphany of understanding, is the moment in which comprehension blossoms within the mind. And by “Self” we have to understand that what we seek on any true spiritual path is to realize or comprehend the real Self, our true self. This realization is not limited to an intellectual idea, it has to be a kind of epiphany of the consciousness where we comprehend and understand directly what the nature of the real Self truly is. The obstacle that we have to achieve that is our own false self. So to comprehend and understand and enter into the understanding, the knowledge, of the real self requires that we abandon the false one.

We have created and become trapped within a false sense of self because we do not understand the laws of nature, the laws which govern our own consciousness and the nature of our own Soul. So the examination of the 22 Arcana is the beginning of our own consciousness grasping the essential nature of each of the primary laws which manage nature.

Each Arcanum is a Law; each Arcanum contains and encodes vital structures which manage energy in nature. So in order for us to achieve Self-realization we have to become one with those laws, to realize those laws, to act in harmony with them, and to have our every motion, our every movement, our every thought, and feeling be harmonious with those laws.

With this lecture, we have arrived at the seventh of twenty-two. In the first six, we have looked at very elevated, somewhat abstract presentations of different aspects of the functions of energy in nature and matter. One of the primary laws that we have examined is the law of three. The law of three is the law which creates, and this law is visually depicted in the uppermost triangle of the Tree of Life. We have in this triangle three forces, three aspects of one divinity. The law of three is required in any expression which seeks to manifest something else. This is a law of harmony, a law of equilibrium, a law of balance. So when three forces are brought into a state of cooperation, creation occurs.

law of three

When we look at our own inner psychology, the structure of our soul, we know that this Law of Three is the Solar Logos, the supernal Father, the Father of our Father, the most elevated region of manifestation, beyond which is the unmanifested.

bodies of the soul

But this light of the Solar Logos, which is our own inner star, the depths of our own consciousness, has to be organized. There is that expression of light, which is one, which is three, but in order for that expression to manifest further, to actually act, it has to be organized. So that organization, the organization of that expression is what we call the law of Seven and the law of Seven is visually depicted in the lower Seven spheres in the tree of life. These seven are organized as two triangles of three plus a seventh which hangs below.

The first triangle also encodes three forces, and this is the triangle of the Monad. “Monad” comes from the Greek “monas,” which means “unity,” so once again we have three as one, one as three. The Monad in this case is our own individual, inner Father; the Monad is three aspects of one intelligence. This is the warrior himself, who rides in the chariot. The warrior, the fighter, is our own inner spirit, our own Monad, our own individual, unique Divine Father who we also discussed in the first Arcanum, the Magician.


You may begin to notice that “we” don’t appear very much in all of these symbols. There has been a tendency - especially amongst certain groups - to always relate symbols, images, laws, to the personality, to the terrestrial person, but this personality, the terrestrial person, is the false self. To realize the true self we have to get beyond the personality and realize that these symbols, structures and laws really correspond to the True Self, our Innermost.

arcanum 1The warrior in the seventh Arcanum is differentiated from the first Arcanum for a particular reason. In the first Arcanum, we were examining the Hebrew letter Aleph and how this character has in its very structure the law of three. It has three essential components, and the Magician, our own Innermost, works with these forces in order to dominate and control nature, to become a perfected Aleph, a perfected man, but the inner most as number Seven is the warrior who is working with the law of Seven. He is working with the sword and the staff in his two hand; working in his chariot, in other words. The chariot is his vehicle, it is the Mercabah, or the soul itself.

If we analytically break down this triangle of the Monad, the second triangle on the tree, we would see that Arcanum Seven rests on the seventh sphere counting upwards, which is Chesed. This is Atman or our own Innermost, this is the number Seven. He is the one riding in the chariot, but the chariot itself is all of the seven bodies, which are below.

Number seven itself is the Atmic body, the body of the Innermost, six is Geburah, which is the Buddhic body, the body of the consciousness, five is Tiphereth, which is the causal body or the body of the Will, the human soul. These three (5, 6, and 7 counting upwards) are the bodies of the Monad; they are one but three.

Going further, we have Netzach, which is the mental body (4), we have Hod which is the Astral body (3), Yesod which is the Vital (2) and Malkuth which is the physical body (1). These lower four are called the inferior quaternary; “quaternary” is four aspects, four faces. These are the four bodies of sin: physical, vital, astral and mental, and these four bodies are illustrated in our graphic by the four columns of the chariot.

For Atman, our own Innermost, to fight on the battlefield of Self-realization, he needs his chariot; he has to dwell within the four bodies. He has to fight within his own vehicle. This is what he uses to ride into battle to defeat the enemy. The enemy is Shaitan, Satan, the Devil, who is of course ourselves, our own egos.

The seven brothers, the seven aspects of the soul, are these seven bodies. In the Mahabharata they are depicted as five, which are the lower five. Causal, astral, mental, vital, physical bodies. Krishna represents the Christ. But the essential symbol here is that the Innerself who rides in the chariot has to ride and inhabit and drive the four lower bodies, the inferior quaternary. He has to be in charge in order for the battle for Self-realization to proceed well. This becomes our difficulty.

Who is in charge of our mind?

Who is driving the thoughts that we are experiencing from moment to moment?

If you observe and examine your thoughts, look in them to see: what is the will behind the thought?

If you examine your feelings, look with this analysis: what will is behind this emotion?

And if you examine your impulses to act, you have to analyze: what is the force of will driving this impulse? What makes me want to act this way? Is it the Monad? Is it my own Innerself who is pushing me through this thought, through this feeling, through this impulse, or is it my ego?

It is in this effort from moment to moment that we begin to establish the presence of the Being within, and this effort is called Self-observation and Self-remembering.

To observe oneself is to be present and watchful from moment to moment, watching all of the varying manifestations that arise in our minds, in our hearts, in our bodies. That watchfulness requires the vigilance of a warrior.

One instance of distraction is enough for the enemy to get in, for the enemy Shaitan, to take control of our own psyche, to control the chariot, in other words.

The thoughts that we have are related of course to the mental body, which is one aspect of the chariot that the Monad needs to drive.

When our own demon of the mind is infiltrating our camp, through our intellect, through thoughts, through ideas, he pushes his agenda, which is always rooted in desire, which is always veiled with justifications, with good reasons, with strong arguments. The demon of the mind is very cunning, very convincing, very logical, very smart.

This demon of course is represented in the Christian gospel by Pilate, who as you know appears sympathetic to the Christ in the Gospels. He appears to care, he appears to be concerned for the welfare of the Christ, he appears interested, inquisitive, curious, but in the end he betrays the Christ and rationalizes his betrayal with reasoning. He washes his hands of guilt. Our own mind does the same thing, in appearing to be sympathetic to the cause of our inner Being, by appearing to be curious about the nature of the teachings, by appearing to be very logical, reasonable and rational in all his ideas. But when our own demon of the mind controls that vehicle, the Innermost cannot act and we proceed to behave in wrong ways.

The same is true of the demon of desire, and the demon of evil will, these other aspects of our own mind, which are the three traitors. And these three traitors exist in us, they are not fantasies, they are not theoretical. They are living, breathing, scheming aspects of our own mind, which are in every moment seeking opportunity to take control of the chariot.

The Being has to fight to establish control over his chariot, and he does this with the sword and the staff. The sword is a symbol of Willpower, and the staff is the symbol of the spinal column.

“Whoever wants to be a Magician,” writes Master Samael Aun Weor, “has to acquire the sword.”

How does one acquire the sword? How does one become a Magician? You remember from the first Arcanum that the Magician is the Innermost himself, the First Arcanum, and to become that is to become Self-realized; the sword is Willpower. Will, we know is related to Tiphereth, the human soul. Whosoever wants to become a Magician has to acquire the sword, Will, Tiphereth, the Causal Body, to become a soul, to become a human soul. To become that, to acquire the sword, implies different things.


The sword is the Kundalini itself. It is the transmuted sexual power, which rises up the spinal column; it is grasped by the Innermost and becomes his force, his expression, which he uses to conquer his enemies. The sword in this case represents the fires of the Kundalini which are raised and used to dominate Shaitan, to destroy the enemy. This is illustrated throughout the Bible in all the great battles when the Lord descends and empowers his warriors to conquer the unbelievers. These are all symbolic of initiatic processes that the aspirant has to go through. This is all rooted in Will, and Tiphereth as we know is related to the Hebrew character Vav or Vau, which we examined in a previous lecture. This character Vav or Vau is related to the sword the magician holds in his hand and is related to Tiphareth. Vav in this case symbolizes of course the spinal column as well, but in relation to the Arcanum Seven it is the human soul.

The character Zayin looks very much like Vav. They are very similar; it is a very subtle difference between them. The Innermost has to have Vav and Zayin in his hand in order to do battle. Zayin is Buddhi, is Neshemah, is the Divine Soul, Geburah. Here you have the Monad itself working in battle. The Innermost, Atman, the number Seven, and in his two hands are his two souls: divine and human, Zayin and Vav.

The Bible states that when God created man, God breathed into the dust, this form of clay, a breath of life: of Neshemah, this is the Zayin, but in this case we have to examine the distinction between Vav and Zayin. How do we understand how this relates to the number Seven?

The law of seven is that law which organizes nature. We see the law of three creates the light of consciousness, our own Glorian. That law of three is organized into the seven bodies of our soul, the Seven bodies of the Innermost, which is the chariot itself. That organization is a descent of light, a descent of energy. This is the force of Aleph, the Magician, the three forces descending through Vav, the spinal column, elaborating the chariot itself. So these are sexual forces, creative forces being organized in order to manifest the human being. But to become perfected, to become Self-realized, requires a complimentary process. The sexual forces have to be organized in order to create the soul as a Self-realized entity; this is happening through the arousal of transmuted sexual forces, which are Zayin itself. So we can say Vav in this example demonstrates the descent of that energy to elaborate the structure. Zayin is the ascent of that force to elaborate the perfection.

Zayin or Neshemah is also the feminine sexual forces. Neshemah is our own consciousness, Buddhi, who is the aspect of the Innermost providing us with intuition, insight, intelligence.

Vav is his Will, while Zayin is his Imagination, Intuition, Comprehension.

In order for the Innermost to conquer the enemy, he has to have a warrior, a fighter, a servant, he has to have his chariot. The Innermost works through us. To realize the Self is to realize that. It is to come into harmony with the will of our own inner Being. This has nothing to do with any kind of terrestrial morality or terrestrial laws or any kind of tradition. The will of the Innermost is individual, is unique. The Innermost that we have has his own solar personality, his own idiosyncrasy, his own mission, and for the terrestrial person, we have a role to play in the fulfillment of that mission, but we have to understand how to perform our duty, to work on behalf of the Innermost and fulfill that mission, that duty. In order to do that it is important and necessary that we understand how these laws function. This understanding of the chariot is vital. The understanding of the spiritual soul and the human soul is vital. The understanding of the law of Three and the law of Seven is vital, in order for us to understand how to act properly in relation to the will of our inner Being.

The sword and the rod in the hands of the magician, the warrior, have an additional implication. Buddhi or Neshemah is that feminine aspect of our own Monad, and Buddhi is the light which expresses the will or the information from the Innermost. Buddhi (from Sanskrit) means literally “intelligence,” but it is intuitive intelligence. So Buddhi is that intelligence or that light which provides insight or intuition.

The insight or intuition of the Innermost is acquired in ourselves through the vehicle of Neshemah. But that vehicle cannot be accessed without Zayin in us. Zayin is the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is the letter that corresponds to organization; it is also related to the seventh day, Shabbat, and to say seven in Hebrew we say “Shabbat, Sheba,” related to the Queen of Sheba. Zayin, Geburah, Neshemah are related to feminine sexual forces, intuitive forces, illuminating forces which have to be gathered, respected, cultivated. The forces of that light, the forces of that intelligence, are dissipated when the sexual forces are expelled from the body. In other words, people who fornicate lose their capacity to acquire real insight. That is the bottom line. Through chastity, through upright sexual behavior, the forces of the Ishim, Ishod, Isha, the forces of the feminine sexual power are accumulated, fortified and begin their ascension, represented by Zayin.

There is a process which unfolds, a process of creation when these three forces, encompassed and embodied within our own sexual waters, are harnessed by the chariot, by the warrior within the chariot, the Innermost. He fights in order to transform those energies and create his chariot, create his soul. Without access to those sexual waters, that form of creation cannot occur.

The three forces of divinity descend into us and have their ultimate refinement in our sexual forces. These sexual forces are our own expression of creation.  The most powerful creative capacity that we have is all encompassed in our sexual force. When we use that force of creativity under the guidance of the demons of the mind, heart and sex, we create, but we create by causing those forces to continue descending because the will driving that creation is descending. It is a will that belongs to the Klipoth, to the lower realms of nature, to Hell. In other words, when we are acting out of desire and we are acting from anger or from pride or from envy, we are harnessing the forces of the sex through those actions, through the mind, through the heart, physically, but to create downwards. Psychologically, we understand that this how the forces of the Divine Mother are descending into a negative polarity.

There are two ways to create, positively or negatively. There are two ways for that raw creative power to be polarized, in other words. There are two ways for our creative expression to be organized according to the Law of Seven.

The way we normally behave in society today, we take these Three Forces and we create according to instinctive impulses, animal desires, driven by pride, driven by lust, driven by fear. To create in this way is to take the three forces descending from Vav, which are manifesting and being expressed through our three nervous systems, the law of Three which are being organized by our Seven Chakras, the Law of Seven, our Seven bodies, the Law of Seven, which have their expression polarized negatively. In other words when we listen to our animal mind, to animal desire, to lust, to pride, to envy, to those demons we have within, we create in the Klipoth, we create in hell.

On a psychological level, this means when we listen to our pride we take our own vital forces and feed pride and create more pride. When we are acting on our anger, we are taking our vital sexual forces and feeding the anger and creating more anger.

This falls in its ultimate synthesis into the negative manifestation of these energies, which falls roughly into two realms: Lilith and Nahemah. Lilith and Nahemah as said in ancient traditions are the two wives of the fallen Adam. Adam, of course, represents us; we are fallen from Eden, from perfection, we are fallen into suffering and we are betrothed or intimately

The Lovers

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The Lovers card is symbolic of relationships and partners. This is the union of opposites but compatible things. The man and woman standing across from each other are naked, showing their differences. The man is standing looking to the woman, while she in turn is looking up at the angel above. The angel here is symbolic of the super-conscious. The man representing the conscious mind and the female representing the subconscious mind, and in this order... conscious, subconscious, superconscious..we must follow to reach the source of our power and draw on it to gain insight and inspiration. The tree behind the man represents the zodiac signs being twelve in number and the tree behind the woman represents the tree of wisdom, with the serpent representing the kundalini force risen to the highest point. It is only here that we can draw off the wisdom attainable to us, for if it remains coiled and low, our senses are bound to just the material. This card falls under the vibration of the number 6.


Hebrew Letter Vav

Verses 41 to 48 from Psalm 119 begin with Vav:

41 Let your mercies come to me, oh Iod-Havah through your salvation according to your Word.

42 And I will answer the Word to my rebuker, for I trust in your Word.

43 And do not deliver the Word of truth from my mouth still; for on your judgments greatly I have hoped.

44 And I shall keep your law continually forever and ever.

45 And I will walk in the wideness, for your commands I seek.

46 And I will speak of your testimonies before the Malachim, and will not be ashamed.

47 And will delight myself in your commands, which I have loved.

48 And I will lift up my hands to your commandments, and I will meditate on your statutes.

Arcanum 6

Tarot Arcanum 6

Beloved brethren of my soul:

We are now going to study the sixth Arcanum of the Tarot.

Beloved, remember that indeed without any doubt, the two interlaced triangles of the seal of Solomon, which join or separate love, are the two shuttles with which the ineffable mystery of eternal life in the loom of God is woven or unwoven. The upper triangle symbolizes Kether (the Father who is in secret), Chokmah (the Son) and Binah (the Holy Spirit of each human being). The lower triangle represents the three traitors of Hiram Abiff; those three traitors are inside of us. The first traitor is the Demon of Desire; that traitor lives within the Astral Body. The second traitor is the Demon of the Mind; that traitor lives within the Mental Body. The third traitor is the Demon of Evil Will; that traitor lives within the Body of Willpower (Causal Body).

The Bible cites these three traitors in the Apocalypse of Saint John in Revelation: 16: 13, 14:

And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet; for they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty (El-Shaddai).

The three traitors constitute the reincarnating ego, the psychological ‘I,’ the Satan that must be dissolved in order to incarnate the Inner Christ, which is constituted by Kether, Chokmah and Binah. The superior triangle is the Resplendent Dragon of Wisdom whereas the inferior triangle is the Black Dragon.

Phallic Symbols

The sign of the infinite or the Tau Cross is found in the center of the two triangles; both are phallic (sexual) signs. The soul is found between the two triangles and has to decide between the White Dragon and the Black Dragon. Such a dilemma is absolutely sexual.


The clue is found in the serpent. In the Abraxas, the rooster’s legs are made by the double tail of a serpent. The tempting serpent of Eden exists as well as Moses’ serpent of Brass Nachash interlaced around the Tau, in other words, entwined around the Sexual Lingam (the phallus); the Yoni is the Uterus. Normally the serpent is enclosed within the Chakra Muladhara (Church of Ephesus). The serpent slumbers in that coccygeal center entwined three and a half times. The serpent must inevitably leave from its church. If the serpent rises through the medullar canal we convert ourselves into angels and if the serpent descends we convert ourselves into demons. Now you can comprehend why there are always two serpents around the Caduceus of Mercury. The sexual force is the Hyle of the Gnostics.

When the students spill the Cup of Hermes during their practices with the Arcanum A.Z.F. they commit the crime of the Nicholaitans, which used a system in order to make the serpent descend. This is how the human being is converted into a demon.

The complete and positive development of the serpent is only achieved by working with the Philosophical Stone within the Sexual Laboratory of the Practical Alchemist.

The superior triangle is the center of the Alchemist’s Microcosmos and the Alchemist’s Macrocosmos. The sign of the Mercury of the Secret philosophy (the Ens Seminis) cannot be missed in the center of the triangle. Man and woman must work with the Sun and with the Moon, with the Gold and with the Silver (sexual symbols) in order to perform the Great Work. Nevertheless, this work is very difficult because the Male Goat of Mendez (the Black Dragon) always tries to make the Alchemist sexually fall. It is urgent to work with the four elements of Alchemy in order to perform the Great Work.

solomon seal

The Alchemical Macrocosmos is illuminated by the Light; this is the superior triangle of the Seal of Solomon. The Alchemical Microcosmos is in the shadows, in the region where the souls fight against the Black Dragon.

