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Acts 1 to 8 PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Basic Bible Survey - Old Testament PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Basic Bible Survey - New Testament PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Battle for the Body PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Beyond Denominations PDF  DOC MOBI PRC  
Biblical EQ (Emotions) PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Biblical Management Principles PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Biblical World View PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Creative Bible Study PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Cults, Sects and Heresies PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Cybermissions Articles PDF DOC MOBI PRC ZIP
Colossians PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Environmental Analysis PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Foundations of Faith PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Fruit of the Spirit Guide PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Harvestime Course Material          
Holy Spirit PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
How to Become a Christian PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
How to have a Healing Ministry in your Church          
How to Know the Will of God PDF        
Introduction to Urban Ministry          
Introduction to Urban Ministry Reading          
Jail and Prison Ministry Manual PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
John 1 to 11 PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
John 12 to 21 PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Key Readings in Church History          
Kingdom Living PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Knowing God's Voice PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Life & Ministry of Jesus the Messiah PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Leaven-Like Evangelism PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Living in the End Times PDF DOC     ZIP
Management by Objectives PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Men's Ministry - Men Aflame PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Multiplication Methodologies PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Ministry of the Holy Spirit PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Missions: An Adventure of Faith          
Mobilization Methodologies PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Orientation Guide PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Power Principles PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Prayer 101 PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Prayers of the O.T. Saints PDF DOC MOBI PRC   
Praying to Move Mountains PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Principles of Healing PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Romans 1 to 8 PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Romans 9 to 16 PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Shattering Shame PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Solution-Focused Faith PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Spiritual Warfare PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Strategies for Spiritual Harvest PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Teaching Tactics PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Temples & Tithes PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
The Heavenly Realms PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
The Kingdom of Heaven PDF DOC  MOBI PRC  
The Market, the Kingdom and the Terrorist PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
The Sermon on the Mount PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Walking in the Spirit 1 - The Basics PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Walking in the Spirit 2 - Communicating with God PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Walking in the Spirit 3 - Spiritual Ministry PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Walking in the Spirit 4 - Mustard SeedMinistry PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Walking in the Spirit Series PDF DOC   PRC  
What the Bible Says About Sex PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Women, A Biblical Profile PDF DOC MOBI PRC  
Zephaniah PDF DOC MOBI PRC  





Holy Bible Translations

  • Holy Bible - English - American Standard Version (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - French - French Darby Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Korean - Korean Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Russian - Russian Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Vietnamese -Vietnamese Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Albanian - Albanian Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Chinese - Chinese Union Traditional Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - German - German Luther Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Portuguese - Portuguese Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Ukranian - Ukranian Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Italian - Italian Translation (PDF)

  • Holy Bible - Spanish - Spanish Reina Valera Translation (PDF)






Psychic Classics

Achad, Frater (Charles Stansfeld Jones)

Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing [PDF]

Adare, Viscount

Experiences in Spiritualism with Mr. D.D. Home [PDF]

Brackett, Edward

Materialized Apparitions [PDF]

Researches in the Phenomena of Spiritualism [PDF]

Incidents in my Life, 5th Edition. (autobiography) [PDF]


Life after Death: Problems of the Future Life and Its Nature [PDF]

Contact with the Other World [PDF]

Kardec, Allan

The Spirits' Book [PDF]

The Mediums' Book [PDF]

Kerner, J.

The Seeress of Prevorst: Being Revelations Concerning the Inner-Life of Man, and the Inter-Diffusion of a World of Spirits in the One We Inhabit [PDF]



Nichols, Thomas

A Biography of the Brothers Davenport [PDF]

The Case of Patience Worth [PDF]

Psychics and Mediums (Excerpt) [PDF]

Worth, Patience (channelled by Pearl Curran)

A Sorry Tale (Full-length novel) [PDF]

Light From Beyond (Poems) [PDF]

Patience Worth: A Psychic Mystery [PDF]



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Recent Blog Entries

What is a Soul Reading?  

We all have a Soul level purpose in life and want, deep in our hearts, to express it.  We each have guides, masters and angels who surround and protect us and who can help us to access what our Soul's purpose is

Newest Members

Indian Palmistry

Palmistry invokes a sense of curiosity, mystic, fear, and thrill within all. Highly prevalent and in vogue throughout the world, Palmistry has roots that can be traced to the ancient country, India. True, ancient in nature and origin, Palmistry is of different types. And among them, Indian Palmistry is held to be the oldest with a history spanning nearly 3000 years.



