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ESP (extrasensory perception)


ESP is most commonly called the "sixth sense." It is sensory information that an individual receives which comes beyond the ordinary five senses sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. It can provide the individual with information of the present, past, and future; as it seems to originate in a second, or alternate reality.


The term "ESP" was used in 1870 by Sir Richard Burton. A French researcher, Dr. Paul Joire, in 1892 used the term ESP to describe the ability of person who had been hypnotized or were in a trance
state to externally sense things without using their ordinary senses.

However, the phenomena of ESP activity has been indicated much earlier, some say even in Biblical times. Although there is no clear evidence as to the certainty of the phenomena it has attracted the attention and enthusiasm of many throughout the centuries.

In the 1920's a Munich ophthalmologist, Dr. Rudolph Tischner, used ESP in describing the "externalization of sensibility." Then in the 1930s the American parapsychologist J. B. Rhine popularized the term to include psychic phenomena similar to sensory functions. Rhine was among the first parapsychologists to test ESP phenomena in the laboratory.

The first systematic study of ESP was conducted in 1882, when the Society for Psychical Research was founded n London. The journals of this society Proceedings and Journal were published as well as other publications in the United States and the Netherlands. Soon other countries were reporting similar findings.

However, these first studies of ESP were rarely experimental. The studies consisted of mostly spontaneous incidents that were located. Many of the individuals studied were self-claimed "sensitives" or psychics. Rarely were they examined under anything resembling laboratory conditions. The researchers conducting the examinations resembled prosecuting lawyers. The subjects were bombarded with questions, those standing up the best were judged creditable.

The Rhine experiments:

The first card-guessing ESP experiments were conducted by Rhine at Duke University in 1930. The cards consisted of five designs, now called ESP symbols, a square, a circle, a plus sign, a five pointed star, and a set of three wavy lines. The symbols were printed singly, in black ink, on cards resembling playing cards.

In the classic Rhine experiments on ESP, the subject tries to guess or "call" the order of the five symbols when they are randomly arranged in a deck of 25 ESP cards. The likelihood of calling a card correctly by chance is one in five. Therefore, it is possible to calculate how often a particular score is likely to occur by chance in a given number of calls. It was Rhine'' argument that when his subjects made high scores that could be expected by chance only once in a thousand tries, or once in a million, they displayed "extrachance" results, or ESP.

The early experiments faced several criticisms. Two were automatically dismissed: (1) The statistics were unsound which was refuted by the president of the American Mathematical Association. (2) That ESP is physical impossibility which begs the question.

Several appropriate criticisms were accepted by Rhine which he used to improve his experiments. Examples are: (1) There may have been sensory cues. An example of this is that if a strong light shined on the back of the ESP cards, it might be possible to see the symbol through the back. Currently to avoid this possibility the target card is covered by an oblique shielding, or kept far from the subject. (2) An experimenter that knows the target might whisper it or otherwise give a cue to the subject. Presently no one in contact with the subject knows the target. (3) More hits might be recorded than actually occurred.. Currently hits and responses are recorded by machine or by someone not knowing either.

Three criticism remain: (1) The "file drawer" effect. Only favorable results are published. Larger experimental data like one in a million make this unlikely. (2) Results are inconsistent and not repeatable. This can be remedied statistically. (3) Charges of fraud. Can be refuted by other reputable investigators obtaining similar results.

There was a finding which seemed puzzling until better understood. While some label it "missing-ESP" it might be thought of as reverse-ESP too. It is found among subject who dislike ESP. Even though the subjects were consciously trying to achieve good scores, they scored lower than chance. An unconscious factor seemed to come into play here. Experimenters have found they can predict higher scores for some groups (for example, those who are interested and relaxed), and lower scores for other groups (those who show fear, negativity, or boredom). The factor of missing-ESP indicates why ESP data is unreliable.

More recently computer games are increasingly being used to test ESP. The computer is programmed so that a random series determines the targets, and the subjects attempt to outguess the computer.