It is precisely in the Microcosmos, represented by the inferior triangle, where the entire work of Alchemical Laboratory must be performed by us.


The marvelous Microcosmos and Macrocosmos Alchemical illustration above (from Chimica Basilica Philosophica) represents the man and the woman working with the Sun (the symbol of the phallus) and with the Moon (the symbol of the Uterus). In this medieval painting, two men together or two women together do not appear because such a crime against Natura only creates a filthy Vampire. The tenebrous ones justify their crimes against Natura, thus, the Law punishes them by separating them from their superior triangle forever. This is how they roll into the abyss.

The mysteries of Lingam Yoni are terribly divine and cannot be altered. The Lingam can only be united with the Yoni; this is the Law of the Holy Alchemy. The Alchemical Weddings signify, as a fact, a Perfect Matrimony. The Alchemist must not only kill desire, but moreover, he has to kill the very shadow of the horrible tree of desire.

Sacred Dances between men and women were performed in the mysteries of Eleusis along with love and the music of the centers in order to enchant the Serpent. Then, the dancers of the temple were clean from the filthy venom of desire. All kind of sins are forgiven, except the sins against the Holy Spirit. “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man does is without the body; but he that commits fornication sin against his own body.” 1 Corinthians 6: 18. However, fornication does not pertain only to the physical body; it is also related to thoughts, emotions, words and animal sensations.

In the mysteries of Eleusis, the couples danced in order to mutually magnetize themselves; then while dancing, the couple (man and woman) together attained ecstasy. The bio-electromagnetic interchange between man and woman cannot be replaced by anything; this is a gigantic, grandiose and terribly divine power. God shines upon the perfect couple.

If you want in depth self-realization remember this Alchemical Aphorism: “Nature must be imitated in everything. Nature enjoys Nature; Nature dominates Nature.”

The task of the Alchemist is to search for the occult and ancient knowledge and to perform the Great Work in his sexual laboratory. The Great Work is difficult, it signifies many years of experiments, terrible sacrifices and tremendous difficulties. There exists a transmutator agent (the Philosophical Stone), a heavenly influence (cosmic religiosity), diverse astral influences (esoteric astrology), influence of letters, numbers, correspondences, sympathies (Kabbalah).

The sacred principles of Alchemy are:

  • Unity
  • A Pair of Opposites (Man/Woman; Active/Passive)
  • Trinity (Active, Passive, Neutral)
  • The Elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth)

The entire work of the Great Work (the Magnus Opus) is reunited in the Seal of Solomon. The six points of the star are masculine; the six outer obtuse angles that exist between point and point are feminine. In synthesis, this star has twelve rays: six masculine and six feminine. The Star of Solomon is the perfect symbol of the Central Sun, all of the zodiacal measurements are found summarized within the Seal of Solomon. The entire sexual Genesis of the zodiac is hidden in the Seal of Solomon. The inner relation that exists between the zodiac and the invincible Central Sun is found in the Seal of Solomon. The twelve rays of the brilliant star crystallize by means of Alchemy in the twelve zodiacal constellations.


When the student enters into the temple of the Sphinx he studies the Great Book of Nature, where all of the Cosmic Laws are written.

Indeed, very few are the ones who can open the Book and study it. The “ordeal of the Sanctuary” is very terrible. Very few are the human beings who have succeeded in passing such an ordeal. A Precious Jewel (with the seal of Solomon) a Ring filled with Ineffable Light is granted to the one who victoriously passes the Ordeal of the Sanctuary. The neophyte who touches the ring with the left hand loses it inevitably.

Another explanation of the Seal of Solomon is the following: above the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, below the power that governs (the Innermost), the power that deliberates (the mind), and the power that executes (the personality).

When the power that deliberates and the power that executes rebel or are subordinate against the governor (the Innermost) then the outcome is failure.

The three traitors use to take possession of the powers that deliberate and the powers that execute. The Bodhisattvas sometimes use to receive (Kabbel) messages from the superior worlds; nevertheless, ignoramuses mistake the Bodhisattvas with the Mediums of Spiritism (“chanellers”).

The Medium and the Mediator (Bodhisattva) exist. The Medium is negative whereas the Mediator is Positive. The Medium is a vehicle of the Tempting Serpent of Eden. The Bodhisattva, the Mediator is a vehicle of the Serpent of Brass Nachash that healed the Israelites in the wilderness.

Great Masters use to dictate messages through the lips of their Bodhisattvas. People do not understand this and mistake the Mediators with the detrimental Mediums of Spiritism because people allow themselves to be carried away by false appearances.

The entire positive and negative forces of the Universal Magnetism are found represented in the Seal of Solomon.

Magic Circle

In the works of high magic, it is necessary to trace a circle around us. Such a circle must be totally closed, interrupted by the Seal of Solomon.

With the seven metals, Gnostic brethren can manufacture medallions and rings with the Seal of Solomon. The Seal of Solomon must be utilized in all of the works of invocations, and in the practices with elementals (as we have already taught in Arcanum 4 of this series of lectures on Kabbalah).

The elementals of nature tremble before the Seal of the Living God. The Angel of the Sixth Seal of the Apocalypse has reincarnated at this time within a feminine body (this angel is a specialist in the sacred Jinn science).

Arcanum 6 is the Lover of the Tarot. It is the soul between vice and virtue. The Arcanum Six is enchainment, equilibrium, amorous union between man and woman, terrible struggles between love and desire, the mysteries of Lingam-Yoni, connection. The struggle between the two ternaries is found in the Sixth Arcanum of the Tarot. The sixth Arcanum is the supreme affirmation of the Internal Christ, and the supreme negation of Satan.

Watch and Pray.

The Hebrew Letter Vav

Written by Gnostic Instructor

The Hebrew Letter Vav

Which in Kabbalah symbolizes the spinal medulla; ו ‘Vav’ the foundation of the property of hearing the word; ‘Vav’ means ‘and’ ‘connection’

The letter Vav unites ‘and’ interconnects all of the twenty-two Arcana within the human consciousness, since all of them have to be developed within the spinal medulla of any Self-realized Initiate. This is why the incarnated word within the Resurrected Man says in book of Revelation: “I am the Alpha and the Omega (Aleph and Tav, all of the twenty two letters) the Beginning and the End, the one who was, is and shall be the Lord Almighty (El Shaddai).

In the beginning was the Word בראשית and the Word (בראשית Bereishit) was with God, and the Word (Bereishit) was (hidden the mystery of) God.

The same (בראשית Bereishit) was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him (by means of the letter Vav); and without him was not any thing made that was made (within the Vav).

In him (the letter Vav) was (the tree of) life; and the (tree of) life (nursed by Shaddai El Chai) was the light (of the Ain Soph in the spinal medulla) of men. And the light (of the Ain Soph) shines in (the august) darkness (of the wise); and the darkness (of fornication) comprehended it not.

There was a man (in ‘Berashith’ who emerged in six days within the Vav, who was) sent from (the seventh power of) God (El-Shaddai), whose name was John (IEOUAMS). The same came (into existence) for a witness, to (hook or to) bear witness of the Light (of El-Shaddai), that all men through him might believe (hold dear, to hook, love, connect).

He (the letter Vav) was not that Light (of the Ain Soph), but was sent (and created) to (hook or to) bear witness of that Light (from El-Shaddai).

That (El-Shaddai) was the true (Cosmic) Light, which lighted (the Vav or Spinal Medulla of) every man that comes (through sexual transmutation) into the world; He (El-Shaddai) was in the world (as Shaddai El Chai), and the world (Mineral Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom) was made by him (this Creative Fohat), and the (fornicators of the) world (the intellectual humanoids) knew him not.

He (Chokmah, Vishnu, Avalokiteshvara, Kuan Yin, Ahura Mazda, the Cosmic Christ) came unto his own (as Shaddai El Chai), and his own received him not (rather, they spilled him out of themselves).

But as many as received him (within their Vav or spinal Medullas as Fire of Love) to them gave he (Chokmah) power to become the sons of God (Beni-Elohim) even to them that believe (hold dear, love, connect) on his name: Which were born, not of blood (passion), nor of the will (desire) of the flesh, nor of the (lustful) will of (any fornicator) man, but of (the immaculate conception or Sahaja Maithuna on) God.

And (this is how) the Word (Bereshith) was made flesh (in Vav), and dwelt among us (within our Spinal Medulla as the Blazing-Brazen-Serpent), and we beheld (through “He”) his glory (Hod), the glory as of the only begotten (light) of the Father (of all Fatherhoods, the Ray of Okidanokh), full of grace and truth. - Gospel of John 1:1-14

Iod, He Vau, He. In the beginning of Creation, the Ain Soph Aur, the Ray of Okidanokh, withdraws its Christic Light from the Immanifested Ain Soph “Hei” and fills the abstract space; from this illuminated void the Ain Soph places its light within its “Iod’ Kether, thereafter its light is placed for its development within its manifested “He” Chokmah and finally the ray of Okidanokh, the solar light shines within its “Vav” Binah as a triune infinite single ray of light that undertakes multiform, universal shapes. And in order to create Adam’s finite existence this light necessarily withdraws from the void seven times. The ray of Okidanokh is hidden with the letter Vav. Therefore, the Omni-cosmic ray of Okidanokh (despite being singular in its essence) possesses two manifestations, one is within the abstract absolute space and the other is within the universe; both manifestations take part in the process of any type of creation. Vav’s binary incessantly interacting creative power, manifested within its Immanifested and Manifested creation through innumerable Mahamanvantaras and Mahapralayas, hides the enigma of its absolute reality.

The manifested triune ray of creation is the power that differentiates and separates the different degrees of Objective Reasoning amongst the Heavenly Hierarchy and the different aspects of objective and subjective perception of reality up and down, within all of the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life.

The Ain Soph is the inherent abstract force that exposes its “Aur” Light-Power through its triune manifested ray within any type and forms of matter. This is how the abstract Ain Soph together with Kether, Chokmah, and Binah form a single whole light whose kabbalistic name is Iod He Vav He.

In Briah, the letter Vav is the Son, the universe that emerges from Daath, which manifests the Triune-Creative-Power of Iod-He, Abba-Aima, Phallus-Uterus, Lingam-Yoni, Father-Mother and the Immanifested “Aur” the Light Power of the abstract absolute “He” the Ain Soph.

The Fire-Light of Christ developed within the Spinal Medulla of both Man and Woman is the letter Vav that unites Heaven ‘and’ Earth, Daath ‘and’ Yesod:

psyche et Eros

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for his love is better than wine. - Song of Songs 1:1

During the paroxysm of joy, we must directly discover the cosmic and creative synthesis of Shiva (Holy Spirit) and Shakti (His Divine Spouse Kundalini).

The ordinary intellectual animal is fatally defeated by abominable concupiscence and gets carried away by passionate affection (in other words, suffers during the enjoyment for the vile consummation of pleasure) while on the other hand, the Gnostic esotericist (in total ecstasy during the coitus) victoriously enters the region of the Monads in the splendid world of Tattwa-Anupadaka.

The preceding degree towards the world of Anupadaka, is the extraordinary principle of the power which is related to the domain of space, time and causality; this is called Akasa-Tatwa (Dwelling of Atman-Buddhi-Manas).

It is written in golden words in the great Book of all Splendors that sexual paroxysm is Proto-Tattvic.

An interplay of extraordinary vibrations begins during the Maithuna with the Tattva of Gold: prithvi, the magnificent ether of the perfumed earth, maintains perfect harmony with our physical bodies.

The harp continues in its delightful vibrations rippling the waters of universal life (Apas), the Ens Seminis.

The breath (Vayu) clearly alters and in the subtle atmosphere of the world the lyre of Orpheus resounds.

The sacred flame (Tejas) is ignited in the mysterious candlestick of the dorsal spine.

Now... Oh Gods!  The Knight (Superior Manas) and his Lady (Buddhi) ardently embrace each other in the region of pure Akasha, trembling with sexual exaltation.

However, it is clear and unmistakable that Akasha is only a bridge of wonders and prodigies between the prithvi Tattvas (Earth) and Anupadaka (the World of Splendors).

Sexual exaltation crosses the bridge of joy and enters the world of Atziluth, the region of Anupadaka, the dwelling of Shiva and Shakti; then He and She shine gloriously, enraptured with love.

Women, listen to me: Shakti must be lived regally during intercourse as Maya-Shakti (Woman-Eve-Goddess).  Only in this way can you be successful in the consubstantiation of love in the psycho-physiological reality of your nature.

The Gnostic man must personify Shiva (The Holy Spirit) during the Sahaja Maithuna (Sexual Magic) and feel flooded with this marvelous strength from the Third Logos.  - 

And this is how from all Eternity the Elohim said: “Let there be light,” and (in the Vav, spinal medulla) there was light (of the Divine Mother Kundalini)." And (within Vav, spinal medulla) the Elohim saw the light, that it was good; and (in Vav) the Elohim divided the light (of chastity) from the darkness (of fornication). This is how the Ain Soph Aur, the Cosmic Christic Light by contracting itself flows into the darkness; it permeates its cosmic nature in order to create the primordial man, the Vav and becomes human.

This alchemical transformation of the Christic Light in the spinal medulla of the sinner is the secret of how a demon can be transformed into an angel by means of the light of the creative forces of love; it is the way in which we return to our Inner God with passion, the passion of the Lord. This is the way to pay our past karma, by bringing the light from all of eternity into the present in order to erase our sins from the past.

Carrying the light from all eternity into our spinal medulla is a Divine holocaust that only the couple (man and woman) can perform; this is the secret of Kabbalah, the way in which we receive (Kabbel) the inner teachings of God, the way in which we tread upon the Golden Path of the Bodhisattva in order to link within oneself all of the particles of the consciousness into one whole. This is the Arcanum A.Z.F. (in the aspect of Kabbalah related with the Revelation of the seven golden candlesticks or the incarnation of the Messiah).

serpent of brassAnd Iod-Havah Elohai (Binah) said unto Moses, make a fiery (Kundalini) serpent, and set it upon a pole (Spinal Medulla): and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten (with the poison of lust), when he look upon it, shall live. And Moses made a serpent of brass Nachash, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if (Kundabuffer) a (tempting) serpent (of Eden) had bitten any man, when he beheld (Kundalini) the serpent of bronze, he lived. - Numbers 21: 8, 9

And Moses answered and said, but, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, Iod-Havah Elohai has not appeared unto you. And Iod-Havah Elohai said unto him, what is that in your hand? And he said a rod. And he said, cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from before it. And Iod-Havah Elohai said unto Moses, put forth your hand, and take it by the tail. And he put forth his hand, and caught it, and it became a rod in his hand: That they may believe that Iod-Havah Elohai (Binah) of their fathers, the Elohai of Abraham, the Elohai of Isaac, and the Elohai of Jacob, has appeared unto you. - Exodus 4: 1-5

He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit say unto the churches...

And as Moses lifted up the Serpent (of Brass Nachash) in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believes (hold dear, hook, love, connect) in him should not perish, but have eternal life. - John 3: 14, 15

I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me (within my 'Vav', spinal medulla ) a great voice, as of a trumpet, saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last (Aleph and Tau): and, what you see, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Assiah…. And I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks; and in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; and his feet like unto fine brass Nachash, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters (Akasa). And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shining in his strength. - Revelation 1:10-16

I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee. - Job 42:5

So then faith comes by hearing, and the hearing through (VAV) the word of God. - Romans 10:17

"Whosoever knows, the Word gives power to. No one has uttered it, no one will utter it, except the one who has the Word incarnated."


Arcanum No. 6 – Indecision is related with the letter Vav, which means “and” in the Hebrew language and symbolizes connection - to hook, to unite one thing with another. It is also related with the word “yug” in Sanskrit, which means union. In order to have an union you have to hook - and of course it is related with the word religare (or religion). It is the way in which we receive knowledge.

The letter Vav of this arcanum is related with the property of hearing, listening. Of course now we have to emphasize that it is not just related to the faculty of hearing on the physical plane but also with that chakra which we have mentioned several times in different lectures: the chakra Vishuddha, which is related with magical ear, the faculty of understanding, listening to or hearing the Word of God which is related with the world of Archetypes, symbols that we know through understanding and comprehending.

This is why when we pronounce the four letters or the sacred name of God, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, then we find that the third one is Vav.  Associating this holy name with the Tree of Life, we find then the upper triangle Kether-Chokmah-Binah, Iod-Hei-Vav, so Binah is Vav, it means understanding.

Remember that the sacred name of God is always explained in different levels and in different ways and - in order to explain the letter Vav - this is one of them. That is why the kabbalists state that Vav is related to the faculty of hearing or listening, it means “and.” Obviously, it is possible to understand - we will know how to listen - and this is precisely the point; in all the lectures, in all that related with the Word of God, which is not the word we read literally. That is why Master Samael Aun Weor states that in the Hebrew language is hidden the wisdom.

Who brought this sacred language or the alphabet of this language into the world? It was the angel Metatron whose name was Enoch when he was alive. He brought the alphabet and the language into the planet Earth in order to teach the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, the language of God. So, this is why the Hebrew language is associated with Kabbalah. Because every single letter is related with a number and symbol. When we read words in Hebrew we must know the meaning of each letter and associate one with the other, with numbers, in order to go deep into the Tree of Life and to see behind the word. Because remember that it is written that in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And to understand, to comprehend the Word of God is indispensable to develop the chakra Visuddha, the faculty of hearing, which is the power related with the Word, because that chakra is exactly at the throat.

It is the word that we speak, the word that we listen to; and that is why the mysterious sephira Daath, which is knowledge, is precisely located at the level of the throat of Arik Anpin, the Vast Countenance, Adam Kadmon, the Primordial Man, who was created in the beginning. This Primordial Man - or better said this Primordial Emanation of the Ain Soph - is always represented with the letter Vav. In Hinduism they represent this Vav or Binah with Lord Shiva and they say that the first begotten of Creation is Lord Shiva. Of course, Lord Shiva is that Primordial Light or what we call Ray of Okinadock, and which we represent with the letter He, that already we know is associated with the uterus. The Ain Soph gives the birth to that Vav and that Vav is the Aur or the Ain Soph Aur, which when crystallized in the universe becomes Kether-Chokmah-Binah (the first triangle). That is why when we refer to the Ain Soph we refer to is as to the letter He, the unmanifested He.