Spiritualism is based upon three main tenets or basic beliefs: 1. the inner spirit is the only reality,  2. the inner self which we call also as the higher self is distinct and different from the outer self or the lower self , also known as the physical self and 3.through a process of detachment and spiritual discipline, it is possible for us to detach ourselves from the outer self and discover the inner self that is hidden in all of us. Spiritualism is religion plus. It is above religion and can be a good cure for the petty and narrow minded thinking that often people cultivate because of their excessive attachment to religion. Religion separates man from man and divides people into groups, where as spiritualism helps us see the whole. Spiritualism is way beyond dogmatism, fundamentalism and obscurantism which are responsible for many problems among nations and peoples. The need of the hour is spiritualism, and this section will help you know more about this subject. 

Signs, Symbols and Archetypes

Information comes to us in so many ways, some very subtle, as in symbols. Psychics are especially skilled at noticing and interpreting these gentle signals that appear in our lives. To be efficient and proficient in our work, we must also develop a broad understanding of the meaning of a great many signs, symbols and archetypes. Here we share some of what we have learned.


Dreams are Soul Talk

In your dream world, you connect with your soul, travel to other dimensions, resolve issues, set directions, and so much more...
Our dreams are work and play combined.... when we enter the dream world, we create an opening for our spirit - and others - to connect with us. Every element of a dream has meaning, so dreams are worth divining, deserving understanding!



The Moon we find called by the ancients Lucina, Cynthia, Diana, Phœbe, Latona, Noctiluca, Proserpina; 1 she is nearest to the earth of all the planets.

Motion.--She terminates her course through the whole twelve signs in 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, 5 seconds; her mean motion is 13 degrees, 10 minutes, and 36 seconds; but she moves sometimes less and sometimes more, never exceeding 15 degrees and 12 minutes in 24 hours' time.

Latitude.--Her greatest north latitude is 5 degrees and 17 minutes. Her greatest south latitude 5 degrees and 12 minutes. She is never retrograde; but when she is slow in motion, and goes less in 24 hours than 13 degrees and 11 minutes; she is then equivalent to a retrograde planet.

Nature.--She is a feminine, nocturnal planet; cold, moist, and phlegmatic.

Manners when well placed or dignified.--She signifies one of composed manners, a soft tender creature, a lover of all honest and ingenious sciences, a searcher of and delighter in novelties, naturally inclined to flit and shift his habitation; unsteadfast, wholly caring for the present times; timorous prodigal, and easily frightened; loving peace, however, and to live free from the cares of this life. If a mechanic, the man learns many occupations, and frequently will be tampering with many ways to trade in.

When ill.--A mere vagabond, idle person, hating labour; a drunkard, a sot, one of no spirit or forecast, delighting to live beggarly and carelessly; one content in no condition of life, either good or ill.

Corporature.--She generally presents a man of fair stature, whitely coloured; the face round, grey eyes, and a little lowering; much hair both on the head, face, and other parts; usually one eye a little larger than the other; short hands and fleshy; the whole body inclining to be fleshy, plump, corpulent, and phlegmatic. If she be impedited of the ☉ in a nativity or question, she usually signifies some blemish in or near the eye; a blemish near the eye, if she be impedited in succeedent houses; in the sight, if she be unfortunate in angles, and with fixed stars called nebulae.

Qualities of Men and Women.--She signifies queens, countesses, ladies, all manner of women, as also the common people, travellers, pilgrims, sailors, fishermen, fishmongers, brewers, tapsters, publicans, letter carriers, coachmen, huntsmen, messengers, mariners, millers, maltsters, drunkards, oysterwives, fishwomen,

also midwives, nurses, &c.; hackneymen, watermen, water-bearers. 1

Sickness.--Apoplexies, palsy, the cholic, the stomach-ache, diseases in the left side, the bladder and members of generation; the menstrues and liver in women, dropsies, fluxes of the belly, all cold rheumatic diseases, cold stomach, the gout in the wrists and feet; sciatica, worms, hurts in the eyes, surfeits, rotten coughs, convulsive fits, the falling sickness, king's evil, abscess, smallpox, and measles.

Orb.--Is 12 degrees.







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