Another factor that researchers and experimenters must watched for in ESP and all psychical experiments is preconceived or previously learned knowledge. This concerns any knowledge which might influence the subject's activity. For example, a person might say she sensed her son would telephone her on that certain day at that specific time. If the son had previously called her in such a fashion, then her sensation must be suspect for it might have been based upon knowledge of her son's previous performance. A person might strongly feel that he would receive an email message from a friend on a certain day, and he does; but, can this be considered a ESP phenomenon considering that this person had not head from the other person for sometime and was expecting the message. The point being made is that when dealing with psychic phenomena all factors must be considered when examining the performance.

ESP in General:

In New Frontiers of the Mind (1937) Rhine said that ESP experiments were changing the way people thought the mind sensed information. Historically learned people held the human mind received information through the ordinary five senses, and that therefore, the mind is subject to the laws of the mechanical world. Laboratory tests have attempted to determine the existence of ESP, and discover the physical mechanism by which it operates. "The mind has been equated with the brain, and scientists search to discover how ESP registers in the brain/mind."

However, increasing evidence is demonstrating that ESP does exist, but it cannot be explained or quantified by physical laws; and furthermore, that the mind (consciousness) and the brain are two separate entities. Simultaneously, research in quantum physics points to the existence of a second, nonmaterial universe. So, the time is fast approaching when Western scientists must come to terms with the Eastern mystical concept: "that an extrasensory force exists in another realty, and intersects and integrates with the physical world."

In function, ESP is dissimilar to the ordinary senses. There is no location like governs the other senses which receive information through various parts of the body; and it is not dependent on any of the other five senses. ESP is independent of such factors as geography, time, intelligence, age, or education.

ESP has been given various names. In the 19th century is was called "cryptesthesia," later it was labeled "relesthesia" which since became clairvoyance
, or "seeing in the distance." It was Rhine who coined the term "general extrasensory perception" (GESP) to include both telepathy and clairvoyance. Later the term psi was designated to cover ESP and PK.

It was researcher Lousia E. Rhine who proposed the theory that ESP starts in the unconscious, a storehouse of memories, hopes and fears. At this point a contact is made between the objective world and the center of the mind. The person remains unaware of this contact until or unless the information is brought to the conscious level. Also, the psychiatrist Carl G. Jung proposed a similar theory that the conscious mind has subliminal psychic access to the collective unconscious, a vast repository of accumulative wisdom and experience of the human race.

Others theories attempting to explain ESP have been produced. One such theory involved macrophages, cells present in connective tissue, lymph nodes, and bone marrow and tied to nerve endings. The person thought these might be the body's ESP organs, sending and receiving impressions below the normal perceptive level. Such cells are more sensitive and active during childhood, but deteriorate without proper diet.

Some theories involve the discussion of two subconsciousnesses, the second one sometimes called the superconsciousness, soul, subliminal self, transcendent ego, dream self and several other terms. The argument rest on the hypothesis that two realities exist, the physical one and a second one. ESP can occur when there is a integration between both realities. This occurs infrequently only when the barriers between the realities are broken which does not happen often because if it did all unconscious thought would flood and overflow the conscious mind. A condition which the mind could not withstand.

When considering types or forms that ESP might take dreams become an important factor, especially in relationship to the theory of two realities. Upon this basis dreams were separated into two categories: realistic, vivid having detailed imagery of the information conveyed, and intuition which includes "gut feelings." forebodings, and premonitions; and unrealistic dreams containing fantastical imagery and symbols. Hallucinations that relayed visual and auditory information also were included. Rhine suggested the reason for dreams being efficient carriers of ESP messages is because the barriers surrounding the conscious mind appear to be thinnest.