Kether-Chokmah-Binah (Father-Son-Holy Spirit) forms in itself one being, which is represented with the letter Vav. Vav is in itself the letter Iod, because the letter Iod, which is the first name of God, is related with Kether. Iod resembles a little flame, if you observe it carefully. If you have a candle and you light it you will see that the flame has precisely the shape of Iod, which is just a spot of light with that symbol. But if you extend that Iod downward, if you “stretch” it down to Tiphereth, which is the Sephira in the center of Tree of Life, you can clearly see the letter Vav, which is the lower part of Iod prolonged to the bottom. That is why the name Iod-He-Vav-He really is Iod-Hei-Iod-Hei. The third Iod, which is Vav, is that which is acting, it is the fire that acts.

When you see that light in the candle stretches up, you see Vav, but it comes from Iod. Iod is the phallus – Vav is the spinal medulla where that fire has to stand. But in order to do it, it needs the letter Hei, it needs the uterus, because the fire cannot stand without the other force, without the Mother. God is Father-Mother, Iod-Hei, phallus-uterus, man-woman.

You see the Holy Name of God represented in the first triangle, but the first triangle Kether-Chokmah-Binah hides behind the Ain Soph because it emerges from that unknowable. That is why it is stated that the letter Vav has a double aspect. Obviously, the hidden aspect, the abstract, that which is unknowable, is behind Kether. It is that Aur which we call Ain Soph Aur, that first light that emerges from the Ain Soph, but it is unknowable Divine. When it expresses itself in the Universe, it is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The other side of the flame which is Tri-unity is represented in the Hebrew alphabet in many ways – with the letters Aleph and Shin (fire). You see that the upper triangle is always associated with the Star of David, with the superior triangle of Star of David. And that is why the Arcanum 6 is always associated with the Star of David or Seal of Solomon and in Tibet they call it “Karma,” the symbol of the six-pointed star. We find that star not only in the Hebrew pantheon, but also in Buddhism and Hinduism. Esoteric symbols are found in many places. People think that the star of David or Seal of Solomon belongs only to the Hebrew pantheon, but we can find it also in Buddhism, Hinduism, America, among the Mayans, Aztecs.

Just the same as that star called Swastika, which people think belongs to the Nordics. You can find the Swastika in Buddhism, Hinduism, among the Mayans, Aztecs… it is very ancient symbol.

We have to start comprehending, understanding to not associate symbols to particular races, because in reality, symbols are universal. They represent something that we have to comprehend, because remember that in the beginning we stated that within Iod-Hei-Vav, Binah is Vav, which means “understanding,” the ability of comprehending the Word. And not only the Hebrew word but also the Sanskrit, Latin and Greek word, because there are many scriptures in various languages that hide different things. For instance, mythology among the Romans and Greeks. All the stories, legends, tales in mythology always hide something that we have to grasp. But for that, the awakening of that hearing power of the Vishuddha chakra is necessary. Especially with the mental body.

Remember that the true human being has seven bodies – the physical, vital, astral, mental, causal, conscious and spiritual body. Each body has its chakra Vishuddha, but the one that gives us comprehension of the word is especially related to the sephira Netzach, which is the mind. Because it is precisely the mind that you use in order to write and pronounce the word, as right now I am using my mind. That is why the Bible is written in such a way that,when people read it literally, it is only stories, legends, that sometimes makes sense, and sometimes it does not make any sense. But when you read it with the chakra Vishuddha, then you see behind everything. That faculty of hearing is associated with the faculty of seeing, which is related to the previous lecture.

Behold, lo, see! But in order to see, you have to hear, to understand, to see that which is behind the letter. In synthesis, it is called superlative intuition. Intuition is the faculty associated with all the faculties – clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy. That is precisely the power of the human being – intuition. The lower level of that intuition is “hunches” - but when we arrive to the superlative intuition we have to have all the chakras in activity and use them in one way. That intuition is precisely that faculty which develops when we are hearing now, when we know how to listen. Remember the lecture Master Samael Aun Weor gave us – To Know How To Listen. For that you have to be listening now, because the word is pronounced and you have to grasp it with your consciousness; in accordance to your level you comprehend it; in order to comprehend more about what we are talking about, about that flame, because God is fire.

Moses found God in the burning bush and always when one wants to experience the essence of God, one finds fire - and that is why you can see fire when you observe all the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, flames of fire. Because the Word is fire. So that fire is precisely behind everything. That Vav, that flame, is behind everything. Every abstract and concrete element in the Universe. So therefore intuition is that faculty of the fire.

In Sanskrit, that fire – universal fire – is called Vishnu, precisely the fire that is associated with creation.  If we stretch the letter Iod down to Tiphereth it has to pass through Daath, and this is how the Son – Chokmah – Wisdom through Daath enters into the World of Creation because the second triangle of the Tree of Life is related with Briah, the World of Creation. And Daath, this mysterious sephira which encompasses the whole Tree of Life, is the union of Iod-He, Abba-Aima, Mother-Father. From that emerges the letter Vav, because the Father is Iod, the Mother is He and from them emerges Vav, which is the manifested universe, the outcome of creation. That is why we said that Vishnu (which is the manifested Chokmah in creation), means “he who penetrates in everything” - and that is fire. Avalokiteshvara is also that which everywhere, it has the same meaning.

When you see the word Chokmah, which means in English “wisdom,” then you find that the word wisdom consists of two words: Vis-Dom, Vis means ‘to see’ and ‘dom’ means power, the power to see or the power to be there in everything and that is Chokmah-Vishnu-Avalokiteshvara. Then you find that the letter Vav is precisely the first associated with that word written in the bible – Bereshith. Always when we talk about creation, we arrive to Bereshith, which has many meanings, but the main one, as we have stated, is: “In wisdom, God created” - because within Bereshith is hidden wisdom (Chokmah), within Bereshith is hidden Vishnu, Avalokiteshvara, the Word.

Chokmah is the first sephira of the Tree of Life, which in the world of Atziluth receives the name Iod-He-Vav-He (Iod havah). This Iod havah (Jehova) is hidden within Vav, within Bereshith, which was in the beginning. That is why you find arrows above in the Arcanum Six, which is Indecision. It is Cupid with his bow and arrow. The arrows are always associated with sexual force. Erotic – Eros. We bring from Greek language the Trimurti of the Greeks – Chaos, Gaia, Eros. That is the Trimurti of the Greeks, Eros – the Holy Spirit, Binah, Shiva.

Above [in the Arcanum] is a triangle created by a boy with a bow and arrow; you see very clearly the upper triangle used by Binah (Eros) which is pointed at the head of Medusa – the whore, the harlot, because that upper triangle is against the Ego. This upper triangle is represented in different religions by different names. Kether-Chokmah-Binah in Kabbalah, Chaos-Gaia-Eros: the Trimurti of the Greeks, Father-Son-Holy Spirit in Christianity, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva in Hinduism. We have to comprehend and understand the different trimurtis. Because when we talk about this trimurti, the point of the triangle is pointed at the Medusa. But there is another triangle when the letter Vav descended into Tiphereth.

We explained that in Daath we find Abba and Aima, Father and Mother. It means that this triangle transforms itself into duality. As you see, the triangle in the physical level is the three brains we have – Intellectual Brain / Emotional Brain / Motor-Instinctive-Sexual Brain. These three brains constitute the physical body that we use. And if you imagine in front of you a woman (or if you are a woman, imagine a man in front of you), obviously you find there a duality. But each entity has three brains. The same happens in Daath : Abba has three forces, Aima has three forces, meaning that within the Father there is a trimurti and within the Mother there is a trimurti as well. That mysterious division happens in Binah. It is written that Chokmah descends into the world of creation through Binah, that duality, in order to make another triangle – it is in the lower part of the Tree of Life – which in Christianity appears as Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

The word Joseph is IO-Cephas; Cephas means “stone” and IO is duality, polarity. Mary is Ram-IO, the feminine aspect of the stone. From them emerges Jesus, who is Yeshua, “Savior.”

In ancient Egypt, that trinity was represented by Osiris. The Holy Trinity in Egypt was named with one word – Osiris-Ra. Ra is solar force. If you say Osiris-Ra, you express Kether-Chokmah-Binah together. And if you say Isis, you express Kether-Chokmah-Binah in its feminine aspect. Osiris-Ra and Isis are united in Daath and from them emerges Horus, the Son. So, do not mistake that trinity with the upper triangle. That trinity belongs to the World of Creation. Osiris-Isis-Horus, the World of Creation, not the world of Atziluth, which is Kether-Chokmah-Binah.

The power of Binah in the first triangle, which is represented with the letter Vav, receives in the world of Atziluth the name El Shaddai, when associating it with Yesod, because Binah controls the third triangle of the Tree of Life associated with sex in Yesod. Yesod is sex, the sexual force, El Shaddai, the power of the sexual force. That is why El Shaddai, the Holy Spirit, Binah is the one that gives the pact to Abraham and Sara. Obviously you find here duality again – Abraham and Sara and their child Isaac, which is Tiphereth. So, this trimurti or descent of the forces is represented in many different religions with different names.

If you study religions you will find that Abraham has another son which represents Malkuth – Ishmael. He represents physical creation and Isaac symbolizes spiritual creation.

Isaac is related with the letter Vav, with that fire that rises in the spinal column. To be a child Isaac is to be an initiate, somebody that is rising and creating what is symbolically written in the Bible, within.

There are two children in accordance with that pact, the children of Ishmael and the children of Isaac. Isaac (Tiphereth) are the initiates who belong to the tribe of Judah (Leo, solar force) and Ishmael, the ones who are children of Egypt, are “my-body and everybody” in the physical plane. Of course, this is Kabbalistically speaking.

Obviously, we have to enquire and see in the pact with Isaac, which is internal, that fire that we have to awaken, which is Yeshua related to Christianity, Horus in ancient Egypt. That is the representation of the upper triangle of Eros, of Cupid above in the Arcanum number 6, which in Sanskrit is called Atman-Budhi-Manas, the upper triangle which represents the Monad, Atman (Chesed) – Buddhi (Geburah) – Manas (Tiphereth). Do you see how everything appearing in different languages and religions are always pointing at the same thing? That is the triangle that we have to be united with.

In many lectures and books of Master Samael Aun Weor, he points always to the different triangles, always above. But we have to now go to the triangle below, which you see in the graphic of the card Indecision, the Sixth Arcanum. You see there the Human Soul represented by that person in the center of the card whose legs are in the water, because the third level of the cards symbolizes the waters.

In that water you find the inverted triangle. That inverted triangle is related with us, it represents the three traitors that are always against the work of God. These three traitors are found in different symbols in many religions. But in synthesis they represent Satan, and obviously it is a black triangle. Here we have to understand how the triangle is associated with us.

The soul is crossing its arms, you can see that the left arm is over the right and making a cross, an ‘X’. Because the left is on the right, it expresses that he is not doing the will of God but his own will. In order to do the will of God, the right one has to be over the left one. That is easy to see. Sometimes when you ask a person to cross his or her arms over the chest, automatically they put the left on the right. To start putting the right on the left is very difficult because we the left is always associated with evil will.

Observe the mummies in Egypt: they always have the right arm over the left one. They do the will of the upper triangle. But here on this card, the man is obviously doing his own will, not the will of God, because his face is towards the Medusa, towards the whore, the harlot.

And he is not seeing his Divine Mother who is on the right side. We have to work very hard in order to turn the face towards the right in order to see God, its female aspect which is Love. He is turning his face to left, to Medusa, because he is the slave of the lower triangle.

The three traitors are related to the three brains that we have. As we have explained many times, these three brains are associated with the upper triangles, the energies that descend into the physical body.

The first brain is the cerebrospinal nervous system related to the Father (Kether) which unfortunately the demon of the mind utilizes and squanders.

Then we have the grand sympathetic nervous system, which is related with the Son (Chokmah), which is squandered by Caiaphas, the evil will in the heart by satisfying desires. In that area of the heart, the navel, we have our negative emotions of lust, anger, fear, gluttony, laziness, anxiety, self-esteem, pride, you name them.

And the next brain is Motor-Instinct-Sexual brain, the parasympathetic nervous system called also vagus, where the energies of Holy Spirit circulate. But Judas is there, the demon of desire who satisfies his sexual appetites in that brain.

Those are the three traitors – Pilate, Caiphas and Judas. They are related to the three brains we have within.

Moses is the will of God, performs the will of God.

The three traitors are three demons represented in Egyptian Book of the Dead. The demon of desire is called Apopi, the demon of the mind is called Hai, the demon of evil will is Nept. No matter how we name them, the truth is that they are within us.

There is not a single person on this planet that does not have them. Those are the three traitors because they squander the energy of Father-Son-Holy Spirit in our body. That is the Ego, Satan. We will say that Ego is the word of Satan made flesh in each one of us. That is why Jesus said, “You are children of the devil and the lust of the devil you want to fulfill.” Obviously, the ego lies because it is the opposite of Truth – The Father. It is a murderer because everyone that fornicates is a murderer. He murders his own soul, his own Being. Life is God and everything that goes against life is going against God.

It is really difficult to be a child of God. But the letter Vav has the power to transform anybody into a child of God. For that we have to deal with the star of David, with the star Kama, the Seal of Solomon. Kama, the symbol of six-pointed star means desire and Karma as well. Kama also appears in Kama-Sutra. This is related to the lower triangle which you have to transform because the three primary forces of the Universe are those forces that create because those three primary forces plus the Ain Soph are always behind any creation.

Master Samael states that the Ninth Sphere is the origin of planets, moon, suns, gods, angels, demons, human beings – everything comes from it. It depends on how it is transformed.

The mineral, plant, animal and human kingdom are Malkuth – the Kingdom in which these forces, fires are hidden. You find those forces everywhere and they act in accordance with the will of God.

We receive the doctrine, the knowledge, in order for us to learn how to do the will of God individually - because in the animal, plant and mineral kingdom the will of God is done collectively. If you observe animals or plants, they obey the Law mechanically, automatically, collectively. The intelligences of the Elohim, the Creators, or Iod-Havah Elohim enter into the planet and organize them. And all the elementals, souls of the elements, obey. That is why they are in Eden, in paradise, because they obey the will of Cosmocreators that enter into their souls.

When we reach the level in which we are right now, the mechanical nature goes into devolution and then the three primary forces guided by the ego start work for devolution, because the planet, the nature, the Universe is sustained in two ways – evolving and devolving. The forces that evolve have to devolve in order to give consistency to the planet, they have to descend. Unfortunately, the ego is made of that material which nature needs to give consistency to the planet in the infra-dimensions and unfortunately our consciousness, our soul, is bottled up within it. So, no matter what you do, your ego will go down, as in the beginning it was going up.

The protoplasmatic bodies are the vehicles of the will of God when they go up, but when they go down they become the three traitors of that solar force because it sends the soul into Hell (Klipoth). Therefore, we have to work with the lower triangle because we come from the animal kingdom and in the animal kingdom we were obeying the Law. We were fornicators. Any cat is a fornicator, any dog is a fornicator, any bull is a fornicator, any horse is a fornicator, any animal fornicates, that is the will of the law of the animal kingdom. But they do it mechanically, because they do not have reasoning. But when we enter into the level of intellectual animal, we have to transform that and we have to stop fornication. Therefore the first commandment we receive when we enter into the human kingdom is: “You shall not eat of that Tree in the middle of the garden of your body, because the day you will eat from it, you will not continue on your way up, you will go down – you will die.” - The second death in Hell. We are not talking about the physical death, which is also related to this, but we mean the disintegration of those protoplasmatic bodies – the second death.

There are many different symbols related to this. You might say that it is not fair, but that is the plan of God – he wants a diamond soul. He wants willpower, and in the beginning we have the will but not power. On this level we have to develop power and that comes from above. That willpower is Tiphereth, Vav. That willpower is energy, consciousness, fire of Chokmah, fire of Kundalini that we have to develop in order to create our own individual will and to become the image of God.

God uses his will consciously, wisely. Our will is doing wrong things; every single Ego has its own will: lust that wants to fornicate, pride wants to be better, to rise to the top of the ladder and say: “Here I am!,” vanity as well, gluttony, laziness and all those animal defects which are wrongly called “human” defects. A real human being has no animal defects. He might commit errors and mistakes, but not animal ones. One thing is the intellectual animal and other thing is the human being.

Here we receive the precepts in order for us to work and to control the elements with the willpower, and that is why Tiphereth, or in this case we would say Buddhata, the Human Soul, is a slave of the inferior triangle because it comes from the animal kingdom and it has to learn how to transform those elements in order to go up from the waters of fornication to stand in the middle. But for that, he has to turn the face towards the other side.

How to develop willpower? It is written – Bereshith. In the beginning God created. You can see the will of God. The upper forces created Heaven and Earth. That is the will of God. But in order for that will to create, the human being has to do it through the letter Vav. If you read the book of Genesis, there is written “And God said…”. That ‘and’ is Vav, the spinal column, that fire which is Chokmah. Bereshith is repeated in every ‘and.’ If you read that, you can see it, but the translators of the Bible sometimes omit Vav. They translate it as ‘but’ or they use another words. Then the whole thing is missing, because they do not know the meaning of the word.

It is written: “Whosoever knows the meaning of the word, the word gives power to him. Nobody can utter it, nobody has uttered it but the one who has incarnated it..” To incarnate the word is indispensable, but the word is fire. It begins with the transmutation of the sexual energy. That is why there is written “And God said…”. “And Elohim said…”

All the inheritance of the Cosmocreators - who are Elohim, who are already Self-realized in the worlds of Yetzirah, Briah and Atziluth - they send the Ruach Elohim to float upon the face of the waters, the Akasha, which we talked about many times. Here we mean Akasha as sexual waters, the semen, the substance that is El Shaddai in sexual organs but in us it is Shaddai El Chai, the power that we have there. That Shaddai El Chai, that semen, that seed has the power of Elohim in potency because that is the plan of Elohim: to create the human being. They place there all the forces we need to use in order to develop the human being, the Microcosmos (or in Kabbalah Zauir Anpin, the one below Arik-Anpin).

There is another triangle related to the Star of Solomon. The upper triangle is Arik-Anpin, Kether-Chokmah-Binah whose body is formed with all the sephiroth in the world of Atziluth. The lower triangle should be Serampim, the lower countenance which is the human being as the image of God, the letter Vav. In order for that Serampim to emerge on the sixth day…

Why on the sixth day? Why did the God create man on the sixth day and not on the first or second? Because Vav is the sixth letter and it is related to the work of will. But the one who does it is God. The Bible does not say “And Joseph said…” or “And Mary said…”, it says “And Elohim said…” That force is guided by the Inner Being; the Innermost has to say it. It is not you. That is why we always insist that the power to Self-realize oneself is here and now, remembering your God. That is the first commandment: “You shall love your God with all your might, with all your heart, with all your sexual strength and the neighbour as thyself.”

