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Old Souls,

Posted on July 21, 2010 at 11:35 AM

           Old Souls

If you’re an old soul you will undoubtedly be giving, caring loving and compassionate - all wonderful attributes that we are taught are the signs of a developed person who cares for others, and the actions that we take that may affect others. 


The key signs of an old soul;


· Giving and caring often putting others first


· Had a difficult romantic life often with much pain and disappointment


· More than likely had a soulmate relationship


· Things just seem to happen to you and around you, often becoming very dramatic through the seemingly extreme reactions of others


· Events repeat themselves


· Have trouble connecting with your family


· Somehow know you’re different


· Have some psychic intuition and ‘just knowing’ things


· Find that you have deeper emotions and passions than most people


· People have extreme reactions to you – some just adore you and some seem to really dislike you yet you behave the same to everyone


· Have an inner creative passion


· Suffer lots of jealousy from others


· Often perceived wrongly


· Feel your don’t have much free will, like your life is being controlled by some outside force


· Often feel ‘stuck’ like events just keep on happening to you time after time



All of us can relate to some of these characteristics and events at some time in our lives however the ‘old souls’ amongst us will shout “Yes that’s me !”

and immediately understand and relate.


In contrast, we have all met the ‘young souls’ the ones who profess to be giving and caring and often seem to seek us out, but who never really give, just take, and who then commit the most insensitive and often cruel acts but seem to have no understanding of what they’ve done or any sign of remorse whatsoever. In fact they can often go to such extremes to get very aggressive when we point out their actions and the effect that they’ve had on us..



Soul Age


The terms ‘old soul’ and ‘young soul’ aren’t just descriptions of personality types but do give us a meaningful clue to why we find ourselves in this life cycle…


The journey of the soul through many lives is one of growth and learning; from the earliest manifestation of that soul in human form – where it’s focused on material things, power, ego and the “now”, eventually through to the higher levels of compassion, truth, destiny, caring and fairness in later lives as old souls.


The soul is required to visit human form many times in order to learn these lessons. It is through interaction with others on the three dimensional plane that the soul accrues karma, the results of its actions on others and paying the price of those actions ( first rule of karma “what goes around comes around” – or what I often refer to as the ‘karmic boomerang’;) that develops, hones, and tunes the spirit into the higher levels, eventually becoming attuned to the highest level of as ‘old soul’ in later lives.


Part of that developing process is to become infinitely more empathic, attuned to the universe and destiny, and for our intuition to develop more towards psychic powers.

At this stage we sense that destiny plays a greater part in our lives that we could previously have imagined as we ‘peek behind the scenes’ of the universal mechanisms through our developing intuition.


This itself is also a challenge as we watch those less enlightened who are still contained in the “I know best” mode, mess up their lives going wandering down the wrong path.

Typical of this is the soulmate; where we are tasked to watch them wander off knowing somehow that the tests they will face will ultimately bring them back around, older, wiser and more spiritually aware.


It’s important to understand that each time our soul revisits the earthly plane, that we play ‘catch-up’, developing through our earthly actions and learning experiences quickly to regain that level of spiritual awareness we attained when leaving the previous life. In other words, in entering this life we are initially unconscious of the fact that we are required to have a very testing life to ‘fast track’ us to the spiritual level we are meant to be at in this one.


So; the older the soul, the harder and more testing the early events in order to make us reach inside and spiritually open; to regain previously achieved levels of spirituality and to further develop.. 



‘Soul age’ with Soulmates


I’ve already mentioned that we have all had to deal with the ‘young souls’, the ones who seem sent to test us and can often leave us feeling dazed and confused and hurt.


At this point I have to highlight something that’s particularly important and relevant to soulmates. Your soulmate is unlikely to be a young soul even though their actions to-date may fit what we’ve described as a young soul.


We get terribly confused when we sense they are loving and caring and deep and spiritually enlightened yet they frequently behave in the totally opposite way


The important difference between a soulmate and a young soul is that the universe does not connect young souls with old souls in soulmate connections. What your soulmate is most likely going through is the life tests on that “fast track” , i.e learning fast and developing to their real soul age through meeting all the tough tests and making all the mistakes, acting in that earthly controlled, ego based, “I know best” way. 


Hence the duality of their existence and the confusion they cause within our lives. What you are sensing is that destiny. It’s the butterfly sensing another butterfly but seeing a caterpillar….




“To thine own self be true”, William Shakespeare



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