It has been discovered that the natural tendency for ESP in individuals can be distorted by previous prejudices, thoughts, and conditioning. Likewise, inaccurate ESP messages may be the result of distortions and blockages of the conscious mind. However, in times of crisis such as accidents and death of loved ones, ESP messages seem to occur spontaneously. It is theorized that perhaps trauma and shock enable negative information to penetrate the subliminal barriers more easily than happy information.

There are theories concerning individuals who possess ESP and how they acquired this ability. One theory holds that some people such as seers, prophets and diviners were bore with the gift which was inherited by their relatives. Another theory hold that it is` a primordial sense which has decreased in populations as their cultures advanced. Still another theory claims ESP is a supersense which evolves in the nervous system.

Psychical research does support the theory that everyone is born with ESP capability, though some may possess more than others. Most people have experienced at least one ESP experience in their lives. It was found in a survey published in 1987 by the University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Council, that 67 percent of all adult Americans believed they have experienced ESP. Eleven years earlier the figure was 58 percent. It was thought the increase indicates an increased acceptance of the possibility of ESP among the general public. A.G.H.



Clairvoyance is the art of 'seeing' beyond the five senses. Clairvoyance is often called the 'sixth sense' or esp. It is related to the images that are always present in our minds that bring messages from other frequency and realms. These images can be archetypes, colors, still frame, animations. They can be anything. They can remain on a few seconds or much longer. Initially its easiest to see them with your eyes closed. As you develop your psychic abilities will be able to look to higher frequency, with your eyes opened.

Rules to developing and trusting your increasing abilities.


  • Heal your issues and thus you will want to heal others
  • Create balance in your emotional and spiritual bodies or your messages will be as jumbled as your thinking
  • Your frequency will automatically raise and you will receive images
  • Experience, test and explore what is shown to you
  • The truth about reality will be given - your mission feeling here

In clairvoyance we 'see' with what is commonly called the third eye. In the human brain there is a gland called the pineal gland. It is located in the back area of the brain almost in the center of the head. This gland has degenerated from its original size comparable to a ping pong ball to its present size comparable to a pea, because we forgot how to use it a long time ago when our breathing patterns changed.


With our reality grid raising planetary frequency, people working out there issues, developing psychic abilities becomes easier in time. This is the Master Plan to awaken sleeping consciousness.

Some people become clairvoyant after a Near Death Experience, an alleged alien abduction, serious illness or accident, such as a blow to the head area, or opening the kundalini energies.

Some people use chemical stimulants or Psychedelics to heighten their awareness. This is something I do not advise as the information may not be accurate and physical side effects may occur later on.

Clairvoyance connects to the right side of the brain - the feminine, creative, and intuitive aspects. That explains the reason some people feel physical sensations in on the left side of their body. The energy enters in through the left side of your body so as to activate the right side of your brain.


Children can display psychic abilities leading parents to believe they are Indigo or Crystal Children.

Opening your clairvoyant gifts has to do with DNA activation of your encoded cellular memories, activation of your chakras, raising your frequency, balancing your energy bodies, your self esteem, the ability to trust in what you 'hear' and 'see', your emotional state, and expanding your knowledge base in all areas of physical reality.

You can't do a reading for read someone on a subject, or understand symbols on a specific subject, if you have no knowledge of that subject. The brain will have no way of interpreting the archetypal symbolism into something you can understand. You can explain what you see, but we meaning must accompany imagery.

Once you have opened your clairvoyant gifts, it is like any other exercise ... it gets easier and easier. Meditation and yoga help.

For centuries the gift of clairvoyance was forbidden and hidden in cryptic messages that few could interpret. People, and religious leaders feared the power of the gifted and the truth these people would bring to an enlightened consciousness.

Humanity has returned to an age of enlightenment in which we are all activating or DNA codes to discover who we are and why we are here. Clairvoyance is part of our total experience, the spiraling evolution of consciousness through the alchemy of time.