It means that you have to use all that you have for your Inner Being, because he is the one that does the work, he is the Master. When someone comes and says: “I am such and such master…” with pride and vanity, we always insist that the God is the Master. If anybody reaches the mastery, it is the God, the Monad, that reaches it. Here below, we are just vehicles, we have to serve the Lord. Read the Psalms of David, he never praises himself, he always talks to God, Iod-Havah, because He is inside.

“I am your servant, send me your word…” What word? That word is Chokmah which is the Vav. “I want to hear your word...” We associate the letter Vav with the ear. “I was in the day of the Lord and I heard behind me the voice of the trumpet.” That is the voice of the God, the spinal column behind you, the letter Vav that gives you the power of intuition and it is associated with all of the chakras - and then you hear the word of God.

What is God saying to John the Divine in the Book of Revelation? He says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” – “I am Aleph and Tav.” The beginning and the end. All the letters - because there in the letter Vav is hidden Bereshith, the development of the man into the image of God, because God is Aleph to Tav, Alpha to Omega, all the words.

How do you create words? By using the whole alphabet. If you read the Bible, you find the letters Aleph and Tau everywhere. I mean the twenty-two letters making the Word, the Wisdom - what evangelists and many people call “This is the word of God.” Yes, it is the word of God. Twenty-two letters of the alphabet made by the initiate to develop in the spinal column, twenty-two, the letter Vav, Bereshith. That is why they have the power to say it, to understand it, because they are the living incarnation of the Word. This is how you have to read and understand the scriptures.

“And God (and Elohim) said.”

In the transmutation of the sexual energy, God - represented in the word Daath, the larynx - has to say with willpower, with Thelema, “Shaddai El-Chai,” in order for Isaac to be born within yourself, within your spiritual nature – Sarah. And then you pronounce the Holy Name of God: “Iod Hei Vav.” The Hebrew alphabet has no vowels, so Iod is I, Hei is A, Vav is O. With the letter Vav you make I, O, U in hebrew. That is how you can explain Vav in various ways. For example, Vav in front is solar plexus: U. You pronounce it according to where it is. So the letter Vav is I, A, O. That is the sacred name of God among Gnostics: IAO. That is the sacred mantra you have to pronounce which is associated with many forces: IAO. If you pronounce IAO during the sexual act, it transmutes energy and God says: “Let there be light.” Because that IAO (Father-Son-Holy Spirit, Kether-Chokmah-Binah) works in duality, man-woman in the sexual act (Abba-Aima, King-Queen).

Malkuth and El Shaddai releases Isaac, releases Jehoshua, produces fire in the spinal column and the God said, “Let there be light.” And the mother says, “And there was light.” The light is the outcome, that fire is the outcome of the Father and Mother (Iod-He, Abba-Aima). The Father gives the active and Mother the passive. This is how you make light in yourself and this is how your consciousness receives the electronic force of the Kundalini, because the consciousness is electronic. This is how you make light in darkness. Because in the beginning the God (Elohim) created the Heaven and Earth. But the Earth, the matter in which we live right now (the physical body) is empty – it has no light – and void. It has no divine form.

The Ruach Elohim, the forces of the Elohim, the Cosmocreators were floating upon the face of the sexual waters. Then “And God said...” appears many times. The whole Genesis is “And God said...” We have to be attuned to higher forces in order to develop in order for that Vav to be illuminated. That Vav is the Tree of Life itself. Then you defeat Medusa. That is the whole work.

The star of David, the seal of Solomon is synthesized there. If you observe the star you can see that the upper point (Iod) is the phallus while the testicles of man are the two lower points of the triangle, which are the lower sephira. In the woman it is opposite and the uterus (yoni) is below and that is the other triangle. Uniting the in the sexual act, you make the star of David, the Seal of Solomon. That star is the magical star, it gives you eternal birth if you know how to handle it.

But you have to know that the lower triangle also represents the three traitors that are inside of us. Not only that, but the lower triangle is explained by Master Samael Aun Weor also represents the Innermost with the power that deliberates (which is the mind) and the power that executes (which is the personality). That is another explanation. The Innermost is in the cerebro-spinal nervous system. You have to work with it, remembering him, then we control the mind because that is the willpower, the will of God, “Thy will be done on this Earth (or within this Earth) as it is Heaven.”

Obviously, we control the mind. The brain is the vehicle of the mind and unfortunately, the mind is animal in us. In us we have the animal defects that always want to do evil will, the animal will – fornication, adultery. Adultery is very common among animals and all those things Bible speaks against is in all those animals. Any lion has many lionesses, even some cats have many cats. In the animal kingdom fornication and adultery is something common. When we enter into this level we have to fight against those elements within, in order to do the will of God. Why? Because we have to be kings and queens of nature.

Adam is not the slave of nature, he commands the fish of the ocean, the cattle of the Earth and that creature that creeps and rides the sexual forces – the serpent. It is not related to that animal that can poison you and kill you but there are many serpents that do not have poison. It is related to us, to that fire because that fire creeps, circulates everywhere in our physical body. Adam in the Bible is lord of that, he commands nature, fire, water, air and earth. But we do not, so we are not Adam. Therefore we have to control the animal in us because that is precisely the part of us that is against the will of God.

When you control the animal in yourself then you move ahead because you are becoming a human. God wants to see that his creature, his son becomes human like him because God controls that. God is not the slave of the animal appetites. Elohim, Cosmocreators, the angels control them. We have to imitate them, we have to become like God, controlling them, but inside. If you do not control them inside, how can you control them outside?


The Hierophant

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The Hierophant represents our inner being, the teacher, and intuition. Intuition is a collection of all of the facts from the conscious mind, sent to the subconscious which in turn looks at the information and acts upon it sending it back to the conscious. True intuition is based upon reason and a collection of the facts. The crown at the top of the head has 5 points representing the 5 senses. Likewise it has 3 levels representing the 3 levels of mind, conscious, subconscious and super conscious. The grey background is symbolic of wisdom, for grey is a mixture of black and white and is the balance of the 2 forces. The keys at the feet are representing the key to super conscious, for in the union of the conscious and subconscious, enlightenment is achieved. This card fall under the vibration of the number 5.

Hebrew Letter Hei

Hebrew Letter Hei

Verses 33 to 40 from Psalm 119 begin with Hei:

33. Teach me, Oh יהוה Iod-Havah, the path of your statutes and I will keep it to the end.
34. Bestow me with your understanding, thus I will keep your law and observe it with my whole heart.
35. Cause me to walk on the path of your commands for in it I delight!
36. Bow my heart to your testimonies and not to unjust gain.
37. Turn away my eyes from seeing vanity; give me life on your path.
38. Substantiate your Word in your servant, who is devoted to you in awe.
39. Turn away my accusation which I fear; for your judgments are righteous.
40. Behold, I have longed for your precepts; grant me life in your righteousness.

Arcanum 5

From Alchemy and Kabbalah by Samael Aun Weor

tarot arcanum 5

Beloved brethren of my soul, today we are going to study the Fifth Arcanum of the Tarot. This Arcanum is the Flaming Pentagram, the Blazing Star, the sign of Divine Omnipotence. This is the ineffable symbol of the Verb made flesh, the terrifying star of the Magi.

When the Pentagram elevates its two inferior rays towards the sky it represents Satan.


When the Pentagram becomes light, it elevates only one of its rays towards the sky; this represents the Internal Christ of every human being who comes into this world.

The human being with his legs and arms spread out to the right and left is the Star of Five Points. Brain and Sex live in an eternal struggle. Brain must control sex. When sex overcomes the brain, then the star of five points (the human being) falls into the abyss with the feet pointing upwards and the head pointing downwards; this is the inverted star, the male goat of Mendes. A human figure with the head aiming downwards and the feet aiming upwards naturally represents a demon.

The entire science of Gnosis is found summarized within the Flaming Star. Many Bodhisattvas (human souls of Masters) have fallen inverted, like the five pointed star, with the superior ray aiming downwards and the two inferior rays aiming upwards.

When any of these bodhisattvas rise again, when this soul returns to the Path, when this soul recapitulates initiations, then the brethren become astonished and say: “This fellow is only a beginner in these studies and now he boasts of being an Initiate.” Truly, many times students judge a priori because they ignore the Great Mysteries. Therefore, we must know how to differentiate between a soul that is just starting these studies and a fallen bodhisattva. In Saint John’s Revelation 8: 10, the Pentagram (the five pointed star) falls from heaven (burning as if it were a lamp) and the human waters became bitter, they became wormwood. In Isaiah 14:12, the prophet said: “How art thou fallen from heaven, O shiny star (Lucifer), son of the morning? How art thou cut down to the ground?”

Nevertheless, the luciferic star (the fallen soul) will shine one day as the morning star in the right hand of the Verb.

Many times a man or a woman in search of the Divine Torch of Truth arrives at any Gnostic Lumisial; apparently the newly arrived is now a beginner, however, the brethren ignore what the soul of that person is; he or she can be a bodhisattva (the human soul of a Master) that wants to return to his own Father who is in Secret. Thus, the brethren become overwhelmed when something superior occurs to the apparent beginner, then they say: “We, who are older in these studies, are not passing through what this beginner is now passing through,” thus, they ask themselves: “How is it possible that this person who has only just begun is boasting about being an initiate?”

Judge not, that ye be not judged.For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. - Matthew 7:1-2

We need to be humble in order to acquire wisdom, and after acquiring it we need to be even more humble. The Bodhisattvas fall because of sex, and they also rise up because of sex. Sex is the Philosophical Stone. The decapitation of Medusa (the Satan that we carry within) would be impossible without the precious treasury of the Philosophical Stone. Remember that Medusa is the maiden of evil (the psychological "I"), whose head is covered with hissing vipers. In occult science, it is stated that the union of the Sophic mercury with the Sophic Sulfur results in the Holy Philosophical Stone. The Ens Seminis is the Mercury; Sulfur is the sacred Fire of love.

We live now in the specific age of Samael; we live in the Fifth Era. Life has initiated its return towards the Great Light and in these moments we have to define ourselves by becoming Eagles or Reptiles, Angels or Demons.

We are before the philosophical dilemma of ‘To Be or not To Be.’ The Arcanum Five of the Tarot is represented by the Hierophant. The Fifth Sphere is definitive because here the human being holds in his hands the reins of his own destiny and becomes an Angel or a Demon.


The Great Hierophant of the Tarot also appears seated between the two Columns of the Temple making the Sign (the Pentagram) of Esotericism.

The number five is grandiose, sublime. Remember that the human being is also a star of five points; this human star must cleanse itself constantly with the five perfumes. If we can make a metallic Pentagram and consecrate it, we can also consecrate ourselves with the same rites and perfumes that we use to consecrate our metallic Pentagram. This is because the human being is a Star of Five Points.

Those who feel that they are polluted with larvae, or in misery, must smudge themselves with the five perfumes in order to become clean. This must be performed in conjunction with treading on the path of perfect chastity. In the Lumisials, this custom of cleansing the brothers and sisters that are full of larvae should be established. Thus, they will receive the benefit in their Souls and in their bodies.

The Hebrew Letter Hei

Hebrew Letter Hei

Which in Kabbalah symbolizes the uterus, the primordial matrix or matrass ה “Hei” the foundation of the property of sight; lo and behold the place where the seed reveals its generation!

The letter ה “Hei” encloses the three Divine manifestations of God in Briah: Father (the seed, Prana), Mother (the land, Akasa) and Son (the Universe).

The human soul or consciousness has to create (within the Matrass of Alchemy, which is the letter ‘Hei’) three vehicles of expression (bodies or garments); these are the Astral Body, the Mental Body and the Body of Willpower.

The causal body or body of will is the expression of God's inner will through the consciousness. This process of giving oneself to God’s conscious will is the way in which the essence or soul trapped in the unconsciousness, subconsciousness and infraconsciousness is released from its Eikasia and Pistis states into the Dianoia and Nous states of consciousness.

The three lines which compose the form of the letter “Hei” correspond to these three bodies that we need to create: the upper horizontal line symbolizes the body of the will of God; the right vertical line is the Human Mind directed by the will of God; the unattached line is related to emotional actions based on the connection or disconnections of our human heart to our divine thoughts and divine will.

The horizontal line expresses a state of self-control under Divine Will, the unbroken, horizontal flow of divine will or abstract thought in the consciousness of everything. In relation to any initiate, one must realize that each initiate possesses their own divine will, however all initiates take this will from און AUN the universal source-force of “Hei” (Yesod). This self-realization of Divine Power in the causal plane of one's consciousness explains the different wills of this universal force within every divine creature.

The origin of Divine thought in the Human Being is the right vertical line of the letter “Hei” which is directly connected to the line of Divine Will or abstract thought that thereafter descends to express one's divine thoughts and inner feelings to others. The Malachim, and likewise every initiate rules through the power of the Word, as it is stated, "By the Word of the Malachim (Angels) God show His sovereignty.”

The separation of emotional activities, the unattached left vertical line (from the will of God, the horizontal line above) of the letter “Hei,” factually shows us the deep nature of our emotions. The emotional center experiences the will of God in the existential gap between his thoughts and will. When one is identified with a negative emotion, one is unable to capture the will of one’s Inner Being. If one wants the hand of God directing his heart one needs to intuit his will (hunches) within that gap. This is to experience his will through a superior emotion, the experience of the abstract will from the unknowable Divine “Hei” the source of all Creation.

The superior emotional feeling, intuition is that gift, represented by that line or unattached segment of the letter “Hei.” When this superior emotion is fully integrated in the initiate it becomes his own source of power for thought, feeling and action in the sacrifice for others. Moreover, when the emotional center is completely dominated, it becomes the vital vehicle and power of any initiate’s actions which are developed under the guidance of Kether, the truth, the father of all Divine Lights.


Then Joseph said unto the people, Behold, I have bought you this day and your land for Pharaoh: lo, take seed for yourselves, and you shall sow the land. And it shall come to pass in the increase that you shall give the fifth part unto Pharaoh (the Hierarch), and four parts shall be your own, for seed of the field, and for your food, and for them of your households, and for food for your little ones. - Genesis 47:23-24

The letter “Hei" is concealed in the verse: "lo, take seed for yourselves" which expresses how the concealed of the concealed, Christ is hidden within the seed of wheat, which symbolizes the human seed that must be alchemically transformed within “Hei,” the uterus, into the flesh and blood of the Inner Christ. This “Hei” is symbolized in the silver cup or Holy Grail that was found in Benjamin's sack, which Joseph’s steward placed in Benjamin's sack of grains when his brothers were unable to recognize him (the Splendours of the Astral Light of Hod hidden within the seed of Yesod).

The Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Logos with its powerful life makes the seed of wheat germinate in order for the stalks to grow millimeter by millimeter. The Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Logos becomes enclosed within the dark hardness of this grain which is like a precious coffer. The enchanted germ of the sacred stalk has its intimate exponent in the human seed.

The solar rays which penetrate into the human body are developed and unfolded in concealment within the woman’s womb. This is an emblem of life that manifests itself with its entire splendor within the Substance.

The Great Prakriti is my womb; in which I place the seed; thence, oh Bharata, is the birth of all beings! Whatever forms are produced, Oh Kountreya, in any womb whatsoever, the Prakriti (Divine Mother Kundalini) is their womb and I am the seed-giving father (Christ). - Bhagavad-Gita 14: 4

The Gnostic Initiates transmute this Cosmic Substance of the Sun-Christ, which is enclosed within their sexual seed when in the sexual act. The Priest and the Priestess unbind this Substance from its physical sexual elements in order for “El-Shaddai" to victoriously penetrate along the spinal medullas of their human organisms.

This is how “El-Shaddai” reveals his fiery essence to the Priest and Priestess in the sexual act by giving and receiving their creative forces from one to the other. The sexual act is the utmost expression of giving and receiving from God, a way in which the innermost expresses his divine gift to his lower self; this is how the Inner man Chesed gives his inheritance to the terrestrial man in the form of charity. The highest form of charity is when the Holy Spirit, (which is concealed within the sexual force of the Priest or Priestess) releases himself in order to completely bestow his essence within the Priest or Priestess in order to exalt them with blessings, as it is written:

Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now here-with, says the Iod-Havah of Hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. - Malachi: 3: 10

Behold, “El Shaddai” is the secret gift of the letter “Hei.” Through it our Innermost relates and expresses himself within us; he blesses our soul with his own essence, which is contained within the Sephirah Yesod, the cubic stone (Sex).

And he brought him to Jesus. And when Jesus beheld him, he said, you are Simon the son of Jonah: you shall be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, a stone. - John 1: 42

IO-CEPHAS, Joseph, the stone of IO, symbolizes in the verse "take seed for you," the Sephirah Yesod, whose function is to express the word of God in the form of Iod, Phallus, giving seed, a Man as explained in Gnostic Kabbalah.

When one is incapable to understand that El-Shaddai is hidden within the human seed one then is unable to recognize God, one is unable of beholding God within; but when we comprehend that God’s revelation is concealed with the human seed, then, one is capable of receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit, El-Shaddai, which is the light of Christ, his seed, which is God’s utmost revelation or the Messiah.

We express the will of our God to others through our zeal: feelings and thoughts.

And he that overcomes, and keeps my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. And I will give him the morning star. - Revelation: 2: 26, 27

Through the breaking of the vessels comes the plurality of Creation. God breaks or splits itself asunder for the sake of his children. His broken existence, the Sephiroth becomes an integrated existence in the Self realized initiate.


Baptism of Achilles

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. They (the fornicators) shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise (with Karma) their heel (Malkuth). - Genesis 3:

And I, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and with your seed after you. - Genesis 9: 9

And יהוה Iod-Havah appeared unto Abram, and said, unto thy seed will I give this land: and there he built an altar unto Iod-Havah, who appeared unto him. And he removed from thence unto a mountain on the east of Bethel, and pitched his tent, having Bethel on the west and Hai on the east: and there he built an altar unto Iod-Havah and called upon the name of Iod-Havah. - Genesis 12: 7-8

And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, יהוה Iod-Havah appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am El-Shaddai;  walk before me, and be thou perfect. This is my covenant, which you shall keep, between me and you and your seed after you; every man child among you shall be circumcised (chaste). And you shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a token of the covenant between me and you. - Genesis 17: 10, 11

Circumcision: the removal of animal appetites which have their root in sex, in the animal lust, orgasm, fornication.


The same day went Jesus out of (Beth) the house, and sat by the sea side (of Yesod).

And great multitudes were gathered together unto him, so that he went into a ship (the Ark), and sat; and the whole multitude stood on the shore. And he spoke many things unto them in parables, saying:

Behold, a sower went forth to sow; and when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side, and the fowls came and devoured them up: Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up, because they had no deepness of earth: and when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away. And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprung up, and choked them: But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold; whosoever has ears to hear, let him hear.

And the disciples came, and said unto him, why do you speak unto them in parables?

He answered and said unto them, because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.

For whosoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever has not, from him shall be taken away even that he has.

Therefore I speak to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, which said: “By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.”

But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which you see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which you hear, and have not heard them.

Hear ye therefore the parable of the sower.

When any one hears the word of the kingdom, and understands it not, then comes the wicked one, and catches away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.

But he that received the seed into stony places, the same is he that hears the word, and anon with joy receives it; yet he has not root in himself, but duress for a while: for when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, by and by he is offended.

He also that received seed among the thorns is he that hears the word; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful.

But he that received seed into the good ground is he that hears the word, and understands it; which also bears fruit, and brings forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.

Another parable he put forth unto them, saying: The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? From whence then hath it tares?

He said unto them, an enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Will you then that we go and gather them up?

But he said, nay; lest while you gather up the tares, you root up also the wheat with them.

Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, gather you together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field: Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.

Another parable spoke he unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.

All these things spoke Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable he spoke not unto them: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.

Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him, saying, declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field.

He answered and said unto them, He that sows the good seed is the Son of man; the field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one; the enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels. As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world. The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; and shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father; whosoever has ears to hear, let him hear. - Matthew 13: 1-43

Joseph before the Pharaoh, the Hierophant of Egypt

Behold, you are called a Jew (a Christified One), and rest in the law, and boast of God, and know his will, and approve the things that are more excellent, being instructed out of the law; and are confident that you yourself are a guide of the blind, a light of them which are in darkness, an instructor of the foolish, a teacher of babes, which has the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law. Therefore, you who teach another, do not teach yourself?

You that preach that a man should not steal, do steal (the seed of God)? You that says a man should not commit adultery, do commit adultery (with your Wife)? You that abhors idols, do commit sacrilege (with the lustful idols of your mind)? You that boast of the law (circumcision), through (fornication) breaking the law, dishonor your God?

For the name of God (hidden with the sexual seed) is blasphemed among the (Fornicator) Gentiles through you, as it is written; for circumcision verily profited, if you keep the law (of Chastity): but if you be a breaker of the law (a Fornicator), your circumcision is made uncircumcision.

Therefore if the uncircumcised keeps the righteousness of the law (Chastity), shall not his uncircumcision be counted for circumcision?

And shall not the uncircumcised who is by nature, if he fulfills the law, judge you, who by the letter and circumcised do transgress the law (see Leviticus 15:16, 18)?

For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the (chaste) heart, in the (Holy) Spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. - Romans: 2: 17-29

Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He said not, and to seeds, as of many; but as of one, and to your seed, which is Christ. - Galatians 3: 16
Arcanum 5 expands upon the themes that have been expressed in the first four Arcana. When we examine the image of this book, this plate from Arcanum 5, we see Anubis, the Egyptian god. He stands upright and holds in his hand a staff, and his eye is always open.

In Gnosis, we understand that in order for us to comprehend and understand the nature of existence, the nature of our own soul, we are given religions or mystical systems, which are based on a complex set of imagery, symbols, and these symbols indicate structures and processes that exist in nature, structures and processes that have been established in order to support the equilibrium of cosmic evolution. When we examine the various Arcana, and we observe the imagery present in each particular law, we have to bear in mind that these images are symbolic. They represent encoded, synthesized wisdom, which can only really be accessed through intuition.

So, the Arcanum 5, in its depiction of Anubis, is presenting to us a symbolic representation which encompasses a vast wisdom. The number 5 carries with it a great deal of meaning, both on the cosmic level and how the universe itself comes to be, but also on the microcosmic level, how our own inner universe comes to be in harmony with the greater whole.


In Egyptian mythology, Anubis is presented as the regent of the dead, that intelligence who oversees the mysteries. He is that Hierarch, or Hierophant, the great leader or authority on the mysteries themselves, who is responsible for maintaining balance, and that is why on the bottom of this image we see a scale. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and in many of the paintings and documents that are remaining from that ancient kingdom, we see images of Anubis with his finger adjusting a scale, and he always is doing this before the presence of the divinities in the court. The scale is the scale of equilibrium, which again has many levels of meaning on a cosmic level, on a macrocosmic level, and also on a microcosmic level relative to our own inner psychology. Anubis, then, is a very central figure in the understanding of real spiritual wisdom.


In order to know God, one has to understand the laws of God and understand the structures that God has put into place. This card of the Arcanum 5 is also related to the Hebrew letter ה Hei. This particular symbol also contains and synthesizes a vast amount of initiatic wisdom, with its three arms and its peculiar shape. Of course, we know very well from the previous lecture that the character ה Hei appears twice in the famous Tetragrammaton (IHVH: יהוה), or the four-letter name of God. So, relative to the fourth Arcanum, we understand that the character ה Hei is closely related and symbolizes the womb, the woman, the mother. It is from this womb that manifestation arises. Here we begin to see an interesting relationship between the Divine Mother and karma.


The Buddha Gautama taught that there are three eternal things. The law is the first one. The law, of course, is karma, the law of the balance, the law of the scales. The second is nirvana or the heavenly realms, and the third is space. When the universe passes into repose, into the great rest of the pralaya, what causes it to manifest once again is karma, the unresolved energies from the previous age. So within that womb of the Divine Mother, the womb of space, is latent the seed of future existence. That seed itself is karmic because of previous causes. So, when the conditions ripen, that seed gives birth. It blossoms and produces existence itself.

The womb of the Divine Mother, space itself or unmanifested existence, is symbolized by the Egyptians as Nepthys. Of course, in Sanskrit we know this as Prakriti, the Divine Mother. When the Divine Mother gives birth and manifestation arises, the Egyptians called the manifested mother, "Isis". So, here we have two aspects of the Divine Mother, or two aspects of the character, ה Hei. Between these two, there is an interface; there is Anubis. Plutarch, who was a Grecian priest at Delphi, observed in his writings that the esoteric doctrine related to Anubis described him as the balance, or the interface, between Nepthys and Isis, and he was the son of both, and in this way we can understand that Anubis here is simply a symbol, as are Nepthys and Isis, a symbol of karma, one of those three eternal factors. Within the womb of Nepthys is that seed of karmic events that must unfold, and when conditions are right, Anubis is the vehicle through which the unfolding occurs. In this way we can comprehend, based on the studies of kabbalah, that Anubis is also Christ. That light that expresses itself from the womb is Christic. It is the solar Logos, and that expression occurs because of karma.



If the Absolute were in perfect equilibrium, if the three Gunas were in perfect balance, manifestation would not occur, but because there is karmic residue, those Gunas are imbalanced, and so manifestation happens, the universe comes into being. One of the great laws of any esoteric study is a law that states, "As above, so below." So, in the same manner as the universe is arising and descending into manifestation, so too are we. We enter into a physical body due to karma. We as an essence, as a spark, as a soul, as a consciousness, arise and manifest from the womb of our own Divine Mother through the vehicle of karma, under the auspices of Anubis, who is the symbol of that law, and then we enter into manifestation under the guidance of our own particular Isis, who is our own individual Divine Mother. When we enter into physical manifestation, we are entering into a body that is created by karma. Every particle of our existence is karmic. The skin that we have, the face that we have, even our name, our parents, the city we live in, the time that we live in. All of these factors, all of these conditions, exist in our lives because of actions that we ourselves produced in the past.

Karma, the word karma, refers to the law of action and consequence, and it comes from a Sanskrit term, karman, which means "act". So karma, or the law of the scale, is the fundamental law of nature which causes all action to be equilibrated. Any action that is produced has a response. Anything that happens produces a reaction. Nothing exists within a void. Nothing is independent. In Buddhism, there is a great deal of discussion and profound teachings about this term, "interdependence". Interdependence, or what is also called dependent origination, what is also called the Twelve Nidanas, what is also called Pratitya Samutpada, the twelve-fold chain of causality, which is represented in the very famous Wheel of Life, or Wheel of Samsara, by the outer rim of the wheel, which has twelve images, twelve pictures. These twelve represent and symbolize the different aspects of interdependence, and they demonstrate in a very simple way how no event exists in and of itself.

The importance of that teaching is underscored repeatedly by the Buddha himself, who says if you do not understand interdependence, you do not understand the dharma. So, this is an extremely potent and practical aspect of the teaching that we have to grasp in order to understand how to change our situation. Dependent origination, or interdependence, expresses to us that no action is independent, no matter is independent, no thought is independent. Everything interacts with everything else, and in modern quantum mechanics they are discovering the same thing, that the observer who is performing an experiment has an impact on the experiment itself. There is no such thing as an independent observer of any given phenomenon. This is something that quantum physics is now saying. They are now saying what the Buddha taught 2500 years ago, that you cannot be a detached observer of anything. As soon as you perceive any phenomenon, you are related to it, and you affect it, and it affects you. This is karma. This is the law of cause and effect. The difficulty is that we, because we are so habituated to the five senses, we tend to believe that karma only relates to physical action. We tend to have this idea that third-dimensional physics describes everything in the universe, and it does not, and even our modern materialistic physicists will tell you that. Three-dimensional physics, or Newtonian physics, describes an extremely narrow band of existing nature, but our brains, our psyche, our animal minds, have not understood that, and this is due to ignorance.

When we really examine the nature of any given phenomenon, particularly in our own psyche, we can see in fact that all nature, all phenomena, are in fact interrelated. We may observe a distant event, but with sincere introspection we can find that that event has produced an effect in us, and going further, we may discover that we as an observer impacted that distant event, and this is something famous, discussed in quantum mechanics now, where they say that the mere movement of a butterfly's wings on one side of the earth can influence and provoke a hurricane. This is not just an intellectual idea. It is not just a clever or bizarre thing to say. This is something that the quantum physicists are observing, they are measuring. What it emphasizes to us as students of Gnosis is that we need to pay close attention to our expression of will.



This Arcanum 5 is really about will. When we examine the Tree of Life and we count from the bottom upwards, the fifth sphere is Tiphereth, and Tiphereth is related to our human soul, or willpower. So, the fifth sphere in this case is definitive for our work in Gnosis, for our work to know our Being. It comes down to a matter of will, yet this will has to be understood in proper context. Why are we in the situation we are in today? Most people probably would say, "Well, my parents this and that, and my boss this and that, and my friends." There is no real tendency to look for the causes of life within ourselves. We are responsible for our own lives. This is the nature of the truth. Karma is not merely something that is limited to physical action. It is the law that balances all action on all levels. When we want to understand why our lives are the way they are, we need to examine what actions did we produce that gave rise to these events. Those actions are not limited to physical action. Those actions include actions in the heart, and actions in the mind, thoughts and feelings.

Now, where will comes into play here is not a matter of intention. Karma, that great law, does not measure intentions. The intentions are actually quite meaningless in terms of karma, in terms of how the law manages nature. It is the results which matter. We may have very good intentions to help someone, but if in our effort we hurt them, we have to pay for that. We may have had the best intentions, but it is irrelevant. So, for the human soul, for that will, to learn how to manage the law of karma in the right way in order to come out of suffering, we have to know how to perform action. We know we have to perform good deeds. This is something that every religion emphasizes. We have to have charity, we have to have compassion, we have to assist the suffering. This is well known, but how to do it is not. How to help is very misunderstood, and the reason is that people listen to their own self-will. In order to comprehend and understand right action, the right way to perform a good deed, we have to appeal to the other number five. If we count on the Tree of Life downwards, the fifth sphere is Geburah, which means justice. This sphere is related to our divine soul, or Neshamah. The divine soul is the feminine aspect of our own inner monad, our own Being, and it is through this vehicle of the divine consciousness that our Intimate, our Spirit, can give us instruction. We receive that through this vehicle of Geburah in our own consciousness. In this way, we can grasp that, as a human soul, Tiphereth, as an essence, to whatever degree of development, in order to know how to perform action in the right way, we have to receive the guidance of our Being, and that guidance is received through Geburah, through our divine soul, through meditation, through intuition.

So, we see here how the number 5 already presents to us a great deal of knowledge, but how do we truly reach our own Being? By what means? To receive the guidance of the Being is necessary and important, for us to be able to hear that voice and to know how to perform right action, but in order for that knowledge of right action to become perfect, the Being has to incarnate in us. The Being has to become our reality, and the Being does that by being born within us.

This is accomplished through the mysteries of the letter, ה Hei. This Hebrew character, this Hebrew letter, is the number five, but it also symbolizes, represents, the womb, the woman, the Priestess, or the spouse of the magician, the female or Eve in other words, and the character ה Hei contains in itself hints towards how to perform right action. The top bar, that horizontal firmament, represents the causal body, or the human soul itself, Tiphereth. The causal body is the vehicle through which we can know the will of our Being directly, because when we develop the solar causal body through the practices of alchemy, this body is directly connected with the Innermost, which you can see in the Tree of Life, Tiphereth and Chesed. The rightmost leg of ה Hei represents the mental body, the solar mental body, which is a solar mind, or a vehicle through which the instruction of the Being can be received, processed, and acted upon, and the leftmost leg represents the astral, or emotional, body. You notice here there is a gap, that this leg of ה Hei does not connect directly to the Innermost, and we see that also in the Tree of Life, that the astral body is separate from the Innermost. In us this represents, in order for us to cross the gap and understand emotionally, we have to open ourselves and listen to intuition. What creates the gap and prevents us from receiving the wisdom of our Being is negative emotions, in other words, self-will, attachment, desire, ignorance, craving and aversion. We cross that gap through the processes of initiation, and we cross that gap by learning how to meditate and receive the instruction of our Innermost.

This is really a process of karma, of cause and effect. We are in the situation we are in now because we have not listened to the guidance of our own Inner Being. Through the process of our own individual life, we make constant action from moment to moment. All of the energies that we receive on all levels of our physiology and psyche are transformed by a matter of will, our own will, but when that will is selfish, when that will is self-identified, then the action produced is wrong action, and when action is produced under the guidance of self will, it produces consequences, and those consequences are called "karma".

Suffering begins when we do not know our Being. From that unfolds all other forms of suffering. Some people say that they have a comfortable life, they have what they need, they have what they would call happiness, but notice how the slightest impact can make them miserable. If they get a little sick, if a check is lost in the mail, if someone says a critical word of them. This is not happiness; this is suffering. To not know the purpose of one's life is suffering. To not know the right thing to do with one's time and energy is a form of suffering. To feel the burden of the heavy existence we have in these times is a form of suffering. To not know the hour of death is a form of suffering, and none of us know when death will approach for us. This is the result of previous causes. The ignorance that we suffer within is self-produced.

The good news is, in the same manner that we produce the causes for suffering, we can also produce the causes for liberation from suffering. Karma is not a blind, mechanical law. Anubis symbolizes this divine intelligence who manages, with great wisdom and love, the processes of karma. In other words, karma is negotiable on different levels. Firstly, it is negotiable by dint of action. If we produce a good action that has good results, we are paid for that. We receive what we are due for that. This means that rather than becoming depressed, discouraged or anxious about the nature of the situation that humanity is in, about our own situation, our own suffering, our own mistakes, we should actually be greatly encouraged, enthusiastic, because the means to change suffering itself is within your hands and no one else's. If you observe humanity and feel pain for the suffering of humanity, if you observe your own life and feel pain because of the suffering you have endured, take heart. The means to change that suffering are in your hands, and you do it by learning how to perform right action, and you do that by knowing how to hear the guidance of your own Being.

No other person outside of you can tell you what is right and wrong. No book can tell you what is moral and immoral. No spiritual guide can tell you what is right for you to do, and what is wrong. The only one who can tell you is your Being, because He is the only one who knows the book of your karma and knows what He wants for you to do.



In the court of the law, under the guidance of this great intelligence that we call Anubis, every person has a book, and in that book is recorded every action that we have ever performed, and the credits and the debts that we have. Any soul has the right to examine their own book of karma. Any person can make the effort to travel and visit the court of the law. This court is called the Temple of Maat. This tribunal exists in the sphere of Geburah, the fifth sphere on the Tree of Life. It is a court in the same way that we have courts in the physical world. The presiding judge is called Anubis. He is an ancient initiate who wears the mask of a jackal. It is a mask, and he wears a mask in order to demonstrate impartiality; he observes without attachment, without preference. He is accompanied and assisted by 42 judges, and all of the judges when presiding wear masks, either of jackals or wolves. Why those animals? The jackal and the wolf both demonstrate in their behaviors profound watchfulness. Both observe during the day and the night. Both prowl around cremation grounds and cemeteries. The wolf and the jackal represent and symbolize how the law of karma is ever-present and ever-watchful.

Part of our own Being, part of our own soul, our own psyche, is related to the law of karma. Our every action, our every thought, our every emotion is recorded, is documented, is observed, and the part of our Being that does that is called the Kaom, in other words, the cosmic police.  We have our own policeman, who is with us at every moment. So, when you think you are getting away with something, do not forget the policeman who is behind you, watching and recording your actions. All those actions are recorded in this book of your own destiny, and destiny in this case is exactly what it implies. It is the consequences you have to face.

Destiny is not a blind force. It is not something that happens by chance or due to the cruelty of some god. Destiny is self-created. We create our own destiny. Period. That is the nature of the law of karma. If you long for happiness, peace, serenity, you are the only one who can produce the causes of those experiences. If you are experiencing anxiety, fear, doubt, regret, persecution, poverty, hunger, look to yourself for the causes. You may not see in your physical life the causes of certain events, and this is because of the law of recurrence is processed over the course of many existences, but if you learn to meditate, you can perceive the causes of those events.

The Master Samael Aun Weor emphasizes and urges students to continue any event of happiness or pain in meditation. When you have something happen to you that is very joyful, very happy, very pleasant, very good, meditate. Imagine that event, imagine those feelings, imagine that scene. Relax, open your inner mind, and you can develop the capacity to perceive the cause of that joy and to see what action you produced in the past that gave you that gift in the present, and the same is true of any painful circumstance or event. You can know the causes, but not with your five senses. The five senses can only perceive physical matter. Karma manages and adjusts all matter, not merely the physical. To perceive causes, you have to look beyond physical matter.