Clairvoyance - a noun from late 17th century French [clair (clear) & voyant (seeing)] - is defined as a form of extra-sensory perception whereas a person perceives distant objects, persons, or events, including perceiving an image hidden behind opaque objects and the detection of types of energy not normally perceptible to humans (i.e. radio waves). Typically, such perception is reported in visual terms, but may also include auditory impressions (sometimes called clairaudience) or kinesthetic impressions.

The term clairvoyance is often used broadly to refer to all forms of ESP where a person receives information through means other than those explainable by current science. Perhaps more often, it is used more narrowly to refer to reception of present-time information not from another person, there being other terms to refer to other forms: telepathy referring to reception of information from another person (i.e. presumably mind-to-mind); premonition and precognition that refer to gained information about places and events in the future. The terms clairsentience and remote perception are often used in reference to psi phenomena falling under this broader context.

As with all psi phenomena, there is wide disagreement and controversy within the sciences and even within parapsychology as to the existence of clairvoyance and the validity or interpretation of clairvoyance related experiments.

Clairvoyance through history

There have been anecdotal reports of clairvoyance and claims of clairvoyant abilities on the part of some throughout history in most cultures. Most of these episodes are experienced during young adulthood. Often these have been associated with religious figures, offices, and practices. For example, ancient Hindu religious texts list clairvoyance as one of the siddhis, skills that can be acquired through appropriate meditation and personal discipline. But a large number of anecdotal accounts of clairvoyance are of the spontaneous variety among the general populace. For example, many people report instances of "knowing" in one form or another when a loved one has died or was in danger before receiving notification through normal channels that such events have taken place. Similar presentiments that are not eventually fulfilled are soon forgotten, however. While anecdotal accounts do not provide scientific proof of clairvoyance, such common experiences continue to motivate research into such phenomena.

Clairvoyance was one of the phenomena reported to have been observed in the behavior of somnambulists, people who were mesmerized and in a trance state (nowadays equated with hypnosis by most people) in the time of Franz Anton Mesmer. The earliest recorded report of somnambulistic clairvoyance is credited to the Marquis de Puységur, a follower of Mesmer, who in 1784 was treating a local dull-witted peasant named Victor Race. During treatment, Victor reportedly would go into trance and undergo a personality change, becoming fluent and articulate, and giving diagnosis and prescription for his own disease as well as those of other patients, and forgetting everything when he came out of the trance state. All this is in a manner reminiscent of the reported behaviors of the 20th century medical clairvoyant and psychic Edgar Cayce. It is reported that although Puységur used the term 'clairvoyance', he did not attribute any of this to the paranormal since he accepted mesmerism as one of the natural sciences.

Clairvoyance was in times following a reported ability of some mediums during the spiritualist period of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and was one of the aspects studied by members of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). Psychics of many descriptions have claimed clairvoyant ability up to the present day.

While experimental research into clairvoyance began with SPR researchers, experimental studies became more systematic with the efforts of J. B. Rhine and his associates at Duke University, and such research efforts continue to the present day. Perhaps the best-known study of clairvoyance in recent times was the US government-funded remote viewing project at SRI/SAIC during the 1970s through the mid-1990s.

Results of some parapsychological studies, such as the remote viewing studies, suggest that clairvoyance does not exist - the original "remote viewing" study was discontinued by the Stanford Research Institute due to lack of evidence. However there are as yet no satisfactory experiments designed that cleanly separate the various manifestations of ESP. Some parapsychologists have proposed that our different functional labels (clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition) all refer to one basic underlying mechanism, although there is not yet any satisfactory theory for what that mechanism would be.

Clairvoyance as a term has its origins from the French word claire, which means "clear", and voyance, "seeing". It literally means 'clear seeing' in French.

There is ongoing criticism and debate of all these results in the literature.

Developing clairvoyant abilities

Current thinking in clairvoyant circles posits that most are born with clairvoyant abilities but then start to turn them off as children are brought up to adhere to demonstrable social norms. Numerous institutes offer training courses that attempt to revive the abilities present in those early years.