In order for the human soul, for our own consciousness, to produce right action, we need to know the will of our own Being, and that will is well-encompassed in the name of the temple of the law, Maat. Maat is an ancient Egyptian term which refers to harmony, balance, truth, upright action. So, Maat is the Egyptian word for the Sanskrit term, "dharma". Maat, and "dharma" in Sanskrit, means the law, the truth, rightness. So, to know how to perform right action, you need to know the dharma.

The dharma, of course, is Gnosis. Dharma is the laws which manage nature. It is these 22 Arcana that we are studying in this course. It is kabbalah. It is alchemy. It is meditation, but all of that is encompassed and enclosed within the will of the Innermost. We are receiving the teachings of Gnosis because of the will of God. We reject the teaching of Gnosis because of the ego. Someone who is drawn to study Gnosis itself, to study dharma, is being stimulated by the Being to do so. The very existence of these teachings is a gift from the gods. It is a gift from the Cosmic Christ. Dharma itself means "uprightness" or "law". We suffer because we have ignored the dharma, or right action. When we ignore the dharma, when we ignore the law of Maat, we enter into mistakes. We begin to perform action due to self-will.

In the history of this race, in the process of manifestation arising and developing through cosmic evolution, matter was descending. When the ray of creation unfolded into this Mahamanvantara, and all the worlds and levels of matter were being developed, that entire process was symbolized by a particular image demonstrating the intentions behind the cosmic evolution of the universe itself, and on the microcosmic level, on a smaller level, rather, this planet, this race, and that symbol is an inverted star, which represented in the long-ago past the descent of spirit into matter, but then through the process of cosmic evolution that energy begins to return and so that star has to invert. The star is a symbol of five points, of course related to Arcanum 5, but that star represents the human being.



The superior point is the head with the two arms outstretched, and the two legs as a foundation to stand on. The upright star is a symbol of great positive value in these times, while the inverted pentagram represents matter descending further, or the spirit descending further into matter. So in this age, in these times, the inverted pentagram with the two feet upwards is a negative symbol and represents black magic. It represents the descent into the Klipoth, into suffering. It represents degeneration, but the upward-pointing pentagram represents the ascent of the spirit back towards the Absolute. Unfortunately, the descending forces, the devolving forces of nature are pulling humanity. So long as we do not have the soul, we are an inverted pentagram. So long as we do not have the Being within, so long as we are not standing upright in Tiphereth, we are an inverted pentagram. We are fallen, in other words.

To know the dharma, to really know the dharma, we have to be an upright pentagram. We have to be standing upright with our soul, our spirit, working to ascend, to become free of materialism, to conquer matter, to conquer sensation, but humanity is enslaved by sensation. Humanity is fascinated with matter, with the senses, and this is the degeneration of the soul. In the past age, it was necessary for the development of the soul to enter into matter, to experience sensation related to physical matter, but those times passed a long time ago, and because we never broke that tendency, we have remained enslaved by matter, by sensation, and have produced an enormous amount of karma.

In its heart, in its essence, the pentagram really represents the bodhisattva. The bodhisattva is the soul who has reached Tiphereth through the processes of initiation and has created the solar bodies. Upon creating the solar astral, mental and causal bodies, this person has decided to take the straight path, the direct path, the path of the bodhisattva. That person is by right a beginner pentagram, a beginner. The first appearance of the pentagram is there, but that soul has to perfect that pentagram, which is the whole process that follows: the serpents of light, the second and third mountains.

There are many souls in the world today who took that path previously, who used to be an upright pentagram, a bodhisattva, but have fallen. These souls became identified with some ego, with some form of matter, and lost their development. They become an inverted pentagram once again. The fallen bodhisattva has to return to the light. The fallen bodhisattva has to regenerate, recuperate, what was lost.

No one, whether a fallen bodhisattva or someone who has never entered the path, is better than anyone else, but there are many in the various spiritual groups who claim to be bodhisattvas from previous ages, who make shows of themselves. Truly, these people should be more ashamed than other people. To be proud of having dishonored the gods is a great irony. To proudly claim to be a fallen bodhisattva is truly criminal. The bodhisattva who falls commits a crime against his own Being, commits a crime against the White Lodge, and commits crimes against humanity. There is nothing in that to be proud of, nothing. A fallen bodhisattva should be more ashamed, more repentant, more remorseful, more humble. Someone who has never entered the path is not guilty of these crimes, is more innocent. A fallen bodhisattva should know better, and yet oftentimes we find the most arrogant, the most prideful, the most boastful, the most noticeable characters are fallen bodhisattvas who love to talk about who they were, what they did, all the while ignoring the fact of what they are, which is a betrayer, a liar, a thief, an adulterer, and a fornicator, which all of us are, but a bodhisattva is worse because a fallen bodhisattva is someone who once had the light, who once had the Christ inside, and yet betrayed Christ.

Many Gnostics fall into this worship of fallen bodhisattvas, always looking for the fallen bodhisattvas. This is a mistake. Master Samael Aun Weor stated quite clearly, "Fallen bodhisattvas are worse than demons." Worse. A demon is at least consistent. A demon is going to be a demon, but a fallen bodhisattva was once in the light and then fell. Who is going to trust them? When they try to return, the law is very hard on them and the law says. "We helped you before and you betrayed us. Why should we help you again?" So, do not make the mistake of claiming to be such a person. Do not be eager to seek out such a person. Look instead to your Being. The Innermost is the only one that matters. No person outside can help us like our Being, and if you have the great misfortune of being a fallen bodhisattva, do not develop pride because of that. Be remorseful and know very well, if you fell once before, you will do it again unless you are very, very careful.

The pentagram has a great deal of knowledge hidden within it. An upright pentagram is a symbol of great power, protective energy. The pentagram is also a combination of five A's or five alphas. If you take five A's and connect their feet, then you will create a pentagram, and of course, we know that the alpha is the Christ. The alpha, the first, is the Divine Mother. The five A's, or the pentalpha comes from penta, which means five; these five A's symbolize of course the human being, but also the Divine Mother, who also has five aspects, and also the Christ, who incarnates in the bodhisattva in order to make that pentagram perfect.

The road to achieving that work is in the letter Hei, the fifth letter. This letter represents the woman, or the womb, and it is within the womb matter is formed, the soul is formed, the universe is formed. We have to enter into the womb itself in order to gestate the soul, in order to really come to know the dharma. The Arcanum 5 teaches us very clearly that in order for us to accomplish such a thing, we have to work consciously with the law of karma. That is to say, perform good deeds, but know how to perform them. By performing good deeds, we gather dharma, positive results, and this helps us to manage the scale of our own debts.

As enclosed in suffering as we are, we owe an enormous amount. So, to work with the scale is to begin to develop equilibrium in our karma and dharma. We owe a lot. That is why we suffer. So, we need to learn how to perform good deeds, not merely to perform them, but to do them right. The saying then is, "To combat the lion of the law, use the scale."

The scale is the law itself, performing good deeds, but the scale is also in the sign of Libra. Libra is related to the kidneys, one on either side, and in the kidneys are measured our chastity. A clairvoyant observing the kidneys will see colors that demonstrate our chastity. If the chakras of the kidneys are blood-red, we are passionate fornicators, and if the chakras of the kidneys are bright white, we are very chaste and pure. You see here, the kidneys are very close to the hips, and this constellation of the hips, or Libra, is right here in "Hei", in the womb of the woman. So when you say, "To do battle with the lion of the law, use the scale," there are levels of meaning. Really, the scale is transmutation, is chastity, is to work with the letter "Hei" in alchemy in order to produce good results, to enter into chastity, transmutation. By means of that, the actions we perform have more energy, have more power, more potency, and more than that, they can be infused with the will of the Being. The sexual energy, when transformed and transmuted, is processed so by the Divine Mother, the letter ה Hei. When we act, we are using that energy, so our actions become more powerful, our words become more potent, our thoughts and our feelings more penetrating, more profound. This gives us more responsibility, but it also gives us more capacity. When we work with the scale, we are working with good and bad action. We are really also needing to work with the scale in the kidneys, the scale of man and woman in chastity. That balance, or that equilibrium, is what can lead us towards the redemption of our own soul. The balance is acquired by developing a strong central column.



The scale itself rests upon a pillar, and that pillar is our spinal column, or the central column of the Tree of Life. The center of gravity here is Tiphereth, the human soul. The potency of Tiphereth is in the Iod. Remember the Tetragrammaton, יהוה Iod-Hei-Vau-Hei. The Iod is that masculine projective principle of masculine potency. The ה Hei is the receptive feminine principle which when equilibrated move, produce results. The ה Hei, this character, encompasses this wisdom of how to enter into balance, how to work with the forces hidden in the womb, both of the Divine Mother and of the woman.

Questions and Answers

Question: I heard before, you said that a person's intentions do not matter, it does not affect the karma?

Answer: That is right.

Question: Well, doesn't thought have a karmic consequence?

Answer: Sure. It does in the sense that thought is a form of matter, but you have to look at the picture as a whole. When you think about a person, you are affecting that person. That is karma. So if you think about a person, if you are generating negative thoughts about a person, let us say resentment towards someone, you are affecting them, harming them. That is karma. If you go and hurt them physically, that is worse. That is more karma. If you think good thoughts about a person and you have good feelings towards them, but you hurt them physically, you still get karma. You see? It is relative, and it is according to the scale. It is the results which speak, the end result. You can say a kind word, something that is meant in kindness, but actually hurt someone. You can be a doctor and try to heal someone and give them medicine, but if you do not know what you are doing you can actually make them more sick. It is the results which speak, and you may be thinking good things and feeling good things, but your action is harmful.

Question: You say a negative thought of someone affects them, the person it is directed towards. Doesn't it also affect the person that is transmitting?

Answer: Absolutely, of course. When you fill yourself with that negative energy, of course it affects you. This brings up an important point. Negative emotion is highly contagious, and there is karma related to that. You may feel very angry, emotional, and go to a place and not say a word, but that energy will affect everyone else. It will infect them because everyone is asleep and all the people are just constantly taking in impressions without any discrimination. So, that anger will infect other

The Emperor

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The Emperor card rules over the conscious elements set into the material world. The Emperor is an older, wiser version of the Magician, his knowledge at handling affairs in a systematic way has given him the seat on the thrown. He is holding the world in his left hand and a T square in his right. The world is represented in numerology by the number 4 which is also this cards vibration. The T square is used in building and design, for mathematics and planning. This card represent the fashion in which things are done, a system to bringing things forth and manifest. Starting with one, two, three, then finally four, which is the building number, putting all things together.


Hebrew Letter Daleth

Verses 25 to 32 from Psalm 119 begin with Daleth:

דבקה לעפר נפשי חיני כדברך׃

דרכי ספרתי ותענני למדני חקיך׃

דרך־פקודיך הבינני ואשיחה בנפלאותיך׃

דלפה נפשי מתוגה קימני כדברך׃

דרך־שקר הסר ממני ותורתך חנני׃

דרך־אמונה בחרתי משפטיך שויתי׃

דבקתי בעדותיך יהוה אל־תבישני׃

דרך־מצותיך ארוץ כי תרחיב לבי׃

25. My soul (Nephesh) is reduced to dust; give me life according to your Word.

26. I have confessed my ways and you responded to me; teach me your statutes.

27. Make me understand the path of your precepts and I will meditate on your wonders.

28. My soul (Nephesh) drops with grief, strengthen me according to your Word.

29. Remove me from the path of lying and favor me with your Law.

30. I have chosen the path of Truth; I have held the level of your judgments.

31. I have clung to your testimonies; Oh יהוה Iod-Havah do not put me to shame.

32. I will walk on the path of your commands; thus you will enlarge my heart.

Arcanum 4

AUM. The Arcanum Four of the Tarot is the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton, the sacred name of the Eternal One that has four letters: יהוה - Iod, Hei, Vav, Hei.

י ‘Iod’ is the man, ה ‘Hei’ is the woman, ו ‘Vav’ is the phallus, ה ‘Hei’ is the uterus. Yet, we can also state: י ‘Iod’ is the man, ה ‘Hei’ is the woman, ו ‘Vav’ is the fire, ה ‘Hei’ is the water. The profound study of the four letters of the Eternal One takes us inevitably to the Ninth Sphere (sex). We must lift our serpent through the medullar canal and carry it up to her heart’s sanctuary.

The cross of the initiation is received in the Heart Temple. The magnetic center of the Father is found between the eyebrows. The Sanctuary of the Mother is found within the Heart Temple. The four points of the cross symbolize the Fire, the Air, the Water and the Earth (also Spirit, Matter, Movement and Repose).

Remember beloved disciple that the four elements of Alchemy are: Salt, Mercury, Sulfur and Azoth: The Salt is the matter; the Mercury is the Ens Seminis, the Azoth is the mysterious ray of Kundalini.

The Mercury of Secret Philosophy must be fecundated by Sulfur (Fire) so that the Salt can become regenerated. Only like this can we write the book of Azoth, write it upon a reed if what you want is Initiation. The clue of our liberation is found in the Lingam-Yoni.

The cross has four points. The cross of initiation is phallic. The insertion of the vertical phallus into the formal cteis forms a cross. This is the cross of the Initiation that we must place upon our shoulders.

The four sacred animals of Alchemy are: The Lion that hides the enigma of Fire; the Man the represent the Mercury of Secret Philosophy; the Eagle that corresponds to the Air; the Bull that symbolizes the Earth. Egypt’s sphinx (as well as Ezekiel’s sphinx) has the sacred symbolism of the four creatures of Alchemy.

The water contained in the lakes, rivers and oceans when heated by the fire of the sun are transformed into clouds that ascend up to the sky, and after a period of digestion are converted into lightning and thunder. This same process is repeated in the sexual laboratory of the Alchemist. Our motto is Thelema (Willpower).

The entrance into the old, archaic temples was commonly a hidden hole in some mysterious spot in the dense jungle. We departed from Eden through the door of sex, and only through that door can we return to Eden. Eden is sex. It is the narrow, straight and difficult door that leads us into the light.

In the solitude of these mysterious sanctuaries, the neophytes were submitted to the four Initiatic ordeals. The ordeals of fire, air, water and earth always defined the diverse purifications of the neophytes.

Commonly, these sanctuaries of mysteries were found located at the foot of some Volcano. There the disciples would fall to the ground and lose consciousness; in those moments the Hierophant would take the students out of their physical bodies (thus, they would already be in the astral plane) and into the profundities of the sanctuary. Then he would teach them the grandiose mysteries of life and death. The volcanic emanations of the earth produced that apparent state of death. Some disciples fall in that apparent state of death within the Gnostic Lumisials. The ceremony of carrying the cross (as was practiced in the Gnostic Lumisials), serves in order to humbly confirm some internal esoteric Initiation.

Each one of the seven bodies of the human being must be crucified and stigmatized. All students of Kabbalah must be familiar with all of the elementals of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The present ‘human being’ is still not a king or queen of Nature, but all are called to be kings or queens and priests and priestesses according to the Order of Melchizedeck.

It is necessary for the student to become familiar with all the elemental creatures of the four elements. Salamanders live in Fire; Undines and Nereids live in Water; Sylphs live in the Air and Gnomes live in the Earth.

The gospel of Mark is symbolized by a Lion (fire); the gospel of Matthew is represented by a Youth (water); the gospel of John is represented by the Eagle (air) and the gospel of Luke is represented by the Bull (earth). The four gospels symbolize the four elements of nature and the realization of the Great Work (the Magnus Opus).

Every Hierophant of Nature is converted into a King of the Elementals. If you want to be admitted into the Elemental Paradises of Nature, then respect all life, do not kill any animal species, do not drink wine that contains alcohol; love vegetables, do not ever destroy a plant or a flower. You only need two things in life: Wisdom and Love. This is how you will attain happiness, peace and abundance. “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)

Every initiate must work with the elementals in the central mountain range. That mountain range is the spinal medulla. The Prima Matter of the Great Work of the Father is the Ens Seminis. You know this.

The sacred receptacle is in your creative organs, the furnace is the Muladhara Chakra, the Chimney is the medullar canal and the distiller is the brain. When we work in the laboratory of the Third Logos we must transmute the lead of our personality into the gold of the Spirit. The Magnus Work cannot be performed without the cooperation of the elementals.

The Gnomes and Pygmies are the great Alchemists that transmute the lead into gold; they reduce the metals to its semen (seed) in order to transmute them into the pure gold of the spirit; their labor would be impossible if the Undines did not obey or if the Salamanders of fire would not make the voluptuous Undines fertile, because without the fire, the tempting Undines can only take us to a shipwreck. Ulysses (the cunning warrior destroyer of citadels) was himself bound to the mast of the ship so that he would not fall seduced by the sexual beauty of the Undines. Ancient Gnostics stated: “All of you will become Gods if you leave Egypt and pass-through the Red Sea (the ocean of temptations).

The vapors of the prima matter of the Great Work would not ascend through the chimney without the help of the disquieting Sylphs. The Gnomes need to distil the gold in the brain and this is only possible with the help of the aerial Sylphs. The Gnomes transmute the lead into gold. The Magnus Opus would be impossible without the elementals. We need to become familiar with the elementals of Nature.



Agni God of Fire

Fire: Light a fire then vocalize the Mantra INRI. This mantra is vocalized in two separate syllables: IN – RI:

Prolong the sound of each letter. IiiiiiiiiiiiiiNnnnnnnnn RrrrrrrrrrrrIiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Thereafter, concentrate on the fire that you have lit (on the candle, on the oil lamp or on the charcoal) and profoundly meditate on the fire. Invoke me, Samael, your friend, who wrote this lecture, I will assist you in this practice. Then vocalize the “S” as an affable and fine whistle, like the buzzing of a rattlesnake.

Practice with the Sylphs


Air: Seated on a comfortable chair or laying down (face up) with the body relaxed, you will profoundly meditate on the following plagiary:

Spiritus Dei Ferebatur super aquas, et inspiravit in faciem hominis spiraculum vitae. Sit Michael Dux Meus, et Sabtabiel servus meus, in luce et per lucem. Fiat verbum halitus meus, et imperabo Spiritibus aeris hujus, et refrenabo equos solis voluntate cordis mei, et cogitatione mentis mei et nutu oculi dextri. Exorciso igitur te, creatura aeris, per Pentagrammatón et in nómine Tetragrammaton, in quibus sunt voluntas firma et fides recta. Amen. Sela Fíat.

Blow towards the four cardinal points of the Earth. Pronounce the letter H many times as if imitating a very deep sigh. Then slumber while meditating on the Genii Michael and Sabtabiel. This way you will become in contact with the Sylphs.

Practice with the Undines


Water: Before a cup of water, get into the state of slumber while meditating on the following exorcism:


Fiat Firmamentum In Medio Aquarum Et Separet Aquas Ab Aquis, Quae Superius Sicut Quae Inferius, Et Quae Inferius Sicut Quae Superius Ad Perpetranda Miracula Rei Unius. Sol Ejus Pater Est, Luna Mater Et Ventus Hanc Gestavit In Utero Suo, Ascendit A Terra Ad Coelum Et Rursus A Chelo In Terram Descendit Exorciso Te Creatura Aquae, Ut Sis Mihi Peculum Die Vivi In Operibus Ejus, Et Fons Vitae, Et Abllutio Pecatorum. Amen.

Thereafter, while still in a state of slumber, vocalize the letter M as follows: Mmmmmmmm, with your lips hermetically sealed. This sound is like the bellow of the bull, yet it is a prolonged sustained sound that does not decrease like the bull does. The letter “M” is the mantra of the waters. This is how you will be in contact with the creatures of the waters. Thereafter, invoke the genie of the waters; the genie’s name is NICKSA.

Practice with the Gnomes


Profoundly meditate on the Heart-Temple of the center of the Earth. Meditate on the Genie of the Earth whose name is Cham-Gam. Beseech him to place you in contact with the Gnomes that inhabit the entrails of the Earth; call the Genie of the Gnomes, the Genie’s name is GOB. Get into a state of slumber while concentrating on that Genie; then vocalize the Mantra I.A.O.

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ooooooooooo

When profound meditation is intelligently combined with the state of slumber, it allows you to enter into the Elemental Paradises of Nature.

Every Alchemist needs to work with the Elementals of Nature.

The hieroglyphic of the Fourth Arcanum of the Tarot is the Emperor; the Sovereign appears forming a marvelous triangle with his body. When the legs of the Emperor are crossed, they form a cross; this is the image of the Athanor of Alchemists; the joint of the cross with a triangle is only possible by means of the potable gold (sacred fire) of Alchemy.

The Innermost puts the Cross of Initiation with the Arcanum Four of the Tarot over his shoulder.

We will end this lecture by stating that the elementals of fire are commanded with the Trident of Iron or with the wand of iron; the elemental of the Air are commanded with an Eagle feather or any other bird; the elementals of Water are commanded with a cup filled with water and the elementals of the Earth with a sword or with a new knife.

The main kingdom of the Gnomes resides in the North; the one of the Salamanders in the South, the one of the Sylphs in the East and the one of the Undines in the West. These four elemental hierarchies form a Cross. Behold here the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton יהוה.

The Letter Daleth

Written by Gnostic Instructor


Which in Kabbalah symbolizes the Door of the House of Shaddai El Chai

Daleth ד is the fourth letter, it is related with the four elements of the physical world: fire, air, water, and earth; the four states of the matter: solid, liquid, gaseous, combustion; the four atoms in Alchemy: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen. The four worlds of Kabbalah: Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah. The four letters of the name of God: Iod, He, Vav, He.

Daleth, the youth, terrestrial man receives charity from his heavenly man, his Gimel. But Shaddai El Chai must stand at the open door of the entrance of his house (Physical Body).

Behold, I (Chokmah) stand at the door (ד Daleth), and knock: if any man (youth) hears my voice, and open the door (to Shaddai El Chai), I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. - Revelation 3:20

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.- Matthew 5:3

1: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entered not by the door (of Shaddai El Chai foundation of the soul, the abode of the youth) into the sheepfold (of Malkuth), but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.

2: But he (Chokmah) that entered in by the door (of Shaddai El Chai foundation of the soul, the abode of the youth) is the shepherd of the sheep.

3: To him (Chokmah) the porter (the Youth of Shaddai El Chai) opens; and the sheep (the souls in Malkuth) hear his voice: and he (Chokmah) calls his own sheep (souls) by name, and lead them out (into the higher Sephiroth).

4: And when he (Chokmah) putts forth his own sheep (Bodhisattvas of compassion), he goes before them, and the sheep (Bodhisattvas of compassion) follow him: for they know his voice (because his Word through Shaddai El Chai is made flesh in them).

5: And a stranger (Baalim) will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the (fornicator) voice of strangers (from Klipoth).

6: This (Kabbalistic) parable spoke Jesus (the Inner Savior) unto them (the Kabbalists): but they understood not what things they were which he spoke unto them.

7: Then said Jesus (the Inner Savior) unto them again, verily, verily, I say unto you, I (Chokmah as the Son of Man through Shaddai El Chai) am the door (into the higher Sephiroth) of the sheep (consciousness or Nephesh imprisoned in Assiah and Klipoth).

8: All (false Prophets or Baalim) that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep (imprisoned in Assiah and Klipoth) did not hear them.

9: I (Chokmah as the Son of Man through Shaddai El Chai) am the door: by me if any (poor, humble) man (through initiation) enters in, he (this youth or human soul) shall be saved, and shall go in and out (through the door of Shaddai El Chai), and find pasture.

10: The thief (fornicators Baalim from Klipoth) comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy (the youth, the soul): I (Chokmah as the Son of Man through Shaddai El Chai) am come that they (the particles of pain of our Father who is in secret) might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

11: I (Chokmah as the Son of Man through Shaddai El Chai) am the good shepherd: the good shepherd (through Tantric initiation) gives his life for the sheep.

12: But he (the soul) that is a hireling (who only works selfishly), and not the shepherd (a Bodhisattva), whose own the sheep are not, sees the wolf (Baalim) coming, and leaves the sheep, and flees: and the wolf catches them, and scatters the sheep (into hell).

13: The hireling (who only works selfishly) flees, because he is an hireling (who only works for his own good), and cares not for the sheep (souls from Assiah and Klipoth).

14: I (Chokmah as the Son of Man through Shaddai El Chai) am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.

15: As the Father (Kether) knows me (through Daath), even so know I the Father: and I (through the Tantric Initiation of Tiphereth) lay down my life for the sheep.

16: And other sheep (souls) I have, which are not of this fold (of initiates): them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice (my incarnated Word); and there shall be one fold (of Bodhisattvas), and one shepherd (Chokmah).

17: Therefore does my Father (Kether) love me, because I (Chokmah as the Son of Man through Shaddai El Chai) lay down my life, that I might take it again.

18: No (selfish) man (or Pratyeka Buddha) takes it from me, but I (according with the Tantric Initiation of Tiphereth) lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and (if the Bodhisattva falls) I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father (Kether). - John 10

The terrestrial man has no light other than that which he receives from his Innermost through Shaddai El Chai.

ד Daleth characterizes the state or quality of being lowly, humble. This humility is acquired by subduing the mind of the terrestrial man and by delivering it to our heavenly man; the consciousness in the physical plane cannot perform anything on its own. Self-remembrance together with Self-observation cannot be performed with only our free 3% choice, but one must comprehend that in order to achieve success in our psychological work, one needs the assistance of our Innermost through Shaddai El Chai; and do not think that our spiritual accomplishments are only based on the power and the strength of our physical consciousness alone.


Then went Samson to Gaza, and saw there a harlot, and went in unto her. And it was told the Gazites, saying, Samson is come hither. And they compassed him in, and laid wait for him all night in the gate of the city, and were quiet all the night, saying, in the morning, when it is day, we shall kill him. And Samson lay till midnight, and arose at midnight, and took the doors of the gate of the city, and the two posts, and went away with them, bar and all, and put them upon his shoulders, and carried them up to the top of a hill that is before Hebron. - Judges 16:1-3

Any act of charity in this world must be done according to the will of God; it must be based on our Divine assistance, especially when we are struggling with the bestial inclinations of Nephesh, which could be expressed mainly as sexual passion, but also as anger, pride, laziness, gluttony, envy, greed, etc. These are animal qualities (Nephesh) that struggle within us and that refuse to accept the yoke of our Heavenly Father.

If it was not for the help of Chokmah through Neshamah, the Human Soul would not be able to overcome the bestial inclinations of Nephesh.


And he (the animal mind) released unto them him (the ego) that for sedition and murder was cast into prison (Karma), whom they had desired; but he (the bestial mind) delivered Jesus (the Son of Man) to their (bestial) will.

And as they led him away (carrying this heavy Karma), they laid hold upon one Simon, a Cyrenean, coming out of the country and on him (this terrestrial man) they laid the (sexual) cross, that he might bear it after Jesus (the Son of Man).

And there followed him a great company of people (initiates), and of women (from Malkuth), which also bewailed and lamented him.

But Jesus (the Son of Man) turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me (the Son of Man), but weep for yourselves (your souls), and for your children (souls).

For, behold, the days are coming, in which they shall say, blessed are (the women who transmute the sexual force of Shaddai El Chai) the barren, and the wombs that never bare and the paps which never gave suck.

Then shall they (the fornicators) begin to say to the mountains (of their subjective knowledge), Fall on us; and to the hills (of Dogmas), Cover us.

For if they do these things in a green tree (the Bodhisattva), what shall be done in the dry (the fornicator)? - Luke 23:25-31

Compassion is the Law of Christ (Chokmah), he becomes flesh within the man himself for the sake of his soul, yet he demands sacrifice, charity from the heavenly man (Chesed) in order to pay his karmic debts according to his deeds. This is how Chesed exercises charity (good deeds) through the door of his house in order for Chokmah to erase from the world the sins of Tiphereth, and brings judgment upon himself; this is how he, Chokmah, immolates himself as the Son of Man! God’s utmost compassion is to become flesh and to suffer the karma together with the sinner in order for the latter to value his blessings.

The compassionate blessings of Chokmah cannot enter into the psyche of a rich person (an arrogant one) because: "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 5:3) Chokmah only enters through the door of the humble spirit and only the humble souls can attain the Self-realization of the Being.

The three lines of a t-square form a right angle with a protruding line above that makes the letter ד Daleth, which indicates how the consciousness of the Bodhisattva experiences Chokmah on the three levels: the vertical line indicates the human soul in the here and now, the horizontal line above is the Divine source of Wisdom (Chokmah) and the protruding line behind the right angle is the unconsciousness, or the soul trapped within the ego.

The continuous flow of Divine wisdom into the human soul, right thought, right feeling, right action, makes a right angle; this is the development of Chokmah through the annihilation of the ego (the protruding line behind the right angle) in order to experience the infinite omnipresence of the light of lights, Kether, thus leaving only two levels or a perfect square.

The Bodhisattva is the one who is willing to sacrifice his life for humanity and thus sacrifices his soul (Nephesh) as an holocaust to his Inner God. He is the Buddha who refuses to enter through the door of Nirvana, thus Chokmah (Vishnu, Avalokiteshvara, Kuan-Yin) elevate his soul and becomes one with the Cosmic Christ.

Written by Gnostic Instructor

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tarot 4 the emperor

Arcanum number four is called The Emperor. The king, the Emperor, is related with the fourth Sephirah of the Tree of Life, which is called Chesed. When you study the Tree of Life and the relation of the Tree of Life with the planets of our solar system, then we find that Chesed is governed by Jupiter, and also by Mars. Many kabbalists state that Chesed, the Innermost, our own particular Spirit, is ruled only by Jupiter. But when we discover that our own particular Spirit has to fight for his own Self-realization and has to do the work, the internal work in the human being; then we discover that he is also a warrior, a fighter. So that's why we state in Gnosticism that Chesed is ruled by Mars. This is the particular individual Spirit of each one of us. Chesed, which is related with the Emperor, the king. That's why, astrologically speaking, we said that the kings are ruled by Jupiter.

And now we are going to go very deep, following the sequence of lectures, in order to explain the biblical Adam related with this lecture. Remember that in the Book of Genesis it is written that Adam is the king of nature, an emperor. And it is very interesting to see that when we read the Bible, we read the word Adam which many translators translate as "man", but for a better explanation it is better if we translate it as "human being."

In Hebrew, you say איש "Ish," for man, and  אשה "Isha" is woman. In Greek, you say "Anthropos" for human being and "Andros" for man, so we have to make the difference, what is an "Andros" and what is an "Anthropos," or what is a "man" and what is "Adam," or Ish and Adam.

In the previous lecture when we were talking about the letter Beth, we were explaining that after the division of sexes the man Ish and his woman Isha were the two parts of the same being, which was Adam. And behold that the word אדם Adam is written with three Hebrew letters: א Aleph, ד Daleth, מ Mem.

אAleph we already know that it is related with the air, with the Ruach, with the wind, with the Spirit, with God, the Holy Three-Unity.


ד Daleth, which is precisely the lecture of today, is related with the terrestrial man. And when we talk about the terrestrial man we have to explain the word "terrestrial" or earthly, which is related with Malkuth, the tenth Sephirah, at the very bottom of the Tree of Life. This "Malkuth" means "the kingdom." Now we have to state very specifically that a kingdom cannot exist without a king and without a queen. So the king is the Emperor of the Tarot, because the man, or we will say Adam, is called to be king of nature, has to control nature.


When I said "nature" I'm referring to the whole planet; the planet earth is called Malkuth, the kingdom, because it is formed by four kingdoms; the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom. But those kingdoms are controlled by the four elements of nature, and here is where we have to emphasize in the number four because Daleth, the Emperor, is related with the Holy Tetragrammaton, the holy name of God, יהוה Iod Hei Vav Hei, which we translate as Iod-Havah, which is י Iod (Adam) and הוה Havah (Eve). These four letters are related with the four elements of nature; fire, water, air and earth. The four elements are related with the four ways in which the initiate has to learn how to control the elements of nature, because if we are slaves of the elements of nature, then we are not kings of nature, but slaves of nature.

The Adam of Genesis controls the birds of the air, the fish of the sea, the beasts of the earth and the creatures that creep. Those are an allusion of the four elements of nature that Adam has to control, has to command. It is not as many people misunderstand; they think that to be king of the earth or nature is to exploit all the earth and take advantage of the planet, as in this day and age people are doing and causing of course problems for the planet. A real king is a wise man.

It's coming into my mind the three wise men of the gospels that, as it is written, were visiting the birth of the God-child in Bethlehem, and this is something that we have to comprehend. Three, because these three wise men are related with the three levels in which Chokmah, the Christ, develops the power of the king within the terrestrial man.

So in the Bible the word אדם Adam for man or for that human being that is a king of nature is directly related with the other word אדםה Adamah which means "ground." It is written there that the creature, human being, that was made into the image of God, Adam, was taken from the ground, Adamah. It is good to emphasize here that this word Adamah, which ends with the Hebrew letter "He," is a feminine word. We will not commit any mistake if we said that this Adamah is the feminine aspect of the earth, because the earth itself is, kabbalistically speaking, feminine. That's why in many religions, when they refer to the earth, they say "Mother Earth." Obviously, Mother Earth has all the elements necessary in order to create the terrestrial man, which is the poor man in Kabbalah, because the rich man is symbolized by Chesed, which is the Spirit, the Monad which is within each one of us. Chesed is of course that Spirit that is made into the image of God and that never sins, is always pure, is always holy.

When I said this, it comes into my memory a certain conversation that I had with the Master Samael Aun Weor. When you enter into these Gnostic studies you always wonder about the name, the holy name of your God, since you understand and comprehend that the name of God is individual in each one of us. That means that our own particular Chesed, which is El, God, has his own name, and that name means something for you. So to discover the name of God is to discover your own entity, your own king, you own Emperor.

Master Samael, being a resurrected master, obviously very awakened, knew very well the Inner Being of everybody. But he was very cautious to unveil the sacred name of the people, because it is sacred. "Holy be his unutterable name."

So, I asked him, "Master, you know the name of my Being; can you tell me who my Being is?"

And he said, "He is holy, you are not."

And he kept silent. Then, since that time, I meditated on that. I understood that God within, Chesed, is holy. That's why his sacred appellation or name in the world of Atziluth is El in Chesed, El, God. Obviously, El is holy within each of us, but we are not, and this is something that we have to understand. But we have to be perfect as he is perfect, and that is the process of initiation, to acquire perfection, to be in the image of God. And that is precisely the great transformation that we have to acquire.

In the Book of Genesis it explains very clearly, that in the beginning when Adam is created, he falls, he sins, and this is because the nature of the terrestrial man is sinful. To transform that sinful nature into a holy one is a great work that only God can perform, and that's why the Emperor needs the assistance of Wisdom. Wisdom is Chokmah, the second Sephirah, and that Wisdom is what we call in Christianity the Son of God, Christ. We know that Christ unfolds in many fires, many lights, but the most beautiful atoms of Christ shine in Chokmah, and that's why Chokmah receives the name of Iod Hei Vav Hei; it is the first Sephirah in which we find the holy name of God, kabbalistically speaking. So when we read Iod-Havah by itself in the Bible it is referring to the Sephirah Chokmah. If we read Iod-Havah Elohim, then we are reading about something related with Binah.

So, when you read the Bible, if Iod-Havah is by itself, it is related to Christ, the Son, Chokmah, which is the one that transforms and enters into the human being in order to transform him into a child of God. And that is a process that has to come, but first we have to create Adam; Adam has to be created. It is a mistake, a big mistake to think that Adam already exists.  Symbolically speaking or alchemically, kabbalistically, we say Adam referring to the male aspect, but this Adam is difficult to find, because it has to be created.

Genesis is a book of actuality, it is not a book that merely tells us the story of this world. We will say that if we read it in that way, we also find the explanation of the creation of this planet. But alchemically speaking, gnostically speaking, the Book of Genesis is telling us the way in which the man, Adam, has to be created within ourselves. Adam has to exist in each one of us.

Adam is the true Human Being, the true Man. With that we are indicating that we are not Human Beings, we are not Men; we are intellectual animals. And behold here the word "animal" comes from the Latin "anima" which means "soul," intellectual souls. But we are not in the image of Chesed, let alone in the image of that above Chesed, which is the three Supernals, because that is a process. First we have to create the Man, and then the Super Man. The Super in the Man is the three Supernals; Kether, Chokmah, Binah, that's the "super." Super Man can be created only in the Man, but the Man has to be created first.

Nietzsche in his book "Thus Spake Zarathustra" speaks a lot of the Super Man, but he taught about the Super Man to intellectual animals; they don't understand about the Super Man. That's why many things that we explain here related with the Super Man are difficult to understand, because the Man doesn't exist in us yet. The Man understands about the Super Man, but for us it is difficult.  That's why people in the book "Thus Spake Zarathustra,"Nietzsche says that the people said: "Stop Zarathustra, talking about the Super Man, and talk to us about the Man."