Another school of thought claims that our "sixth sense" grows when we do spiritual practice. With regular spiritual practice done according to basic spiritual principles we increase our spiritual level and are able to perceive and experience the subtle world to greater degrees.

Clairvoyance Wikipedia



Psychic and Spiritual Development


Clairalience or "Clear Smelling" is the alleged phenomenon where sensitive people can smell the odour of the person who is not on the earth plane. They can sometimes smell their pipe tobacco, cigarette tobacco, food smells, different spices as though they are coming from a kitchen. Some Mediums profess to smell the places where the deceased person worked like a chemical factory, the docks, the places to be reminded of for the recipient of a message off the platform in the church or meeting place or in a development Circle.


Clairaudience is receiving messages in thoughtform from another frequency or realm. It is considered a form of channeling.

We actually do it all the time, especially under duress, or in an emergency, when we focus/listen to what we call the 'little voice' in our head. We are always connected to the other side, we need only focus on what is being said to realize how our immediate destiny is manifesting. Stop, Look, and Listen.

The entities attributed to these messages are often thought of as one's soul, spirit guides, decease loved ones, disincarnate entities, angels or other religious icons, aliens, sometimes dark/negative forces, etc.

Sometimes the messages are preceded by the scent of something kind related to the spirit. Most often it is a floral fragrance, representing the Flower of Life or creation, continuity with the other side in different frequencies. This is known as Clairsentience. Sometimes there is pressure on top of the head of other chakra points in the head around (lower base of brain, behind the ears) one's focus is shifted to listen for thoughts and they come through. Sometimes they are clear, other times muffled. There may be a pressure on top of the head means the opening of the crown chakra. One may also experience body sensation such as chills, tingles, hair standing on end, tickles, or other physical sensations.

Learning to listen to different entities is as much fun listening to different people who has something important to tell you. You can learn to distinguish their messages by their frequency signatures, as each soul has its own soul note or frequency signature.

Did you ever stop to wonder where some of your silly thoughts come from during the course of your day? Some Spirit Guides like to be silly and send funny messages.

If you suffer from mental problems, the voices you hear are most likely a result of your illness and a psychiatrist should be consulted, especially when the voice are threatening and put you in fear factor. Mental illness goes to instability, susceptibility, fears, panic, anxiety attacks, in which case one should avoid psychic work.


In the field of parapsychology Clairgustance is being aware of tastes without putting anything physically in the mouth. To perceive the essence of a substance through taste from the spiritual or ethereal realms. The sensation of what one is tasting is often linked to a spirit on the other side. It is claimed that those who possess this ability are able to perceive the essence of a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms through taste.

Clairsentience - Psychic Sensing

Experiencing other realities or entities through the sense of touch:

- A tickling sensation on the body when connection with spirit. This usually includes the face, hands, neck.

- Hairs on the back of the neck standing on end when a spirit touches you.

- A sensation on the left side of the face when talking with spirit as energy enters through the left side of the bdy (right brain) and exists through the right.

- Pressure on the crown or other chakra

- Sometimes an actually blow is felt to the body

- a cool breeze

- spirit scents - floral and other fragrances

Finding a Missing Person or Animal

This skill is easy for some and impossible for others. Like everything else, it takes time, focus and practice. Few can track a frequency signature, which is a form of remote viewing, the first time they try. the more you practice, the easier it gets. If you are supposed to find missing people, you will do it telepathically or as a medium who actually sees the spirit, though it most cases it is all thought form.

Frequency Signature

You need to determine the frequency signature of the soul of the missing person. All sentient life forms have their own unique frequency signature. This signature must then be tracked to determine if the person is in a physical body or has crossed over. A photo or object belonging to that person can be helpful. If you read auras, when you look at the photo, if the person is deceased, there is no aura around them.

Becoming One with the missing person:

The next step is to merge your consciousness with the missing person. You actually become one that person, looking through their eyes and getting clues to their where-abouts. Sense if the body has pain or injury. It will transfer to your body momentarily. Look for any clues that allow you to find the person.