This is what we have to do, we have to create the Emperor, the king, the wise king, and for that we have to create the internal bodies, and those internal bodies are coming from the dust of the ground, from Adamah, which is the ground. It doesn't mean that we have to go to a place where there is clay, or where there is dirt. Remember that the physical body is Malkuth, and when we discover, atomically, the forces that are in our bodies, we are talking about the "dust." Because that is what is dust; atoms, forces, attributes, which are in Malkuth, in the kingdom. There is where we find all those elements that we need in order to create the Man.

How do we create the Man? We have to elevate the forces of the ground, the forces of the earth, in order to create the elements, the three garments for the soul: the astral body, the mental body and the causal body. The body of willpower, the body of the mind and the body of emotions. Those are called "electronic bodies" that we have to create with the sublimation of the sexual force.

All of those elements, alchemically speaking, are placed in the seed. This is alchemically the twelve salts of the zodiac which are represented with the twelve tribes of Israel. It's coming into my mind when the twelve tribes of Israel or the twelve children of Jacob went into Egypt. And that's a mystery of the descent of the forces of the zodiac (and by the way, the Zodiac is ruled by Chokmah. Kabbalistically speaking, astrologically speaking, you find the twelve zodiacal forces here in Chokmah).

Behold here again, pointing to the descent of that force, the twelve salts of alchemy, into the world of Egypt; this means the descent of the forces through Io-Cephas or Joseph, which is the stone of Yesod. In the Bible, when you read the word Egypt in Hebrew, it says Matzarim מצרים,  which means "distress." There is a word in English which is Mesopotamia; do you know what is Mesopotamia? "Mesos" and "potamos" means "earth between two rivers." So the word Matzarim is Egypt in the Bible, but when we study the letters in the Hebrew alphabet we know that מ M, Mem, means water. So this Tzari is between the two waters. And what is צרי Tzari? It's a balm, or a way in which you perfume. It is made, it is written, by eleven elements in order to please God. Incense. Those eleven elements are related with the eleven Sephiroth.  You say, "Why eleven?" Because there are ten, plus Daath. Those eleven are within Joseph, Tzari, this is called in the Zohar, or in Kabbalah; Tzari is made of eleven elements which you have to sublimate in order to have a smoked offering, perfumed, to your Inner Being. But that comes from Matzarim, the word Egypt. That's why that Tzari is between two Mems. The two Mems or the two waters, which are of course the sexual waters of Yesod of man and woman. But Egypt is precisely that element or that place which is Malkuth, the Kingdom. Behold here, we have two, we will say that the Bible talks about two children, the children of the devil and the children of God. Egypt, of course, is a place, Malkuth, the Kingdom, where everybody is a slave of the sexual waters. So when you enter into this knowledge and you start following the doctrine of Gnosticism, you discover that you are in Egypt, symbolically speaking. You have to go out of Egypt, but in order to go out of Egypt you have to build the pyramids first. That is a symbol. It is coming into my mind also Quetzalcoatl of the Nahuas. Quetzalcoatl, the incarnation of Chokmah among the Mexicans, was teaching them how to build pyramids as well, and the Toltecs, are called "the builders." And that is the same symbol, in which first you have to build the pyramids of Thoth, your internal bodies. The astral body, the mental body, the causal body, are made from the earth.

You say, "Yeah, the pyramids are made from the earth, from the clay (Adamah) of the earth," but that is a symbol, the same symbol in which you have to build your internal bodies with Adamah, from Adamah, which is the ground, which is your own body. But for that you have to know the mysteries in which you have to take from Egypt the elements to build.

When you keep reading the books of the Bible, you find for instance the Book of Exodus. And it is written there that the Israelites were 430 years in Egypt before they left. In Gnosticism we explain very well that Israel is related with Isis; Ra, with the solar force; and El, is God. So Israel are all those particles, forces, that are in Egypt, particles of God that need to leave the world of Malkuth, but for that they have to reach the age of 430 years.

In alchemy, in initiation, we know that numbers are related with Kabbalah. 400 years is related with the mental body.

When you enter, and you sublimate the forces of the zodiac in Egypt, and you create within, elevate the fire in the spinal column, the fire of Kundalini, then you acquire in the physical world, in the physical body, a hundred years. When you raise the energy of the vital body, the Kundalini of the vital body, then you acquire 200 years. When you come and create the astral body, by raising the energy in the astral body, in the astral plane, you acquire 300 years. And when after that you raise the energy of the mental body and create the mental solar body, then you reach 400 years. But then you continue by creating the body of willpower, Thelema. And then you know that you have to raise that energy 33 vertebrae. When you reach the 33rd vertebrae, then you reach the esoteric age of a hundred years (for the first initiation) or 200 years for the second one, and so on. You don't need to reach the number 99. 33 is enough because it's related with the 33 degrees that you need to acquire in your spinal column in order to acquire the hundred years. For each initiation, one hundred years.

But behold, before reaching the symbolic age of 500, when that energy rises in your Body of Willpower to the thirtieth vertebra, then two ways open before you, or we will say better, two ways open before Chesed, because he is the one that is creating through Adamah, the Man, the terrestrial man, the poor man that needs the assistance of the rich man, who is Chesed. He is rich because he has wealth in heaven, the inheritance of his own God within. Chesed is the outcome of Binah, the Holy Spirit.

So then, when the human soul reaches that level, two ways open: The way of the Spiral and the Direct Path. The way of the Spiral is the way in which the initiate works towards his own perfection through many lives, through many reincarnations. He's already a Human Being, he has the right to be called Adam; an Adam which is in process. He is not an Adam in the image of God yet, but he can be if his Chesed takes the Direct Path.

On the direct path, he has to pass through the three levels of the letter Daleth, in which that terrestrial man, which is that Adam that was built in Mitsrayim, in Egypt, has to leave Egypt. To leave Egypt he has to go through great ordeals. Behold here, that's why this fourth Arcanum is related with the four elements as we said; it's related with the cross as well. We have to pass four ordeals in the physical world in order to go into the Exodus, and after going into the Exodus, which is the Direct Path, you have to pass also four ordeals, the four ordeals always. And that's precisely the word that's called here, Mitsrayim. You have to come out of "distress," of ordeals, of tests, in order to conquer higher levels of your Being. Many things have been spoken about the different tests and ordeals that the initiate has to pass through, and that's symbolically spoken, or written, in the Bible about the different distresses, the different ordeals, that the Israelites were passing in Egypt. And you find that in many books, how before going into the higher levels, the individual is tested.

It's coming into my mind the master Jesus, when he is born he goes to Egypt, and after conquering all of his initiations and developing the inner terrestrial man in himself, he comes from Egypt into the promised land, and as a Resurrected Master. Not physically speaking, but resurrected in fire and resurrected in the light, he appears in the holy land, doing miracles. But he comes from Egypt. So that's the symbol of Moses taking the people out of Egypt, because Moses is the Thelema, willpower, that we have to build inside, and to take Israel, which are the different parts of the consciousness bottled up within different idols, which are these idols of the mind, egos that everybody worships.

This is something very important to emphasize here, because many people think that when the Bible talks about not worshipping idols, people always put their mind in the statues made in different religions. And the real meaning of that is related with our own particular psychological aggregates that we worship.

In this three-dimensional world, people worship idols. The idols of vanity, the idols of pride, even in religion there are idols, even if they don't have statues in their temples. When you feel proud of being religious, or related with any type of religion, you are being as the Bible says "a rich man," proud of being what you think you are, of whatever religion.

So to be identified with the different psychological aspects of lust, anger, greed, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc, etc. is to worship idols, because we have to worship our God which is within, Chesed. But people ignore that. Chesed, the Innermost, is pushed aside, and people only care about the idols, the psychological defects and vices that you find in the psyche of every person.

To destroy those idols is to make a new creature, to emerge Adam within, to make really a Human Being, and to reach the initiatic age of 430 in order to go into the Exodus. Then, just by being a Human Being, you can go in the Exodus, or you can go on the Straight Path.

This is something very important to understand here, because people think that the Exodus is something physical. It's physical, but it's also psychological and spiritual. It has to be balanced, one thing has to be related with the other, and for that we have to know that this path is a very difficult path. It's a spiritual path, it is not as easy as many people think. People have the idea that to be born again is a matter of believing in Jesus of Nazareth who came 2000 years ago, so if you accept that Jesus was the son of God, then you are born by dint of magic, just like that. Of course, that's ludicrous, because nobody is born on this planet Earth just by believing; birth is physical.

We need the sexual act in order to be here in this earth.  Internally also, we need the sexual act. In other words, we need the same energy, which is coming from the Earth, and which synthesizes as the entity of semen, the Ens Seminis, obtains or attains all of the energy of the universe and the Earth. We have to know how to sublimate that energy in order to create internally. But obviously, there is always an opposition in us, and those are the forces of nature.

When you study the book of Exodus, you see that Moses goes in front of the Pharaoh. Pharaoh means "great priest" or "great one." Etymologically, they say that Pharaoh means "great house," but we explained already that in order to be the head of a big house, a big religion, you have to be resurrected. And always, the great Avatars, the great messengers from God appear in at the head of religions. Moses appears in front of Egypt when the religion of Egypt was already degenerated, because obviously Egypt had its great Golden Age in which great initiates, great kings, great emperors were blessing people.

At that time of Joseph, when Joseph went into Egypt, or his brothers sold Joseph to the Egyptians, at that time the Pharaoh was a great initiate, a great priest, but in the time of Moses the religion of Egypt was already in decay. They were no longer the Egyptians but the "egypsies." They were transformed into gypsies. Many people say that the gypsies are the lost tribe of Israel. "Gypsy" comes from "egypsy," it said in Latin or in Italian egypsy, gypsy, is from Egypt. So a gypsy is somebody that came from Egypt, but is no longer in an initiate, is a gypsy, somebody that lost all the attributes of being an initiate.

The twelve tribes at that time of Moses were the initiates that were really following the new religions, the new form in which the White Lodge was giving the knowledge to a new people, and obviously, the Pharaoh, the great priest there, was already degenerated, as in the time of Jesus when he is before Caiaphas, the chief priest of the Jews, the Sanhedrin. They were already degenerated.

The great splendors of Jerusalem were already in the past, the times when David was alive, when Solomon was alive and other kings of Jerusalem; that was the Golden Age of Jerusalem. But everything in nature goes up and down, up and down. And Egypt went up and fell, also Jerusalem went up and fell as well, and that's why Jesus appears in front of Caiaphas, and there is a trouble there, just as Moses had a trouble in front of the great priest, the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh was attached to his own religion, his own beliefs, and he didn't believe that Moses was the new Avatar coming to guide the initiates of that time out of Egypt, but it doesn't mean that he was taking literally out of the land of Egypt, it means out of the decay of Egypt in order to create a new form, and that's why Moses makes great miracles, great wonders in front of the Pharaoh. Those wonders and miracles are made within, in which he commands the forces of nature. So Moses demonstrates there that he is really an Emperor, he is really a king, because in order to be a king, in order to be an Emperor, we need to have God within, God has to command.

The Emperor is an Emperor because he is anointed by God. That's why in India you find the great Kumaras or kings of the past, and you read in many religions about the great Solar kings, the Kumaras, the Emperors, the Pharaohs. You find in the Bible for instance King David (Hebrew: דוד), which by the way, you find here Daleth in the beginning and Daleth in the end; two Daleths and Vav in the middle. David, a good expression through which Chokmah, Iod-Havah expresses himself. In the course we quote the psalm 119, a psalm from David who was an incarnation of Christ.

When we say that David was an incarnation of Christ, we understand that Christ is Chokmah, the Son, which is Iod-Havah. And that is why he worshipped Iod-Havah in all of the psalms, and explained the way in which we have to develop that Iod-Havah within.

Obviously the son of David, Solomon, was another incarnation of Chokmah or Iod-Havah. And likewise many other prophets, but behold here, that in order to be a king you have to pass the four ordeals, and I repeat: not one time, but many times. The ordeal of fire, the ordeal of air, earth and water are faced continually, and that's why the Master Samael Aun Weor emphasizes in the chapter related to the Emperor, the Arcanum four, that we have to learn how to control the elements as Moses was controlling them, as Jesus was controlling them. Was not perhaps Jesus walking on the waters? When I say this it is coming into my mind somebody that told me, "Do you know why Jesus was walking on the waters?"

I said, "Yes, I know."

"But let me tell you in synthesis; he was walking on the waters because he was putting his feet on a stone, and nobody saw the stone in the water."

I said, "You are telling me the truth; that is right." People never saw the stone on which Jesus put his foot in order to walk on the Sea of Galilee. That stone is Yesod, the cubic stone on which the Emperor is seated. That stone is sex, it's squared, has four sides, because it's perfect.

When you become perfectly chaste, then that stone gives you that power to control the waters.  If you cannot control your own waters of sexuality, how do you expect to control the waters of nature? This is why in this day and age you see how the fornicators die in a tsunami.

If this planet Earth were inhabited by true Human Beings, nobody would die in a tsunami. But they are slaves of their own sexual waters. All over the earth people are abusing sex, so we see tsunamis come and washed them away.

The gnomes of the earth control the earth. But if an earthquake happens right now, and everything is trembling, we cannot even control the trembling of our knees, for the fear of being swallowed by the earth. But a true Human Being is an Emperor of nature, and controls that element, because he controls his own earth, his own circumstances of life.

A real initiate has to control the circumstances of life. The worst circumstances of life are the best opportunities in order to know yourself, in order to defeat yourself, to deny yourself. And of course, you have to adapt yourself to the different circumstances; adaptation is related to water.

When you are before the insulter, or when you are before somebody with a lot of wealth, and you feel hurt because you don't have that wealth, then you are a victim of fire, which is envy, which is anger, which is resentment. Fire is hatred. If you want revenge, that is fire. So you have to defeat that, you have to pass the ordeal of fire, you have to be humble. That's why it's written that the terrestrial man, which symbolizes Daleth, is a humble man. How are you going to acquire humility? How do you acquire humility if you are full of pride, of arrogance, of anger?

God only enters into the Emperor which controls the elements. So when Moses was on the mount of Sinai, he was already humble, he was a shepherd. What is a shepherd? Somebody that deals with sheep, right? Wasn't David a shepherd as well? But he became a king. You have seen Jesus depicted as the shepherd. Obviously, I am a shepherd, because I am teaching sheep, souls. There are different levels of shepherds. In Spanish the word for shepherd is "pastor," and in Christianity you call the pastor here, the pastor there, why? Because he is a shepherd, he is a pastor, he is dealing with souls. So in order to be a king, first you have to be a shepherd, and that is why the angel appears to the shepherds when the king is being born, the God king in the city of Bethlehem. People think, "Oh yeah, there were shepherds that were in the fields dealing with sheep, physically speaking"; no. This is referring psychologically, kabbalistically, alchemically to those that are dealing with souls.

But one has to be a true shepherd. It has to be somebody that is seated firmly. Yesod is the foundation, is sex; the Emperor is seated there because he is controlling the physical body, the vital body, the mental body and the astral body. These are the four bodies of sin. He is perfectly seated there.

In the stone you see a cat; why a cat? Because the foundation of those bodies is in Nephesh, which is Animal Soul, and the cat is a creature of the moon. That's why you see that the cats, as soon as the dark is beginning, they go out, they enjoy being in the dark, because they are creatures of the moon, they are ruled by the moon, and they multiply in the darkness. You need to know how to practice sexual magic in the darkness as the cats do. And that's the mystery of the stone there, sexual mystery, always sexual, but has to be with symbols, and you have to know that.

This is how the Emperor can hold the wand of power; that wand of power is the same staff that Moses had in his hand, which is the serpent. And here, behold, people think that the serpent is the symbol of evil, but not. If it is a symbol of evil, why does Jahovah, Chokmah, Christ, say to Moses, "Throw that staff that you have in your hand on the ground," and when that staff was on the ground it became a serpent. He says, "Take the serpent by the tail," and he took the serpent by the tail, and the serpent became a staff again in his hand. And he said, "Do this miracle, this wonder in front of the Pharaoh so he will know with whom he is talking." Obviously, when Moses was in front of the Pharaoh, he was talking about sexual magic, transmutation of the sexual energy, to be born again, the controlling of the serpent, Kundalini or the serpent of brass. Obviously, all the miracles that Moses did were with the staff.  Read Exodus very clearly; everything that he is doing is with the staff; he strikes a rock and the water comes out; he puts the staff towards heaven and great miracles happen. But it is not Moses that is doing it, it is the staff that is doing it. But it is not the staff that is doing it, but the energy of the staff, which is Shaddai El Chai, the power of El Shaddai which is controlled by Jah-Hova, Chokmahl it is God that is doing it. Because all the power of the Emperor, the power of the king, is in his God.

That's why when the Emperor forgets that God is the one that gives the power, he is kicked out. Nebuchadnezzar, was a king, an emperor of Babylon, anointed by God. One day he was outside of his palace, and he says, "Am I not Nebuchadnezzar, the great king of Babylon? Is it not me, the one that controls all of this? I am the one that does this and that." And then it says written there in the book of Daniel, God appears and says, "Oh yeah? So you are the one that is doing all of this? Now you will learn who is the one that does it. You didn't do anything." The king was arrogant, you see? He was not Daleth, the poor, the humble. And then he was kicked out of the kingdom and was living like the beasts of the earth until he learned that God gives and takes, and this is precisely the great teaching of the letter Daleth, that we have to develop humility, we have to be humble in order to acquire wisdom. In order to acquire wisdom means: in order to acquire Chokmah (Hebrew for "wisdom").

Unfortunately, when we enter into these studies we enter with that little extended part of Daleth, back, in the head, which is the subconsciousness, unconsciousness or infraconsciousness, the ego. Daleth is made with one horizontal line and one vertical, but the horizontal line, which symbolizes that will of God, it is protruded behind the letter a little bit. That is evil will. The will of God is the long part, but where the vertical line begins, the will of God ends, and the other part, the little protrusion, is the evil will that we have, because we have desire. And that's precisely Israel in Egypt that has to pass four ordeals, has to pass four great trials in order to make the perfect square, which will be precisely the perfect Man that will come from Egypt and who has to pass through the Red Sea.

Ancient Gnostics said: "We have to leave Egypt and pass the Red Sea in order to become Gods," or we will say, in order to become like Gods. Obviously that is a process, and that is why we will say, to synthesize, that the three wise men of the gospels of Jesus symbolize these three steps. A wise man which is a king; a king in Kabbalah is placed here in Tiphereth. In the world of Yetzirah, Tiphereth receives the name of Malachim. In other words, in order for us to reach the level of Melech, king, an Emperor, a Pharaoh, we have to go (from the bottom) one, two, three, four, five initiations. We have to reach the level of Tiphereth, and then we are a Melech from


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