Mediumship is a term used to refer to a person who claims to communicate with Angels and spirits of the deceased and passes on messages from the spirit world or Heaven to people on Earth. Mediumship has not been proven by the scientific method. Believers acknowledge that there are many fraudulent mediums, but claim that tests -- information which the medium had no way of knowing, can help determine the genuineness of spirit communications. Skeptics claim that mediums use techniques such as cold reading and hot reading.

History of Mediumship

Modern spiritualism in the United States dates from the activities of the Fox sisters in 1848. Some mediums acknowledged by the Spiritualist Church today include Andrew Jackson Davis, Daniel Douglas Home, and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. In Britain, the Society for Psychical Research has carried on investigations of some phenomena, mainly in connection with telepathy and apparitions, in hopes of finding scientific explanations for such occurrences.


Modern Mediumship

Modern spiritualism defines two distinct types of phenomena that can occur through mediums; communication, or mental mediumship, and manipulation of energies and energy systems, known as physical mediumship. In the spiritualist belief system, a spirit who communicates with a medium, either verbally or visually, is known as a spirit communicator. A spirit who uses a medium to manipulate energy or energy systems is called a spirit operator.

Mental mediumship is supposed to involve communication via thought transference, or telepathy taking place within the consciousness of the medium. Believers assume that the medium hears, sees, and feels messages from spirits, when he or she then relates, hopefully with minimum personal influence and prejudice, to the recipient of the message, also known as the sitter. Some mediums claim to remain conscious during this communication period, while "full trance" mediums state that they pass into an unconscious state in which their physical and mental processes are completely controlled by the spirit visitors.

Mental Mediumship has several different aspects, such as Clairvoyance, (Clear Seeing) Clairaudience (Clear Hearing), Clairsentience, (Clear Sensing), Clairalience (Clear Smell) and Clairgustance along with prescribed training methods for developing these abilities. However, some of these terms are defined differently in spiritualism than in other paranormal fields. "Clairvoyance", for instance, is often used by spiritualists to include seeing spirits and visions instilled by spirits, whereas the Parapsychological Association defines clairvoyance as information derived directly from an external physical source.

Spiritualists believe that mental phenomena include such activities as telepathy, clairvoyance, and trance speaking. In the 1860s and 1870s, trance speakers were among the most popular of lecturer-entertainers, many delivering passionate speeches on abolitionism and women's rights. Physical mediumship involves the manipulation and transformation of physical systems and energies, supposedly by the spirits.

Communication from the spirit world manifests itself in Mental phenomena (e.g., telepathy, clairvoyance, trance speaking, and apparitions) and in physical phenomena (e.g., levitation, automatic writing, and poltergeist and ectoplasmic activities).

Physcial Mediumship

Spiritualists say that the physical phenomena of mediumship encompass such things as levitation, automatic writing, and poltergeist ectoplasmic and "energetic" activities. Ectoplasm is the substance which produces spirit materializations, telekinesis and other forces from the ³other world². Closely related to the concept of ectoplasm is the aura, a subtle field of luminous multicolored radiation surrounding a person or object as a cocoon or halo, which can be perceived by the medium. By noting variations in the hues of a person¹s aura, a medium can describe his personality, needs, and illnesses. For example, the "shriveling" of the aura is considered a sign of impending death. In what is known as "solar plexus voice mediumship", a spirit appears to speak through a medium¹s body.

Mediumistic automatism is the automatism associated with a medium receiving supernatural messages from ghosts, spirits or the like, the expression of such messages (in speech, writing or drawings) lacking conscious control or intervention by the medium.




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Spiritualism is based upon three main tenets or basic beliefs: 1. the inner spirit is the only reality,  2. the inner self which we call also as the higher self is distinct and different from the outer self or the lower self , also known as the physical self and 3.through a process of detachment and spiritual discipline, it is possible for us to detach ourselves from the outer self and discover the inner self that is hidden in all of us. Spiritualism is religion plus. It is above religion and can be a good cure for the petty and narrow minded thinking that often people cultivate because of their excessive attachment to religion. Religion separates man from man and divides people into groups, where as spiritualism helps us see the whole. Spiritualism is way beyond dogmatism, fundamentalism and obscurantism which are responsible for many problems among nations and peoples. The need of the hour is spiritualism, and this section will help you know more about this subject. 

Signs, Symbols and Archetypes

Information comes to us in so many ways, some very subtle, as in symbols. Psychics are especially skilled at noticing and interpreting these gentle signals that appear in our lives. To be efficient and proficient in our work, we must also develop a broad understanding of the meaning of a great many signs, symbols and archetypes. Here we share some of what we have learned.


Dreams are Soul Talk

In your dream world, you connect with your soul, travel to other dimensions, resolve issues, set directions, and so much more...
Our dreams are work and play combined.... when we enter the dream world, we create an opening for our spirit - and others - to connect with us. Every element of a dream has meaning, so dreams are worth divining, deserving understanding!



The Moon we find called by the ancients Lucina, Cynthia, Diana, Phœbe, Latona, Noctiluca, Proserpina; 1 she is nearest to the earth of all the planets.

Motion.--She terminates her course through the whole twelve signs in 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, 5 seconds; her mean motion is 13 degrees, 10 minutes, and 36 seconds; but she moves sometimes less and sometimes more, never exceeding 15 degrees and 12 minutes in 24 hours' time.

Latitude.--Her greatest north latitude is 5 degrees and 17 minutes. Her greatest south latitude 5 degrees and 12 minutes. She is never retrograde; but when she is slow in motion, and goes less in 24 hours than 13 degrees and 11 minutes; she is then equivalent to a retrograde planet.

Nature.--She is a feminine, nocturnal planet; cold, moist, and phlegmatic.

Manners when well placed or dignified.--She signifies one of composed manners, a soft tender creature, a lover of all honest and ingenious sciences, a searcher of and delighter in novelties, naturally inclined to flit and shift his habitation; unsteadfast, wholly caring for the present times; timorous prodigal, and easily frightened; loving peace, however, and to live free from the cares of this life. If a mechanic, the man learns many occupations, and frequently will be tampering with many ways to trade in.

When ill.--A mere vagabond, idle person, hating labour; a drunkard, a sot, one of no spirit or forecast, delighting to live beggarly and carelessly; one content in no condition of life, either good or ill.

Corporature.--She generally presents a man of fair stature, whitely coloured; the face round, grey eyes, and a little lowering; much hair both on the head, face, and other parts; usually one eye a little larger than the other; short hands and fleshy; the whole body inclining to be fleshy, plump, corpulent, and phlegmatic. If she be impedited of the ☉ in a nativity or question, she usually signifies some blemish in or near the eye; a blemish near the eye, if she be impedited in succeedent houses; in the sight, if she be unfortunate in angles, and with fixed stars called nebulae.

Qualities of Men and Women.--She signifies queens, countesses, ladies, all manner of women, as also the common people, travellers, pilgrims, sailors, fishermen, fishmongers, brewers, tapsters, publicans, letter carriers, coachmen, huntsmen, messengers, mariners, millers, maltsters, drunkards, oysterwives, fishwomen,

also midwives, nurses, &c.; hackneymen, watermen, water-bearers. 1

Sickness.--Apoplexies, palsy, the cholic, the stomach-ache, diseases in the left side, the bladder and members of generation; the menstrues and liver in women, dropsies, fluxes of the belly, all cold rheumatic diseases, cold stomach, the gout in the wrists and feet; sciatica, worms, hurts in the eyes, surfeits, rotten coughs, convulsive fits, the falling sickness, king's evil, abscess, smallpox, and measles.

Orb.--Is 12 degrees.







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